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5 Foods To Be Eaten When Dieting

When you are doing and undergoing a diet program, and create a target weight loss, then the delicious foods to be a taboo that should you lose in the daily diet. This will be a very tedious and painful, because it's a lot of dieters eating in secret high-calorie foods. This fact can ruin your diet program and end on the failure of a diet program.
There are some good food should be consumed as a diet, but occasionally. If eaten every day, might even increase our weight again. What are these foods?

1. After eating sweets
Are you accustomed to eating dessert after a meal? Should stop this practice. Reduce consumption of sugar can make your diet a success. If you want to eat dessert, try on weekends only and do not overdo it.

2. Afternoon snacks of high carbohydrate
What food do you usually make afternoon snacks? Noodles or pizza? High carbohydrate foods such as these can indeed be overcome hunger. But the effect could be bad if consumed every day. Try to replace snacks with nuts which contain protein and healthy fats.

3. Potato
Potatoes are one of the foods that are often avoided when dieting. So, do not often eat french fries, baked potato, or foods that contain lots of other potatoes.

4. Healthy Snack
Many snacks are sold word 'healthy' on the packaging. Be careful, because the snacks often have hidden dangers. For example, contain a high sugar or preservatives. Processed foods should be consumed sparingly, replace it with nutritious meals.

5. Milk
Milk is a healthy drink, but could hamper efforts to lose weight. If you regularly drink milk, for example, at breakfast or before bed, try to quit for a month. If you no longer feel lethargic, your skin looks brighter, and your weight is reduced, meaning that fail to keep your diet could be due to milk. Hence, the consumption of milk occasionally.
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