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Some Types Of Tea And Its Benefits

Many people love the most of tea, but it tastes good, tea also has many benefits. Various types of tea are not only offers different flavors, but also a variety of health benefits. There is a kind of tea is good for bones and teeth, some are specifically recommended for weight loss, etc.

1. White tea to skin care
Highest content of antioxidants found in tea White tea is made from plant shoots. In addition to preventing premature aging effects, which are high in antioxidants White Tea can also prevent wrinkles because it protects the two proteins that maintain the skin elasticity of elastin and collagen.
2. Rooibos tea to overcome the lack of blood
Symptoms exhausted from lack of blood can be treated with rooibos tea, herbal tea from South Africa are made from the bushes. These teas contain most tennin, flavonoids are able to increase the absorption of iron from food.
3. Oolong tea to prevent cavities
This type of herbal tea from China is the most widely-containing catechin, an antimicrobial compound that can prevent caries or cavities. Another type of tea that have antimicrobial properties that most closely is Black Tea Oolong Tea.
4. Chamomile Tea to keep your blood pressure
According to a study in Japan, consumption of Chamomile tea without sugar every day can prevent the risk of diabetes complications. One is the increase in blood pressure which can lead to nerve damage and visual impairment.
5. Black tea for bone strength
Compared to other types of tea, black tea or a cuppa tea also known as the most diverse benefits. The most powerful addition to relieving stress and cholesterol levels, Black Tea is also good for the bones because it is rich in minerals manganese and fluoride.
6. Green Tea for slimming
Research in Japan shows, drinking a cup of green tea every day can increase the metabolism of food in the body. This type of tea contains epigallocatechin gallate at most, a compound that can shed fat and cholesterol.
7. Peppermint tea for indigestion
Abdominal pain and diarrhea that accompanies irritable bowel syndrome can be relieved with peppermint oil found in Peppermint Tea. Peppermint tea cup that tastes like menthol balm can reduce abdominal muscle contraction-induced increase when there is irritation in the intestine.
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