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5 Annoying Habits Diet and How to Fix it

Many people decide to stop weight loss diet because they feel tormented by dietary habits. Careful in choosing the method of diet and ensure that dietary habits do not interfere with your daily life.
 Here are 5 habits that interfere diet and how to fix it, among others:

1. Drink more 

How to diet by drinking more water might make you annoyed at having to repeatedly go to the toilet to urinate. Actually you need to lose weight is to keep the body hydrated so your metabolism smoothly.To stay hydrated, you would need to drink 8 glasses of water every day. If your metabolism smoothly, the food you eat will be digested properly and fully utilized calories by the body, thus preventing the buildup of calories that lead to obesity.

2. Do not eat after 18:30 pm

Eating too late at night can indeed lead to weight gain because when you go to sleep, your whole body also will rest while dinner you have not digested properly.But the way a person eats a diet that banned after at 18.30, it can make you miserable because of hunger throughout the night and can not sleep well. With the density of activity and busy job, someone might have time to grab dinner around 19:00.The proper way is to outsmart your dinner by choosing foods that are lighter, such as steamed vegetables, tofu or chicken without the fat. Eating too much at night making food is not digested properly.

3. Avoid eating dessert

Skipping favorite dessert may make you regret it and assume that the diet program that you live so excruciating. If you want to eat dessert, choose a main meal that offers fewer calories.So you can take a sweet dessert and higher in calories. But eat in moderation and do not overdo it so that the weight loss diet that you live successful.

4. Setting menu breakfast before leaving for work 

The morning breakfast is the key to successful weight loss diet because you can start the day with energy and prevent starvation and excessive lunch.But for the busy professional, probably will not have time to prepare an ideal diet for breakfast such as porridge and makes you forced to skip breakfast. All you need to do is take another healthy food that is easy to set up as a muffin or whole grain cereal with nuts and seeds.

5. Avoid eating snacks

 Many people will find it difficult to refrain from snack cravings. But nutrition experts agree stating that eating small amounts of food on a regular basis to maintain and increase metabolism.Good snacks to prevent someone from eating too much when entering a big meal. Choose healthy snacks such as nuts and dried fruits that contain protein and helps you feel full longer until the meal arrives.
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Powerful quotes of the day by Norman Vincent Peale ~

"Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy."

"The mind, ever the willing servant, will respond to boldness, for boldness, in effect, is a command to deliver mental resources."

"If you paint in your mind a picture of bright and happy expectations, you put yourself into a condition conducive to your goal."

To be able to fully create and manifest your dreams you must learn how to believe and tap into the higher power which ignites your soul with love, joy, health and abundance — It is your spirit within.

You already have everything you need to achieve all that you desire.  To manifest your heart's desires to the fullest come to know who you really are.  You are a powerful spiritual being of pure energy and light.  

You were created in God’s image; therefore, you inherently have the power to create your life intentionally and in great abundance.


When you think about “you” what are the fist thoughts that come to mind? Do you criticize yourself or do you think positively? Do you believe in the divinity that is within you?  Do you believe that you are love and cared for at all times by the Heavenly Powers above? 

You are loved beyond expression by heavenly hosts above even more than a parent loves a child. You are cherished, cared for, watched over and guided at all times.

You can connect and feel this love and guidance more clearly when you intentionally ask for that which is wanted.  You have been blessed with a powerful essence of divinity within. You are child of God, therefore, you can be do, or have anything you wish upon.

It is your divine birthright to have all the love, joy peace, prosperity and happiness your heart can hold.

Your spirit knows everything it is your mortal body that clouds your spiritual memories and that of the future. But your spirit is constantly guiding and protecting you.

Your intuition is spirit guiding you each and every day. It’s a matter of believing in your judgment and following your heart that brightly shines upon your path before you igniting your soul with purpose, faith and belief.  

By living through your higher-self you will balance your body, mind and spirit. You will have unconditional love for yourself as well as for others.  Your willpower will increase substantially. Your body will become healthier and you will be able to accomplish your personal goals with less effort.


Learning to control your thoughts is the first step to living your truth to transform your life.  Thoughts always become things in one form or another. Using the powerful verbiage “I AM” is commanding in energy. 

When you proclaim your desires with the powerful “I Am...” with conviction, love and thankfulness to the heavens above the Universe with orchestrate people, circumstances and events to and manifest your intentions before you.

Using the powers of the Universe intentionally will change your life for the better in remarkable ways. However, saying “I Am” is not enough to bring your dreams to fruition. You must first believe that what you desire can and will come true.  And to do this you must release resistance beforehand.

By embracing your higher-self you will have the power to enable you to transform your life of that of your dreams. Believe in your magnificence and allow all goodness to come to you as you walk in faith each step of the way...

 Carol Whitaker
Embrace Your Journey to Success
Lifestyle Fitness Coach & Life Transformation Expert
Author of the forthcoming book
"Ridiculously Happy! The Secret to Manifesting
the Life & Body of Your Dreams"

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Fruits Rich In Antioxidants Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease

For women, start eating fruits such as grapes, apples and oranges. Because, according to a recent study the consumption of vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants may help reduce the risk of heart disease in women.

Researchers from the Institute of Karolisnka found that women who consumed almost 7 servings of fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants every day, 20% decreased risk of heart disease. The study is valid for a period of 10 years.

In the previous studies have not shown a great advantage to consume antioxidant supplements on the risk of heart attack. The researchers noticed that the positive effects of observation in this study. Possibly because these women actually eating fruits and vegetables regularly.

In contrast to a single antioxidant supplement, antioxidant diet thoroughly reflecting all available antioxidants, including thousands of compounds. All according to dosing and for everyday eating, and even taking into account their synergistic effects.

The study was published in the American Journal of Medicine. Study based on food consumption and health data from 325,561 Swedish women between the ages of 49 and 83 years. Data were collected from 1997 to 2007.

At the end of the study period, 1,114 women had experienced a heart attack. Women who ate the least vegetables, consuming only 2.4 servings per day, and the most widely consumed 3 times the amount.
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6 Causes Of Diet Failure

In order to lose weight, some people always passion to go on a diet. Reducing the size of the meal, picking out food and exercise would have been done. But what if your weight does not go down?Failure to lose weight can be caused by many things.Here are five common reasons causing the failure of diet. 

1. Less intake of Protein
 Make sure that any type of food consumed protein. For example, lean meat, fish, nuts, and low fat milk. To digest protein requires more calories. If consumed a lot, you have to burn more calories each day with exercise so that the food can be digested protein bodies. 

2. Less Intake of Calcium 
The need for calcium in the body must also be met, to help you lose weight. Calcium can burn body fat. But choose a product low fat or no fat. Drink milk twice a day can be trusted to help you lose weight faster than those who do not drink milk.

 3. Snacking 
Eating snacks in between meals only make full temporary. Roughly, you will get 150 extra calories. Increasing the number of calories that will make your diet so it failed.

 4. Diet 
 This one is very important. Maybe you've past the hour to eat a meal or just a snack. Until finally you will spend a lot of food because it feels hungry after a missed meals. How to eat like this will ruin a diet, when hunger foods and portions surely be unforgettable.

5. Holiday Diet on Weekend

For some people a diet from Monday to Friday is enough. Actually if you want to successfully lose weight, the diet should still be done every day. If allowed to enter the body more calories diet plan will fail. Make sure you always adjust your diet every day.

6. Many thought or Stress
When the diet also make sure you are always relaxed. Remove lemon nervous or think of something that can cause stress. If that happens, you will be forgotten by the dietary rules that are running. Make sure you keep cool to prevent overeating.
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"Life is from within outward and never from without inward. You are the centre of power in your own life… There is but one power in all the universe. Happy is the man who knows this, the greatest of all trut
hs…. The whole thing resolves itself into our mental ability to control our thought. The man who can do this can have what he wants, can do what he wishes and becomes what he wills…"  ~
 Ernest Holmes.

As a Lifestyle Fitness Consultant & Coach I have had the opportunity to assist people all over the world in transforming their lives. Many people come to me wanting to lose weight, improve their income, improve their relationships, overcoming personal issues as well as to have inner-peace and more happiness in their lives.

It doesn’t matter which area in life my clients aspire to improve, each and every aspect of self improvement begins by balancing and connecting the body, mind and spirit. When the body is aligned with spirit the mind will receive guidance from spirit, which is intuition, as well as the mind will begin to settle down, thus being able to think clearly and receive guided inspiration from above.

As the body, mind and spirit come together in harmony the body becomes healthier, more energetic and life becomes easier. When the mind is free of chaos and chatter it becomes an incredibly powerful tool of manifesting one’s dreams on purpose.

By embracing your true essence and living through spirit you will be able to more easily release negative self-talk and emotions that have been keeping you stuck, and you will be able to create new belief systems to achieve immense happiness and abundance in all aspects of your life. Self improvement begins with tapping into the power of your mind.


When you harness the power of your mind and have an attitude of thankfulness and appreciation all aspects of your life will improve dramatically. It is truly remarkable and awe-inspiring to experience. When you are happy and think positively synchronicity plays an active role in your daily life, soon you will discover that you have attracted more to be thankful for.

The mind is an extremely powerful tool of creation, in fact, everything in life that is attainable begins with a thought first. The world around you and the things which you enjoy each day began with someone having a thought about it first which was then cultivated and put into action until the thought became a manifested creation.

Your home, your car, your cell phone, your computer that you use each day all began by someone being divinely inspired. Everything you do is preceded by a thought process; you cannot get out of bed or drive to a store without thinking and visualizing of doing it first.

Thoughts become things. You can look at the circumstances in your life and know what your habitual thoughts have been. Are you pleased with what you have created so far? If you are, congratulations! If you are not, don’t despair; realize that your current reality is of past thoughts, so you can create new thoughts of abundance and success by letting go of limiting thoughts and beliefs that do not serve you.

Your future can be bright and exciting, filled with wondrous experiences and joy, if you choose to have thoughts on purpose by having a positive mental attitude and appreciation now.


You may ask, “How do thoughts become things?”

All thoughts, positive or negative, have an energy frequency vibration just like radio waves have various frequencies. Strong emotions have the most intense energy frequencies; each thought produces an emotion which creates energy vibrations which then attracts people, circumstances and events which match your frequency. That is why you are attracted to certain people, it’s because your energy frequency match to some degree that of the particular type of person.

The larger part of you is spiritual, you are creator, therefore you can, be, do or have anything you put your mind to. You literally attract everything into your life by your dominant thoughts and emotions. It’s the law of attraction--like always attracts like.

Just as the law of gravity cannot be changed or even questions, it is the same with the law of attraction. That’s why it’s imperative to create your thoughts on intentionally, so that you can create your life on purpose.

Choosing on a conscious level to choose your thoughts wisely is one of the most powerful lessons to learn while on this earth. Your thoughts literally produce your life experiences. Always remember that thoughts become feelings, feelings become emotions, emotions become beliefs and beliefs become reality!

So decide today to tap into the power of your mind and use it to your advantage by having thoughts that bring a smile to your face. Do what makes you happy, look for the good in everyone and everything, and adore all that you are now.

Shine brightly as you tap into the power of your mind and think intentionally.  Embrace your life to success each step of the way.  Believe that all things are possible, and you will be well on your way to living the life of your dreams.

Thank you for reading... As always, if you have any questions feel free to post below or email me directly. I'm here for you as you embrace your journey to success!

Carol Whitaker
Lifestyle Fitness Coach & Life Transformation Expert
Author of the forthcoming book
"Ridiculously Happy! The Secret to Manifesting
the Life & Body of Your Dreams
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Attaining a great body that’s lean, strong and healthy is no easy task but is definitely achievable.  Living a fit lifestyle is the key to achieving your dream of having a lean physique. 

When you are in control of your body you are in control of your life.  Living a fit lifestyle will not only improve your physique but your mind and spirit as well, enabling you to strive for bigger goals to create the life & body of your dreams.

Having a fit body is a combination of genetics, good nutrition and regular strength training and cardio.  There is no question about it, if you want a fabulous body then you have to live a fit lifestyle it faithfully! 

There are no easy short cuts to achieving a learn physique; however, taking essential bodybuilding supplements will assist your efforts dramatically.  Supplements are highly important to add to your arsenal of burning fat and building muscle. Using supplementation will assist in sculpting your body faster than going without.

I take supplements daily to keep me going strong and aid in keeping my physique in top shape.  There are tons of supplements to choose from but only a few are a staple in most bodybuilder’s supplementation plan. 

Below are the top supplements that can take you to the next level if you are working out regularly and eating clean. If you don’t train regularly and eat a clean diet you will just be throwing money away buying supplements because you will not see the benefits of using them.

In order to achieve your fitness goals you need to make working out a top priority each morning. Working out 4 to 6 days a week is a must in order to sculpt your physique.

Taking supplements daily will increase muscle growth and fat loss which will make your time in the gym that much more rewarding.


·         Amino Acids aka BCAA’s:

Amino Acids are essential to living a fit lifestyle. BCAA’s also referred to as the Critical Five amino acids—L-Glutamine, L-Arginine and BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine and valine)—are most important nutritional to take before, during and after exercise.  They are the foundation of building lean muscle mass.

Amino Acids are the building blocks of muscle protein, which builds and maintains lean muscle tissue.  Getting adequate amounts of Amino Acids is difficult for those who exercise hard daily. 

Intense exercise burns amino acids rapidly in the body; failure to replenish the body with proper amino acids can cause little to no progress, making living a fit life frustrating and unrewarding.

Amino acids are best used as free form taken in powders and pill form.  These types of BCAA’s do not require digestion and go straight into the blood stream for immediate use by muscle cells.

BCAA’s also provides 70% of the body's Nitrogen requirement, which keep the body in an anabolic (muscle preserving) state.

·         L-Arginine:

L-Arginine is one of my all-time my favorite bodybuilding supplement.  When I began drinking Liv International’s GO Nitrimax I had amazing muscle tone and fat loss without changing my diet or exercise routine, I have to admit I was shocked at my results.

Go Nitrimax is now a staple in my daily supplementation. Drinking BCAA’s during your workout is not only energizing but it aids in muscle repair and maintains the body from going into a catabolic state (muscle loss).

Many fitness enthusiast, sports fanatics, and bodybuilders like to take 3 to 5 grams of L-Arginine as part of a pre-workout supplement. During strength training there is increased blood flow to the muscle. L-Arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide (NO) which will lead to quicker repair of muscles damaged during a heavy workout and speed up muscle growth and fat loss.

Many bodybuilders take it as a post-workout supplement as well, to further stimulate blood flow and allow better delivery of nutrients to the muscles. Taking it before bed also maximize HGH production while you sleep as well as aid in muscle growth, so wake up feeling somewhat younger, stronger and healthier!

·         L-Glutamine:

L-Glutamine is another must have supplement in your fitness, fat burning arsenal. L-Glutamine supplementation can minimize breakdown of muscle, increase protein metabolism, improve immunity and increase growth hormones, to name a few.

L-Glutamine also aids in weight loss in addition to taking glutamine can improve your fitness level, a sculpted physique and good health.  L-Glutamine has powerful benefits strengthening the immune system, muscles, digestive tract, liver and brain functions. In fact, it is the single most abundant amino acid in your body.

L-Glutamine that is synthesized in the body or ingested from food might not be enough for individuals who train frequently, endure chronic stress or have weakened immune system, that’s where supplementation comes in, taking L-Glutamine directly after exercise is best for optimal results.

·         Omega 3 Fatty Acids:

Fish oil, Flaxseed and Omega 3 supplements aren't just popular taking them regularly increases longevity, fat loss and good health.  Research has discovered that increasing your intake of omega-3 fatty acids help maintain optimal health, including fat loss, cardiovascular health, joint health, mood/cognitive health and bone health. 

Omega-3 fatty acids include alpha linolenic acid (ALA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These fatty acids are important because they serve as chemical building blocks for your body production of prostaglandins which are biologically active compounds that are involved in a host of functions from blood vessel dilation to hormone balance, mental clarity and energy.

·         Protein:

Protein is a powerful nutrient for transforming the body; it’s needed to recover the muscles for the next workout.  In an effort to maintain and sculpt your body, have better health and more energy than nutrition must be a high priority. 

If you are training hard, eating properly and using the right nutritional you will reach your fitness goals.  Whey protein powder and complex carbs are the fuel needed to blast through intense workouts.  Protein intake is the most important aspect of any fitness enthusiast’s diet. It is the very foundation of muscle development.  

Protein shuttles into your muscles to get bigger gains. So, after every hard-training exercise, make sure you consume a whey protein powder (Isolate is the best) of the highest quality such as Whey Isolate, Hydrolysate and concentrate.
·         Cal/Mag & Multi Vitamins

Taking a Calcium/Magnesium supplement will also aid in weight loss along with taking a daily Multi vitamin such as ALIVE for women.  Your body will require optimal nutrition when training hard. By adding supplements into your daily fitness routine will enable you to have better results faster.

Proper Nutrition

At any level of fitness it is important to make sure you are eating correctly.  If you are training to sculpt your body then eating clean and taking supplements is essential.  

It’s important to nourish the body with adequate calories, carbohydrates, proteins, fats and micronutrients, so that the muscle damage you’re causing during intense training can be repaired quickly and with less lactic acid buildup creating soar, stiff muscles.

Timing is Everything

Getting adequate nutrients into your body within 30 to 45 minutes directly after a tough training session is critical for proper recovery and muscle growth.  

If nothing is consumed after exercise, protein balance is compromised in the body. Drinking whey protein shakes with a carbohydrate such as eating a banana is quick meal that you can have on the way home from the gym.

Be sure to have a carbohydrate after you train.  Increasing amino acids found in protein along isn’t very anabolic (muscle building) without the aid of insulin; therefore, carbohydrates is a must.

Carbohydrates drive the amino acids in the protein and glucose from the blood into the muscle to stimulate protein synthesis and glycogen into the worked muscles.

If you incorporate these supplements into your diet daily you will soon reap the awesome health and physical benefits for doing so.  Living a fit life is just that a lifestyle, it’s not a diet but a way to live.  Embrace living a fit lifestyle it’s an incredibly empowering way to live!

~Carol Whitaker
Lifestyle Fitness Coach 
Author of the forthcoming book
"Ridiculously Happy! The Secret to 
Manifesting the Life & Body of Your Dreams"

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4 Ways To Lose Weight Successfully

Having a charming hollow body is the dream of many women. Just a little fat protruding body parts directly carried out various ways diet. Actually, no need to bother with these four secrets you can maintain your weight.Many times a woman troubled by the increasing weight. Lifestyle and genetic factors could be the cause. Here are simple ways to lose weight quickly without torture.

1. Avoid Eating at Home Screen Monitor 

When is the most preferred office workers at lunchtime. This is when they will be away from his desk. According to a recent study that recorded in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, away from the desk and computer at lunch have added value to health.This research has also been compared, among respondents who ate lunch while playing a computer with those who ate no activity. When asked about their feelings after 30 minutes. The results of respondents who eat without interruption feel full faster.
2. Many food Containing Water 
Fruits like cucumber and watermelon contains a lot of water. You can also eat soup or salad. The water content of these foods keep you fuller for longer despite the calories gained slightly.You can prevent eating more when dessert when dining begins with a bowl of vegetable soup. An experimental weight loss was observed. Dieters who drank two cups of water before eating, lost weight more than those who did not drink the water.

3. Imagining Food Prior to Eat 
 I think this is most often done by many people. Not only the type, aroma, taste and portion can also be imagined. According to a one study, people were given a chocolate bar, the first thing to do is imagine the amount of candy that will be eaten. Having observed them actually eat less than he had imagined.

4. Consumption of Multivitamin 
There is no magic pill for weight loss, but the consumption of any multivitamin every day to help you lose weight.In a study of some 85 female respondents with obesity in China, given the multivitamin. While a healthy diet for six months, the results of respondents lost weight about 3.5 kg. These findings have also been published in the International Journal of Obesity.
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5 Eating Habits That Makes Diets Fail

Many women weight loss diet. But not being the ideal body shape, even more fat. Why is that? It could be that they do patterns and wrong eating habits, which actually derail your diet. Here it is five diet: 

1. Leaving Stomach Hunger
 Eat when hungry is not recommended by nutrition experts. They were advised to eat before hunger. Eating very hungry because of that, that actually trigger overeating. In this situation, people tend to eat a lot more calories than required limits. This is the reason why the diet is too strict is not recommended, which actually leads to obesity.
2. 'Access' Easy Reach Food
 If your snacks put them on the table, all of these foods can be gone in an instant. Note, if you keep enough food in the drawer and do not look, the food will be longer end. So make sure you do not put the food that can be easily affordable. 

3. Eating in Large Plates
 If you eat a large plate, is likely to take food in large portions, too. Piles of food in the dish, is likely to be spent by you. Actually this is just a optical illusion. If you eat a small plate, you will also feel satisfied, because you will spend on food slowly. 

4. Eating Fast 
Eating slowly make you feel full faster than eating with gusto. This is evidenced by a study. Revealed that when eating slowly, the brain has more time to deliver satiety and tell you to stop eating. To be controlled, chew food as much as 15 to 20 times. And pauses before the feeding again. 

5. Eating While Activity
 Eating while doing the activity makes you not focus on the food presented. So that you continue to eat it unknowingly. Therefore, avoid eating, especially eating a snack while watching TV, working at a computer or reading a book.
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6 Fatty Foods But Low In Cholesterol.

Often poorly labeled fatty food by some people. Besides can accumulate in the body can also lead to the risk of heart disease and stroke. However, not all types of high-fat foods containing cholesterol.A diet consultant named Munisha Bhanot, recommends six types of fatty foods to lose weight.

1. Red wine 
Red wine or type of wine contains antioxidants in red. Can help prevent the risk of cancer. The content of saponin in it, useful for lowering bad cholesterol (LDL). But consumption also must be addressed. The American Heart Association recommends, to limit the consumption of two glasses of red wine (for men) and one drink (for women) per day
2. Cooking oil 
If you do not want to increase cholesterol does not mean you can not enjoy fried. Sesame oil, olive oil, canola oil or mustard oil can be a choice. Good quality oil is also found in avocados, nuts, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and refined oil.
3. Monounsaturated fats
 Foods containing monounsaturated fats such as olive, almond and apukat, are known to lower blood fats. Also lowers the risk of heart disease. Monounsaturated fat in avocado is widely available (71%), almonds (70%), canola oil (59%), olive oil (75%). 

4. Polyunsaturated fats 
Foods containing polyunsaturated fats are healthy. All types of food can lower blood cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol (HDL). Widely available in pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, corn, mayonnaise, soybean oil, and pistachio. 

5. Oil plants 
Oils derived from plants are also well consumed daily. This oil contains good cholesterol (HDL) levels, to lower LDL. Plant oils that are sold in the market is the sesame oil and olive oil. 

6. Fat meat
Fat in meat can also help lower cholesterol. Even so, total consumption should also be restricted. Buy meat that is cut thinly and avoid fat contained in the skin such as chicken skin. Avoid processed by frying.
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3 Meals Should Be Consumed If You Want To Slim

Many types of diets are developed both by doctors and nutritionists. Some types of effective diet helps lose weight but all is not well, because it can eliminate the essential nutrients for the body.
The most correct way is to manage your diet by not cutting all the essential nutrients required, just limit or reduce the portions. This is her kind of food should you eat to keep the program healthy weight loss:

1. Vegetable & Fruit

Eat vegetables and fruits should not be abandoned as a weight loss program because of its high content of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Plus, certain vegetables such as broccoli, green beans, carrots and green foliage contains very little calories. Eat four to five servings of vegetables and fruit every day to make the stomach feel full without consuming a lot of calories. Because already feel full, automatic desire to eat so much less and it really helps you lose weight faster.

 2. Whole Wheat Seed 
Whole grains are the best sources of fiber other, and is very useful to make the stomach full longer than refined grains. When purchasing products from wheat, select that read 'whole' on the packaging. Products made from whole grains such as whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta or brown rice provide fiber, vitamins and minerals more. You are advised to consume whole grains approximately four to five servings a day

.3. Meat & Protein 
Meat and other protein sources can contribute excess calories if not consumed properly. When purchasing red meat, choose the thin pieces, such as kinds of loin (sirloin, tenderloin). As for chicken, choose the chest less fat and discard skin.
Other healthy protein choices are fish, fisheries, egg white and dry grain. Grains such as soybeans, peas, beans and lentils, including low-fat protein, but high in fiber which helps the stomach full faster though consumed in small amounts.
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