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How To Overcome The Skin Cracked Heel Naturally

Skin cracked heel is not a disease, but it is an indication for less healthy or show less care of themselves. Besides disturbing appearance, too long if left to make the irritation worse. The ankle that became one of the center of one's body weight rests when standing and walking, often overlooked. In addition to the use of footwear is made from tough, outermost layer of skin peels can also be caused by frequent contact with chemicals foot of floor cleaning detergents and drugs. Skin from irritation and dry skin will make the cracked, peeling, and mildew occur.

1. After bathing, rub the heel of the foot with a special abrasive tools on a regular basis, so that new skin can grow well.
2. Avoid soaking the feet in water with a temperature too hot, because it will quickly dry skin and wrinkles.
3. Apply a foot lotion containing vitamin E every morning and evening. Apply again when you are in a room with AC for more than 10 hours.
4. When washing and scrubbing the floor, use the heel of the footwear to protect feet. Remember, avoiding footwear made ​​from wood, when it will go and stand in more than 1 hour.
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