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Some Foods That Can Prevent The Body From Various Diseases

Everyone will always want to be healthy, never exposed to the disease. But because of many factors one must be exposed to the disease. When they are exposed to the disease, treating disease is sometimes a waste of time and cost that should be avoided. Some food is regularly consumed each day can increase the body's immune system so it is always healthy.

1. Salmon
Omega 3 fatty acid content in salmon beneficial for the prevention of heart disease. Research shows that eating salmon every week can reduce blood pressure, risk of heart attacks, asthma and some cancers especially colon and breast cancer.
2. Carrots
Beta-carotene content of carrots is one which is useful as an anticancer and be able to increase endurance. Eating carrots every day is also good for eye health, because it can reduce vision problems including cataracts.
3. Garlic
Several animal studies prove, a high content of antioxidants in garlic can inhibit the growth of various types of cancer. Regularly eat a few cloves of garlic every day can also reduce the risk of blood clots that can trigger strokes and heart attacks.
4. Orange
Orange is a source of antioxidants in the form of vitamin C the most popular. In addition to reducing the risk of cancer, oranges also prevent stroke because fortified with vitamin B and one of the important mineral potassium.
5. Broccoli
Fiber or complex carbohydrates in broccoli is like a brush that give digestive tract of toxins lead to cancer, while helping launch a bowel movement. High fiber can lower cholesterol levels and helps the body control blood sugar levels.
6. Apple
Endurance will increase if regularly eat apples every day, because the fruit is rich in vitamin C and A are efficacious as an antioxidant. Fiber content also helps reduce cholesterol, so it is recommended to be consumed as a counterweight to the likes food and fatty foods.

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