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Benefits Of Walking Barefoot

Before discussing about the health benefits gained from walking with bare feet. Generally, shoes and sandals that continuous use can affect the shape of human feet or cause injury. Therefore, try to occasionally walk with bare feet. In ancient philosophy in mind that the amount of life force energy (chi) which is absorbed by the body will be more when walking barefoot. Are not aware of this condition will increase the vitality, the body's ability to do a lot of work, healthy respiratory system and think clearly.

1. In the summer, walking barefoot can be a cooling effect to the body if done on the green grass in the morning.
2. Walking barefoot can improve the function of circulation due to activate the muscles in the legs that will help pump blood back to the heart.
3. Prevent pooling of blood in the legs, reducing stress on the cardiovascular system as a whole and reduces blood pressure and problems in the veins.
4. Walk barefoot to give a relaxing effect on tired legs.
5. Help straighten the toes, to prevent changes in shape of the foot (deformity), to prevent problems in the feet flat and to improve the strength of flexor.
6. Provide an opportunity to establish direct contact with nature thus removing tension from the mind of daily stress, the body relaxes, rejuvenates the mind and increase the body's energy.
Even though it has many health benefits, you should perform this activity closely and carefully to keep it safe and not cause problems or injury.
There are a few tips that can be done if you want to walk safely without using a pedestal that is:
1. Always be aware of the road that will be passed
2. Avoid streets are potentially dangerous as many branching trees, broken glass, nails or are at risk of industrial waste
3. Immediately wash the feet with soap and running water to clean the feet of dirt and make sure that no insects are still stuck to the skin.
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