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As a Lifestyle Fitness Coach I have the opportunity to assist many amazing people in their quest for a healthier lifestyle. The rewards for motivating & educating others are unmeasurable. I am extremely grateful for the gifts in my life; I cherish each one of my clients, they're all remarkable and each has touched my life in a special way.

I received a beautiful testimonial from one of my LivFit 12-Week Transformation clients, Jenn Davis, who's spirit & dedication made it possible for her to reach her fitness goals. Jenn is a fire-cracker; she's brilliant, full of happiness and has enthusiasm for life. I was honored to train her and I'm proud of her great success in achieving her goals and dreams.

Jenn now knows that diets are not necessary in achieving health and wellness; living the LivFit Lifestyle is just that a lifestyle! I do not believe in diets & deprivation. Its about honoring your body by choosing to eat clean because that's what the body craves... By balancing the body, mind and spirit dreams becomes reality...

I'm extremely proud of Jenn and know that she will continue to live the LivFit Lifestyle - Congratulations Jenn! You made it!!! xoxo

Jenn's Testimonial
Hi Carol,
Thanks for the notice! I wanted to check in briefly to let you know that our 16 week is about to a hault... I have been horrible at turning my stuff in, but I have learned valuable lessons and am feeling WONDERFUL! I posted my after pix on my livfit profile, check out my face!! amazing!!

What I have gotten out of the livfit transformation has been valuable to my physical and emotional body. I appreciate learning about a different lifestyle that has changed me & my family. I wasn't a horrible eater before, just uneducated about the simple changes that make a difference in our body and how we feel. I have incorporated this lifestyle into my family of 3 kids and my husband. We love to eat healthy, drink our sxinney and enjoy feeling awesome! I don't have my inches tracked, but went down 4 pants sizes in the course of this transformation!! I never thought the shift would happen so fast with how slow my body moved after my 3rd child. I still have work to do on my stomach and some other areas, but I am excited to keep working at my goal size, it helps knowing that I can achieve what I set out to by taking the LIV Sxinney product line and taking action in knowing what will make the difference. This has been a wonderful journey of gaining knowledge & confidence, self growth, love for myself and what I put into my body and best of all... LOSING 18 pds (20, but I put 2 back on recently) and 4 pant sizes!!! Thank you for your love, motivation and leadership to a lifetime of living fit, healthy and abundantly in anyway I choose! I love you dearly!! Jenn Davis
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If you want to enlarge your life, you must first enlarge your thought of it and yourself.

Hold the ideal of yourself as you long to be, your ideal of what you long to attain, the ideal of health, efficiency and success. You can lift yourself by your thoughts. Your vision will help you climb mountains.

High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation. You'll become as small as your controlling desire, or as great as your dominant aspiration.

The courage to follow your dreams is your first step toward destiny.When you cease to dream, you cease to live. - Charlene Summers

It is imperative to laser in on your fitness goals daily. Focus on them throughout the day. Write your goals down (in the present tense), read them aloud with happiness and zeal each morning then again before bed, and visualizing yourself as though you have already accomplished your goals. By following through and honoring yourself you will reach your goals sooner.

Believe you are deserving to live the life of your dreams. Believe that you are already perfect as you were created. Believe that you are a powerful creator of your own destiny. Believe in your dreams by dreaming BIG Dreams... Remember, dreams really do come true if you believe....
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Portion control is essential to master for a health and wellness. I'm often asked what to eat to lose weight and build muscle, my answer is always the same, to eat a small balanced meal every three hours to jump start the metabolism and balance blood sugar levels. Eating a small meal is just that - smaller portions.

Oten time's people go all day snacking without eating a nutritious meal consisting of lean protein, complex carbohydrate and veggies. By the end of the day when they get home from work they're ravenous and end up eating the entire pantry filled with sugars, preservatives and sodium. Before they know it an hour of overindulging goes by then soon after painful bloating and indigestion kicks in. The body can only utilize and digest a certain amount of calories in one meal which is between 300 - 500 calories (depending on size and mass) then stores the rest as unwanted fat!

Did you know the body actually prefers less food? There's a reason why you feel lethargic and heavy after consuming too many calories in one meal - it's your body telling you it was over loaded with too many calories, sugars, salts and fats at one time. The best way to know how much food is enough is to eat until you feel satisfied or until you're "almost" full. If you feel you could eat a bit more, stop eating! That feeling is your "red light" signal to push your plate aside. If you have food left on your plate, congratulations! You're well on your way to living a longer, healthier life and that will lead to permanent weight loss success.

By eating every few hours your body will utilize the needed calories (if you eat clean) and will go into muscle building and fat burning mode as it digests the needed nutrients to build a lean physique. You'll begin to feel happier and lighter. You'll have more energy and higher self-confidence because you've taken control of your eating habits by incorporating portion control. It's a great feeling!To avoid overeating you have to need to eat every 3 hours using portion control. A general rule of thumb is to go by the "palm" of your hand as a guideline for a portion size for meats and complex carbohydrates. You can eat all the fresh, raw veggies you want during the day. Use smaller salad plates rather than a dinner plate in the beginning. Visually the plate will look full so you won't feel deprived and you'll feel more satisfied emotionally.
It has been scientifically proven that the body prefers smaller meals; eating less will increase longevity, health and wellness. Try not to snack between meals. The first two hours the body digests and utilizes the energy and the third hour it goes into fat burning mode. When eating at a restaurant ask for a carryout carton with your meal, and then place half of your meal in the carton before you begin eating. That way you won't be tempted to over eat and you'll have your next delicious meal ready to go.

A helpful tool to incorporate portion control is to keep a daily log/journal of your meals. By writing down everything you eat throughout the day you will think twice about what you put in your mouth because you won't want to write it down. Keeping track of what foods you eat will also help you know how many calories you're eating daily. Logging your meals is an excellent way to keep track of your success. Keeping an eye on your portions and following through with your diet journal is highly empowering and will assist you staying on track in reaching your health and wellness goals.

Be sure to drink at least 80 oz of purified water daily, carry water bottles with you in your car and at work. Toxins will be carried out of the body; it will raise your metabolic rate and keep hunger pangs at bay.

Have your the last meal of the day by 7 pm - consider the kitchen closed after that. If you get hungry have a big glass of water or a casein protein drink, a slow digesting protein, before bed to build and sustain muscle growth through the night.

Living a fit lifestyle requires having a positive mindset, eating small balanced meals every few hours and practicing portion control. Do your body a favor and eat less; it will reward you with weight loss, more energy and longevity.Until next time, keep moving & live well!
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Summer is almost here... which means swimsuit season! You don't need to feel shy at the pool if you start today to live a LivFit Lifestyle. Living fit is truly a gift that you can give yourself.
Choosing to eat a small balanced meal consisting of lean protein, complex carb, fresh veggies and good fats (Omega 3-6-9) will boost your metabolism while building and maintaining lean muscle tissue. Be sure to take note of the time each time you eat; try to eat every three hours for more energy and fat burning benefits.

Exercising each day is a must for a lean summer body. Wake up an hour earlier to workout. Alternate interval training with strength training, by being true to yourself you'll soon have more self confidence, feel empowered and look better in your clothes. So get moving, eat clean and embrace life with heartfelt gratitude every day!

Write down 5 attainable goals as well as 5 affirmations. Write in the present tense as though you’ve already accomplished your goals. Visualize your dream body and feel as if you have accomplished your goals and affirmations. To jumpstart your dreams feel happy and accomplished each day. Any negative emotions will block the creative process in reaching your dreams. If you have a negative thought about your physique, immediately replace it with 5 positive, loving attributes about your miraculous body.

Remember to drink 2 to 4 oz of Liv Sxinney in your water , 2 to 4 cRave’s and take Go once or twice a day for optimal fat burning and muscle building results. Liv Sxinney products will nurtious your body from a cellular level. They’re truly remarkable products that I'm passionate about because of my love to assist otherS in improving their quality of life. I choose drink Liv Sxinney for the rest of my life. I'm grateful for liv International and all it has brought into my life…. Life really is so GOOD!

Until next time... Happy training & enjoy the summer to the fullest! =)
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