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Some Type Of Exercise That Can Improve Short-term Memory

Memory is a place to store information and experiences that never happened. In addition, the memory is also important in the learning process. Some people are having trouble remembering the name of the new people or events that just happened because of a short-term memory impairment. To overcome this, there are some exercises that may improve short-term memory.

Short-term memory function to store the newly received information, like names new people. While the long-term memory function to store the data information for long periods of time, are like a childhood incident.

1. Treadmill
Treadmill exercise can reduce short-term memory loss, especially in the case of low blood flow to the brain, known as cerebral ischemia. Treadmill exercise improves blood circulation and helps prevent neuronal cell death, which helps the memory. In summary, physical exercise such as treadmill can create oxygen-rich blood flow to the brain and maintain healthy neurons.
2. Mental practice and concentration
Mental practice and concentration essential for brain memory. Keeping the brain active by creating new connections between neurons, allowing the brain to communicate better. Games such as Scrabble, chess or crossword puzzles can keep the brain active. Concentrations of these exercises can make people focus on the details of common objects, so as to sharpen the perception and memory.
3. Mnemonics
One of the exercises you can do to improve short term memory is a mnemonic diagram. Mnemonics are words that contain the first letters of the words you want to remember. Mnemonics can also be used to remember a list of elements.
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  1. I do not know if you play video games but on the Nintendo Wii they have a game called big brain and they have a bunch of little games on there that help improve short term memory.
    And I think compare to Indians in Australia short term memory would be easier to strengthen because it does not take as much time as strengthening long term memory.