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7 Tips And Exercise To Overcome Digestive Problems

Digestive problems would be very disturbing, especially after eating spicy or greasy foods. To overcome the uncomfortable stomach, you can do some light exercise.

Activities can be done with a small walk after eating, or breathing exercises regularly. In addition, there are still some other exercises and diet tips to help you overcome digestive problems.

1. Small streets
After you eat a lot, it is advisable for a small walk rather than just sitting or sleeping. Useful addition to improving the digestive system, sauntering also help the stomach digest food more easily and prevent the body from storing fat.

2. Light exercise
Try doing light exercise by lying on the back, then straighten your arms on both sides as you breathe regularly. Bend your knees to your chest and stabilize the upper body. Make sure your upper body straight as you bend your knees. Then slowly rotate the lower spine and hips to the left side. Hold for 10-15 seconds and then switch to the right side. Perform light exercise for 5-6 minutes each day.

3. Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are one of the most common way to improve digestion. Sitting straight in a chair with your spine straight and legs straight down. Inhale deeply (count to 5) and hold for 2-3 seconds. Exhale fully (count to 6). Breathing exercises not only improve the digestive system but it also relaxes your mind.

4. Upright Sitting Position

Sit on the floor with your spine straight and legs straight. Now slowly bend your left leg and place your right foot toward the knee. Rotate your upper body (spine) on the left side. Inhale and exhale deeply. Hold the position and start counting to 10. Make your body relax and repeat the same motion with his right foot.

5. Yoga
Yoga is one of the most effective exercises to deal with digestive problems. Try the basic yoga movements to have a healthier digestive system.

6. Avoid Cold Drinks
Digestive tract function better at normal body temperature. Consumption of cold drinks will slow down the digestive process. So, avoid the consumption of food or cold drink to help you improve your digestive system and gain weight.

7. Snacks

Consumption of heavy meals will slow down the digestive process. For that, subtract the weight of your food portions from now and replace it with foods that contain lots of fiber such as vegetables and fruits. When you eat heavy foods such as large portions of rice complete with dishes too often, you will not only slow down the digestive process, but also adds extra weight.
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