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Tips For Naturally Beautiful Skin Care

Every woman wants to have beautiful skin naturally. Some skin care advice, in order to help you have beautiful skin naturally. Here are tips for naturally beautiful skin care
1. Choose a moisturizer made from vegetable oils. Lotions, creams and body oils that you use must be made with vegetable oil instead of mineral oil. Vegetable oils (like olive oil, sweet almond oil, corn oil, etc.) contain fatty acids that help moisturize, and soften the skin. 

2. Look for herbs and herbal derivatives in your cosmetics. Herbs and their derivatives (essential oils, extracts, infusions) contain natural chemicals which soothe, tone and help condition skin. Two herbs that are very useful in natural cosmetics such as Lavender and tea tree. Essential oils of both lavender and tea tree are gentle, natural antiseptic. 
3. Once a week soak the feet in warm water, and enjoy the exfoliation of dead skin with a pumice stone. Furthermore, to moisturize your feet with foot lotion oil or natural. 
4. Each week, soaking in a tub sprinkled with salt. Salt, especially the salt mines of the Dead Sea in the Middle East, which is rich in minerals and help draw out impurities from the skin. 
5. To provide any moisture from the shower, use a body oil or lotion is made from natural vegetable oils. 
6. If you have problems with dry skin, moisturize you in the morning and at night with products that contain vegetable oils high in essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids help to soften and moisturize the skin and they can also help soothe minor irritations. 
7. Look for toners and astringents that are made without ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. These materials are solvents that have a drying of the skin. 
8. Each time you wash your hands, moisturize with a lotion or cream experience to help them stay soft.

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