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8 Methods Misguided Diet Dangerous

Desire to appear attractive and look slim and ideal is everyone's dream both men and women. Many have taken various steps to lose weight. There is a healthy diet, but no less extreme diet, like eating cotton balls and tape worms. Perhaps some one succeed to lose weight but many cases of extreme diet is causing serious health problems. So it is important for you to know and learn about some of the most unusual diet is dangerous for dieters.
Because for centuries, people have tried some pretty crazy to lose weight. However, the mode is wrong diet, weight loss is usually temporary and can be very dangerous

There are at least 8 odd methods that people use to lose weight you need to know and study them carefully.

1. Hormone injections

In 1950, an English physician, A.T.W. Simeons, suggests that you can lose 500 calories per day with a daily injection of hormone choriogonadotropin.
But there is no real evidence that the hormone injections to lose weight and can be dangerous in some people because it can cause blood clots, depression, and headaches.
The FDA has approved choriogonadotropin hormone injections as a treatment for fertility, but not for weight loss.

2. Eating a diet of bread

Twinkies bakery in the 1930s, offers a diet of bread product that has 150 calories. You can lose weight simply by not eating any food except bread.
"If you eat the bread as much as 10 packs, body only get 1500 calories a day. It is robbed of essential nutrients that the body and make you tire easily," said March.

3. Eating a diet of baby food

This is the mode that is by replacing the Hollywood diet adult food by eating baby food.
You will lose weight because you are restricting calories. But you will also lose the fiber that you can get from food to adults.
"Baby food may be pure and contain vitamins, but not just in terms of nutrition of adults," said March.

4. Diet cigarettes

This is one of the most dangerous methods of diet ever.
Nicotine in cigarettes may make you lose your appetite, but cigarettes do not have the calories your body needs.
Smoking is the cause of many deadly medical conditions including heart disease and lung cancer.
"Never start a dangerous habits like smoking to lose weight," said March.

5. Diet bed

You may be tired and hungry because of restrained eaters, you can cope with more sleep.
But after you wake up, your appetite will increase in size because it was too tired.
"Several scientific studies support the idea that sleep deprivation can contribute to overweight and obesity, you need to have a healthy body is to sleep well," said March.

6. Chewing Diet

This diet method is to chew on without stopping, until the fine food and then vomit it.
You only get a taste of his food alone and nutritional foods will not be absorbed by the body.

7. Diet visual

Visual diet aimed to limit excessive appetite when he saw the food in front of him.
The trick is to use blue colored glasses and all the food in front of you will look disgusting.
But this may be harmful to the eyes because of the use of colored lenses with specs that are too long.

8. Ear staples

Ear staples involves surgical staples are placed in the cartilage of the ear.
Staples is believed to stimulate the pressure points that control your appetite, similar to acupuncture.
But after a few weeks, staples become ineffective as a means of weight loss because your body has become accustomed to it.
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