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If something or someone from the past has left an emotional scar moving on and trying to forget about it will not release that which is bothering you.  You must release the emotions to that which pains you to allow forgiveness to fill your heart.  Look for the lessons learned form each experience that upsets you from the past to enable you to embrace new energy of love, joy, peace & happiness to fill your soul. 
Negative feelings left alone will always remain and fester if not released, and therefore will attract like experiences in one form or another into your life until that negative emotion is resolved emotionally & mentally.  Letting go of resistance is the only way to allow wondrous blessing to come to you fully.
You will know that you have released that which bothered you when you can think of the person, place or event that caused you upset and you have no emotional connection to it. And when you do that you know that you have truly learned that invaluable lesson of forgiveness and love.  Do yourself a favor and let go of negativity in all aspects of your life. Only YOU can give yourself the gift of peace.
~ Carol Whitaker
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