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Food Fruit Diet (2)

In the previous discussion we have uncovered the sense of a diet of fruit and usefulness to the body. In addition to making healthy digestion is also very delicious fruit when we eat it is not like other diets, such as fasting that forces our bodies conserve energy resources. . And this time we continue the discussion of the fruit diet. Hope can be a good discourse and facilitate you in making your diet program. Happy reading ..

Fruit Diet to Lose Weight

When looking at weight loss, it is helpful to feed the class into two categories: high concentrations of low-concentration of food and food. Meat of dairy foods, grains, and food waste are largely concentrated in calories, while fruits and vegetables high in water and fiber, making them much lower in calories. In other words, you do not have to eat less, just eat more of low concentrations of food categories.
But what about all that fruit sugar? How does that fit into that now famous glycemic index diet that involves eating foods low on the index? Doing this helps prevent blood sugar spikes, which we know now produce body fat. See if you can answer this question: what goes gradually into the bloodstream, complex carbs or fruit? Most of us would answer confidently that fruit enters the bloodstream more quickly because it is simple sugars, while complex carbohydrates such as bread, rice potatoes, and pasta are gradually digested and broken down into glucose. But this is a misunderstanding.
According to table the blood glucose response is given as a guide for diabetics, bread, beans, white potatoes, and brown rice all break down into glucose in the bloodstream more quickly than most fruit. White sugar has a less dramatic surprises for blood sugar levels than wheat bread!
Fructose, a sugar commonly found in the fruit of all, is the soft sugar to enter the bloodstream, requiring the least amount of insulin.
Complex carbohydrates melt in your mouth into simple sugars because of the digestive enzyme alpha-amylase present in saliva. Chewing a piece of bread wheat will change to 50% of starch into glucose before it even hits the stomach. The fruit is a source of fuel that is better than bread because of its ability to maintain energy without burdening the pancreas to produce insulin. Fructose does not require insulin to break down because it is slowly absorbed through the intestinal wall is lower.
All starch consists of long chains of sugar molecules. Through digestion, these chains are broken down into simple sugars. Fruit, bread, potatoes, rice, and beans all reduced to glucose. These foods, fruit digestion requires at least to supply the body needs glucose for fuel.

Diet Eating Fruit Is Raw

While on a diet of fruit you actually do the raw diet, and there are real benefits to eating raw foods. North Americans love cooked starch. From muffins to macaroni, starch is the biggest part of our diet. Sweet potatoes, turnips, corn, beans, peas and potatoes all taste better when cooked, but there are changes in how food is digested after cooked. Crude corn oil is high in natural, health giving and starch. However, when cooked into a mucus-forming. Raw potatoes can be used in healing gastric ulcers, but they lost through cooking healing properties, to be mucus forming. Cooked food causes immune system to increase the production of white blood cells, react as if an intruder has entered the blood. Cooked, starchy foods require a strong acid to digest, and excess acid in the blood has a negative effect on the immune system and healing.

How to Stay on Your Diet Fruit

Since the digestive system is still active and you should reduce your calorie intake dramatically, during the first few days on a diet of fruit you may experience intense hunger. Hunger is good! Welcome as a friend, as it is a sign that your body is your body switches to fat for energy, which translates into weight loss. The face of hunger fear with courage. Show who's in control. What a glorious joy it is to overcome hunger control over your life. That victory and the confidence that follows will cause a lifetime of weight management and good health.
A 30-day all fruit diet will provide benefits similar to juice fasting and a good alternative. However, eating a special diet consisting of fruit requires much more discipline and self control than fasting. I've gone on fasting a lot but still find it difficult to achieve long-fruit diet. During fasting, your digestive system shut down, and psychological and spiritual you have to be determined to not eat. But the fruit diet is very different in your digestive system is fully active and you are still engaged in eating. For most of us are accustomed to living in highly concentrated diet of meat and starch, fruit can often feel physically unsatisfying because our digestive system is still producing large amounts of hydrochloric acid, so the stomach grumbly for the first two or three days of the diet of fruit. Also, physiologically, fruit does not provide it, heavy stomach feeling, and a strong desire to rise to the surface.
Try to detect the difference between hunger and desire. Food cravings are much more attached to the body emotion other than hunger. Fat, sugar and salt cravings will also subside within a few days, making eating more fruit-even fun-managed as physical benefits become clear. Emotional cravings another story. They will take more work to overcome, but also worth the effort.
Some quick tips for managing all fruit diet: stay focused and passionate about the health benefits of a diet of fruit. Remember: "no pain, no gain." Emotional pain is a sign you're doing something powerful. I have found that all change involves strong pain. Learn more about making healthy changes
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Food Fruit Diet (1)

Fruits we commonly use as a dessert and a very delicious dessert. Imagine you're peeling the mangoes are ripe on the tree with fragrant aroma that comes out of his flesh. When you start to enjoy the sensation of sweet and fresh taste of the meat is tender. Sweet taste it spread to all the walls of your mouth .. Hmm,,, so delicious. And you feel the salivary glands of the bias you imagine the joy that flows grapes are so tempting. Then you think this is the diet desserts that could spoil your tongue. And this time we will discuss how good a program of diet in this way.
Body's reaction to the fruit does not stop at the mouth, but continued to receive food as the digestive system is filled with enzymes. These enzymes do almost all the work of digestion, so the pancreas a much needed break. Fruit sugar, plus vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which are carried by the bloodstream and delivered to every cell in the body. Fruit does not create slime, a sure sign of how fuel is clean and suitable to the needs of our metabolism. Fibers are left in a damp and colon cleansing in nature, to soften and remove impacted mucus years.
There are thousands of varieties of smooth, colorful fruit, from the little blueberry in a colder climate than the northern hemisphere, for exotic fruit grown in the lush tropics. It is remarkable that the most severe diet consisting of mono-tasting foods such as hamburgers and fries, when we consider the abundance and variety of fruits are available throughout the year. The fruit is non-addictive and is not addictive like fat, salt, and sugar-filled processed foods. In fact, those who live with a high percentage of fresh fruit find themselves sharp-minded and vibrantly energetic.
Fruit sugar, locked into the fiber of fresh soft fruit, is the most perfect fuel for the cells. Gentle, slow-release, and energy-sustaining, it is compounded with vitamins, minerals, water-soluble proteins, enzymes and trace elements. As the blood brings fructose to each cell, this gives the soul element compounded with fructose molecules, allowing nutrients to be very absorbing and ready for use. Fructose molecule acts as a delivery system for your cells.

All Fruit Diet as a Cleansing and Detoxification Program
In a low-calorie diet is fruit when compared with juice fasting for example can result in a better detoxification. Unlike juice fasting or water, the digestive system is not closed. So there is no decrease in metabolism in the body is not as fast, where the body is forced to do a very low metabolism to conserve energy resources
. A metabolism without compromise plus a lower calorie intake with detoxification and weight loss are safe. It's important to realize, however, that because of the cleansing effect of fruit and subsequent release of toxins, your tongue will be a thick, smelly breath, and you may experience moments of weakness. Diet fruit made for a limited period to allow the body to detoxify and cleanse while flooding every cell with a clean source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Learn more about Detoxification
While the period
Like a strict diet, such as fasting or juice rawtarian regime, not the fruit diet should be your daily maintenance program. Fruitarians is the thin edge of the few people who advocate a diet of all fruit with the addition of raw nuts. They claim to have reached a state of physical, mental, and spiritual health even utopian. I can tell you from personal experience that during the juice fast or predominantly fruit diet, mental clarity and feeling of well-being is greatly enhanced. The need for sleep decreases and increases stamina, but the downside is that from time to time there will be loss of muscle strength. Even more important is the loss of nutrients is offered from a wide spectrum of foods, such as wild salmon, whole grains and plant foods, to name just a few.
Some people using the fruit diet will eat the fruit just one day a week, while others may go on a diet of fruit three days once a month. I find it much more useful to quickly (whether on raw fruit or juice) times less a year for longer periods. The reason for this is that the first three or four days will involve a detox diet fruit; withdrawal from addiction to food in fat, salt and sugar, and of course, emotional withdrawal from that morning coffee and Danish. It is in the first three days that most people bail out, unable to bear the pain of detox and withdrawal. But for those who make it through, a wonderful feeling of well-being and health of waiting on the other side. If you only make it through the early days of the first and then stop, you will never truly enjoy the experience of what it's like being in a state of fasting. Short fasting will leave you with a false impression that a diet of fruit or juice fast is all about detox and withdrawal, when it could not be further from the truth. If you stick out a little longer, you will experience many benefits.
Another benefit of dietary fruit again is that the body is then able to perform detoxification more than years of garbage, dirty air food and pure water. Ten years McDonalds will not be cleared within three days-if only that easy! It takes some time and investment. I recommend a diet 30-day annual fruit or juice fast, coupled with vegetable juice and a tablespoon of fresh flax oil every day. You will never be the same. Learn more about Food Fruit Diet
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5 Myths About Diet (part 2)

As previously discussed five myths about diet can affect your diet program, so this time the discussion continues with the next five myths related to the previous myth. because weight loss is your main priority is programmed to get the body healthy and awake Lansing from the bad effects of diet programs that you do. So let us consider the following five myths:

1. Myth: Caffeine is unhealthy

Fact: There are various studies showing that caffeine can be safe and may be part of your healthy eating plan if consumed in sufficient quantities (less than a cup a day). The most common sources of caffeine in our diet are coffee, tea, cocoa beans, cola and energy drinks. Caffeine intake is not enough simply lift mood and increase alertness, but also lowers the risk of some diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson's disease and colon cancer.

However, if you suffer from sleep problems or anxiety, it is prudent to reduce the consumption of caffeine.

2. Myth: Sugar is more fattening than honey

Fact: There is no difference between honey and sugar. Both sweeteners contain glucose and fructose. One tablespoon of honey has 64 calories, while one tablespoon of sugar has 46 calories. This proves that the honey has more calories and both are roughly equal to fatten the body.

However, although the honey has more calories, we actually use honey with a size less than that due to the nature of honey is sweeter and more dense than sugar. Consequently, we may actually consume fewer calories when we use honey instead of sugar.

3. Myth: Carbohydrates lead to weight gain

Fact: Carbohydrates are the most important foods in your diet for long-term health. Carbohydrates do not cause weight gain unless it contributed to the excessive caloric intake. Weight loss caused by consuming too many calories do they come from carbohydrates, protein or fat. A diet high in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and low fat dairy products, resulting in a greater chance of weight loss. Findings from the National Weight Control Notes. showed that people who eat a diet high in carbohydrates and low in fat, in addition to seeing their total calorie intake to maintain weight loss successfully.

4. Myth: Eggs-skinned brown eggs better than white-skinned

Fact: In addition to an attractive brown color of the eggs showed no taste, quality or different nutrients than white eggs. Brown eggs contain fat, protein, vitamins and minerals which is roughly the same as the egg whites.

Actual egg shell color differences due to specific breeding chickens. According to the Egg Nutrition Council, white eggs produced by chickens with white feathers and ear lobes white and brown eggs produced by chickens with red feathers and red ear lobes.

5. Myth: Exercise not necessary when you're on a diet

Fact: Although diet alone can help lose weight, but muscle and skin down (which appear after losing lots of weight) will look horrible. Exercising will increase your weight loss as well as your muscles will look beautiful.
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5 Myths About Diet (part 1)

The body is slim and ideal is the desire for everyone, especially women. Because the body that reflects the health of a person's body Lansing and describes his diet as well. And to get all of that diet being the key word. In today's world almost everyone is competing to do the research to create a healthy diet and safe for health. Along the same dieters also follow a diet trend that is in use. Indeed, it was all done to get the body that Lansing and proportionate. For those of you who are doing this diet program, should consider a few things that became a myth in society. There are at least five myths that should be noticed by you that do weight-loss program, namely:

1. Myth: Fat-Free Food Calorie-Free Foods Means

Fact: Generally not, most nonfat foods still contain calories with the same amount or even more than regular foods. People do not realize that the food label themselves as fat-free (Fat free) such as cookies, cakes and biscuits may still contain lots of calories, of course not from fat but from proteins and carbohydrates. However, in some low-fat or no fat such as cakes, biscuits contain more sugar and starch are added to enhance flavor. These materials are high in calories and cause weight gain.

2. Myth: All fat is Evil

Fact: Actually, fat is an essential nutrient for the body. Fat helps the absorption of nutrients, transmit nerve, producing energy. However, some fats are also known as bad fat when consumed in excess, contribute to weight gain and heart disease. On the other hand good fats promote health in a positive way. The key is to replace bad fats with good fats in your diet to stay healthy.
Good fats: Unsaturated fats are single like peanuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, avocado, canola and olive oil lowered total cholesterol and LDL (bad cholesterol) and raise HDL (good cholesterol). Similarly double unsaturated fats such as corn, soybeans, sunflower oil can also lower total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.
Bad Fats: Saturated fats such as meat, milk, eggs, seafood, coconut oil and palm oil are consumed in excess can increase total blood cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.

3. Myth: Salad is not food fattening

Fact: Depending on what materials we put in a salad and what materials we use as a topping and sauce. If the salad contains many ingredients that are high in fat, then the salad that may be able to add more calories and fat than steak and fries!

Mayonnaise, crispy pieces of meat and greasy sauce is usually rich in fat. They significantly increase the calories, fat and salt contained in a salad, but add some vitamins and minerals, thus making this food a bad choice for dieters.

4. Myth: Skipping meals helps in weight loss

Fact: Studies show that people who skip breakfast or other meals tend to gain weight more than other people who eat a healthy breakfast and eat 3 times a day. This happens because when you are not eating for a long period, your metabolic rate decreases and you become very hungry. When you eat the more you eat too much. This is what ultimately makes body weight increases.

5. Myth: Eating at night means extra fat

Fact: There is no intrinsic connection between calories and the body clock, where after a certain time the body store fat Most important is the total amount you eat and drink for a week, or month or longer, and how much energy you burn during that period by Therefore, if you eat more calories than your body burns calories, excess calories are stored as fat over time regardless of whether they were taken to eat during the day or night.

Less is more so that we can learn in terms of myths about diet, and in the next post you will get also another myth about the diet, it remains faithful to the health articles on healthy house
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7 Types of Foods That are Good for Diet

If you're doing a diet of course there are a variety of foods and drinks you should consider in taking it. And also you need to know what foods are also good and can you in running your diet program. So you will get the desired results but you also do not suffer in the run program your diet. Here are 7 foods that are good at catering for your diet program, may be taken advantage.

1. Drinking water
Water is a major part in the human body and there is nothing better than that in pure water the body needs. to consume 8 glasses of pure water and fresh in a day would be beneficial to clean the leftovers, prevent dehydration and very good to support your diet program.

2. Apple
apples have high levels of vitamin C is good for your diet program. And the fiber content is very good for our digestive health. Fiber is also useful for combating cholesterol in the body.

3. Red beans
These foods have a content such as fiber, vitamin c, and anti-oxidants which is very good for our bodies. Added to the salad or soup into a healthy diet and delicious.

4. Spinach
Spinach into a good dietary recommendations for low-calorie but nutrient content and have minerals such as iron, magnesium, fiber and good source of vitamins A and C. And the content is very good for the human body.

5. Almonds
Almonds are very good for the diet as long as the condition of raw or processed naturally without being mixed with other materials. and almonds are a source of protein, magnesium, iron and vitamin E.

Yam is cracked vitamins A, B, C and E are in need of the body but very low in calories, so good for your diet program. With processing without the added sugar it would be an ideal diet food.

7. Broccoli
These types of vegetables may be less appealing to some, but vegetables such as broccoli has a content of calcium, postasium, vitamins A and C are high. By consuming these vegetables without sauce or cheese addition of excess intake is good for our bodies and a healthy diet
Similarly, at a glance the discussion of diet that's recommended good luck and happy slim ...

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“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.” ~Melody Beattie

I cherish this time of year; Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. The warmth of the energy that fills the air of giving, gratitude and unselfishness is absolutely wonderful!  I relish time spent with my loving husband, children, extended family & friends, my heart overflows with love & gratitude ~ I am richly blessed beyond measure.

I adore gathering with my family as we give thanks for the infinite abundance Heavenly Father has blessed us with. I thoroughly enjoy & savor the delicious feast that's made with love; it fills my heart and soul with delight. It's a glorious day in every way!

It's also a day to forget all the clean eating rules. You don't need to worry about the weight that you'll gain, you can lose it within two weeks by living the LivFit Lifestyle, and unfortunately it comes on much quicker than it comes off.  You don't need to worry about the fat grams or the high sugar desserts that you'll most likely pig out on either.  

Instead, focus on having an attitude of abundance and gratitude!  Fill your heart with thankfulness to God for your health, loved ones and the bountiful blessings in your life.  Doing so will allow your heart to feel more joy, peace & happiness.


As you enjoy the day filled with delicious meals and deserts know that tomorrow is a new beginning for your Fitness Goals & Dreams to begin and commit to once again.  So relish today with at thankful heart and then allow yourself to be in the present moment as you gather with your beloved family and friends.

You can regroup and get back on track with your fitness goals tomorrow.  It's not as difficult as you may think; begin by setting new goals & affirmations, visualize your physique as you wish it to be, exercise 4 to 6 days a week for at least 30 to 60 minutes and eat a small meal every 4 hours consisting of lean protein, good fats (with lunch & dinner) and lots of fresh veggies & salads.

Don't forget the importance of drinking at least a gallon or more of purified water, it will flush out toxins and keep your body well hydrated which will energize your sluggish body after a eating a huge Thanksgiving feast. If you have Liv Sxinney drink at least 3 to 4 oz for the next 5 days to aid in weight loss, it will detox your cells which will release fat stores easier.


I have much to be grateful for as a Lifestyle Fitness Consultant & Coach.  I am deeply thankful for my beautiful clients that have touched my life in remarkable ways.
I would like to extend my thankfulness to all my fabulous readers & clients. I am thankful beyond expression to you for taking the time to read my blog and to those that have hired me as their Lifestyle Coach.  I love each of my precious clients dearly. 

I am thankful for all my clients past & present and for their roll they played in my life and for their light and love they shared with me, I adore everyone that I have been blessed to share my gifts and passions of health and wellness with.  I will always remember them and cherish the time I spent with each one... Each client was divinely directed to me and for that I am deeply thankful...

May this special Thanksgiving Day be filled with love, joy & immense happiness as you gather with family and friends to give thanks for all your many blessings and give thanks for the bountiful blessings in your life that you receive each day.  And may the Lord bless youyou’re your family with His light and love as you reflect on your beautiful life and give thanks for all the great abundance you have been blessed with now and for that which is to come... 
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Xoxo

With love,

~Carol Whitaker
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6 Diets Food Trap

Many options can we consume foods that can support our diet. low-calorie snacks is one of them. But there are some that need to be noticed in order to consume a diet program you can run well. Because according to studies there are some famous food diet foods actually trigger weight gain.
That's because the label on the packaging there is a diet that makes you feel no need to control the portions. Or indeed, a very high calorie content in it and you do not realize it. In order to not get stuck dietary consumption of foods that can actually increase your body weight should pay attention to the facts about diet food. And the following six food diet you should consider in taking it by

1. Yogurt
This drink is so snacks mainstay of women who diet. Plain yogurt contains 16 grams of sugar per cup. However, if you eat yogurt with flavors, sugar can be added to 15 grams or more, equivalent to four teaspoons.

How to get around
: Always select fresh yogurt. If you want sweeter add a teaspoon of honey or maple syrup. In order for a richer taste, you may also add slices of fresh fruit.

2. Sugar-free candies and cookies
When the producers of sugar in the ingredients eliminate candy and cookies, as his successor added fat. One well-known brand of sugar-free cookies, known calorie content of 160 with 9 grams of fat.

How to get around: Consider the nutritional value of information in the packaging, not just the label 'sugar free'. If the calorie and high fat content, no problem to consume that contain sugar, as long as you can control its consumption.

3. Vegetable crisps
Because it is made from vegetables, many consider that vegetable crisps are healthier than potato chips. Maybe it could meet the intake of vitamin A or C, but still high calorie. Reach 150 calories and 9 or 10 grams of fat, per cell. Some manufacturers even add color to the vegetable chips.

How to get around: If you really want to eat vegetables, choose fresh vegetables. Eat vegetables, it means meeting the needs of fiber and makes you feel full longer.

4. Sushi
Sushi is also touted as a delicious diet. However, instead of sushi roll is currently very popular. Cream cheese, mayo, and shredded cheese is very tempting. However, very high calorie content.

How to get around: Select the original sushi menu. Quite a mixture of rice, seaweed, vegetables and fish. If you fish enthusiasts, the consumption of sashimi course menu. As a snack, edamame beans could be a mainstay of a healthy and filling meal.

5. Smoothies
By eating smoothies, you are able to meet the needs of the body to pieces. If making your own smoothies, no problem. But, be careful if you eat smoothies in the packaging, because it can be very high calorie.

How to get around: If you do choose to buy bottled smoothies in the smallest size. Note, too, amounts of nutrients listed. It would be better you make your own smoothies.

6. Drink diet soda
Although labeled drink diet soda, but it may be the enemy of body weight. Because the research from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio found that people who drink beverages with artificial sweeteners, gained more than those who do not. Another fact, soda drinkers, higher risk of experiencing
metabolic syndrome, which can trigger high blood pressure and increased risk of heart disease.

How to get around: To satisfy the desire to drink sugary drinks, cold drinks created just by adding lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey.
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~ Carol Whitaker ~


I love the holidays, most everyone is more giving, kind and forgiving as they focus on Christ, it's truly the most wonderful time of the year! 

This holiday season rather than throwing in the eating clean and exercise towel, commit to staying on track with your workout and fitness game plan.  Try to exercise at least 5 times a week for at least 30 to 45 minutes.  You don't have to spend hours in a gym to achieve a hard body, just enough to work up a good sweat and fatigue your muscles. 

 Eating clean is 85% of the fitness recipe for success.  Embrace a fit lifestyle by prioritizing "you" first every day.  Plan your workouts and meals in advance and then follow through.  Think positive, loving thoughts about your amazing body throughout the day.  See and feel yourself thin as though you were already at your ideal body weight and size. 

You don't need a fancy gym membership either, you can workout in the comfort of your own home.  I haven't stepped inside a gym since I got engaged to my husband over 20 years ago.  All you need are dumbbells, a bench, a mirror and some type of cardio machine or a DVD player to do your favorite style of aerobics. 

I started out just working out in a room in my basement, and then soon came to love lifting so much that we built a weight room.  I have been a fitness guru for over 15 years, it's not rocket science to be able to attain a hard body, it just takes motivation, determination and dedication to achieving your fitness dreams.

Believe that you can have the body of your dreams by releasing negative self talk and emotions that are keeping you stuck.  Once you learn to think and speak correctly your body will literally transform with less effort in the gym and with ease.  Your mind is your greatest tool in transforming your physique.  

Try your best to think and create happy, joyful thoughts as you embrace your fitness journey to success, soon you will come to discover that you really are happier and that you're losing weight, you'll also discover that you'll begin to crave exercise.  It's highly rewarding and empowering to set a goal and then to attain it.  Believe that you can achieve anything which you set your mind to and then have a ball following through. 

So have fun this holiday season by honoring your goals and dreams by being true to you as you aspire to achieve your fitness goals and dreams.  Enjoy the festivities with your family and friends along with delicious goodies now and again, but by all means, don't give up!  You can continue to lose weight and get in shape even during the holidays!

Merry Christmas! xoxo

~Carol Whitaker
Lifestyle Fitness Consultant & Coach
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Tips a healthy diet

When you follow a diet program is one step that will require you to be consistent and be patient in living. because of a diet program designed for can work naturally so that our bodies can adapt premises condition. So do not expect you to do the program can directly get the result. Perhaps a lot also found the diet that promises quick results, but those programs usually have a large degree of risk to health.
Eager to lose some weight is simply the beginning of the path to weight-loss. If you desire to eliminate excess weight you must do more than just require the weight to fall off. Together with loss of weight, wisdom is power. We supply you with the tips you're looking for so as to make your journey a success.

Take in at early times throughout the day, finishing supper while it's yet early in the night. The earlier you consume food, the higher your metabolism performs it off. Research has revealed that your own calorie burning slows down considerably through the night time since the body is having a rest. If you finish up your evening meal even though it is still early, you are going to eliminate it well much quicker.
Begin using a slower speed once ingesting, ingesting every bite completely. Studies have shown that people who seem to be consuming food slow can get fuller quicker. It is because by the time the meal seemed to be swallowed, the belly can be given time to register the earlier bite, permitting yourself to become complete when you're totally loaded and not just after consuming greater than you should have.

Get started with reducing your part or amount, moving forward to rearranging your diet. Just omitting a particular food, single extra spoonful, or one extra little bit of meat to get started your weight loss opportunity could be a good commence that's encouraging instead of a huge burden on your appetite and typical eating plan.

Trying to lose weight can be a a long time procedures, even when you are accomplishing it proper. Nevertheless even when you are feeding on each of the appropriate foods, there are several extremely dishes that could really support burn fat. A few of such are grapefruit, blueberries, and broccoli, among others. Include various with your diet and you will probably experience faster weight reduction.

You should try a commercially prepared diet program if you can not have time to prepare wholesome meals for yourself if you are trying to lose weight. Most of the plans are now very economical and come with everything you need to consume a proper diet and lose weight quickly. One's body may get the nourishment it needs and you will not have to prepare food.

You have to be dedicated if you desire to lose weight. Lots of people half-heartedly make an effort to lose weight simply because they think they're not approved by society. They'll try to eat a very restrictive food plan that is not easier to stick with. You must take your time to look for something that are able to really keep you motivated.

Draw your weight lowering each week. The ultimate way to remain motivated, and then monitor simply what does, and does not, work for you, is to try to keep a written document. Hang up a diagram onto your refrigerator. Select a day of the week, constantly weigh your own self and file your weight on that same day.

Arming all by yourself with what you need to comprehend about how to drop the weight may help you lose the weight you wish or really need to. Our helpful tips are validated and will help you eliminate the excess bodyweight and keep it off. Acquiring the want and achieving understanding are two of the main things you want for successful weight loss.
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5 Methods of Dieting is Wrong

When we want to determine the right diet program, certainly we must put the safety and effectiveness of programs that we will use. Now that a lot of various diet programs launched and promises incredible results, without regard to side effects. Because according to the newspaper so many diet programs to thousands of them. But among these diets, there is a harmful diet programs, including:
1.Baby food diet
Baby foods known to be very low in calories. To lose weight, many adults think eating baby food. One jar of baby food is usually less than 100 calories, while foods for adults usually contains 300-500 calories.
The experts say, would be better if adults do healthy balanced diet by consuming more whole fruits, vegetables, grains, and lean meats. By eating healthy foods will be more filling and suppresses appetite.

"After a few days eating baby food, I'm sure there will be a desire to eat other foods," says nutrition expert, Joy Bauer.
Not to mention, it costs to buy a bigger baby food and the contents of your bag will be depleted.

2.Tapeworm Diet
Basically, this tapeworm diet is not recommended. Because you have to swallow the tapeworm parasite, which can be found in animal faeces, cooked meat is not cooked or infected.
Doing this diet can indeed break down your digestive system, thus decreasing appetite even no desire to eat at all. Diet is also very dangerous because it can worsen your health condition.

"This is a crazy idea, tapeworms are parasites that can cause serious health problems. The diet is not the best way to lose weight. Even in the U.S., tapeworms traded illegally," said Bauer.

3.Diet snacks
Eating 1,800 calories of food a day, it will definitely help people lose weight. However, eating snacks will not minimize the reduction in weight and when you want to return to normal diet, the body's need for fiber, vitamins and other nutrients needed will be difficult to obtain.
"Small Food or snacks are loaded with sugar, bad fat, and too much flour can wreak havoc on blood sugar and increase inflammation throughout your body. This could be detrimental to your body and your health," said Bauer.

4.Diet HCG (pregnancy hormone injection)
One new method to lose weight is the HCG diet. This method involves the process of HCG or Choriogonadotropin. Diet alone system by injecting HCG within three weeks.

HCG is a hormone produced by the female body during the early phase of pregnancy. Characteristics of fat mobilization is key to weight loss. Although the injection of HCG is a valid resource to strengthen the pregnancy according to the FDA. However, the organization does not approve the use of the same with weight loss.

HCG Diet is known to have an impact that no number. The way this diet recommends the intake of only 500 calories a day. Meanwhile, state health practitioners, the level of calorie intake is too low can interfere with healthy survival. In fact, low-calorie food intake can also have deleterious effects in brain function.

No doubt, with a minimal amount of calories in the process of a person's diet, it will definitely lose weight, but fat will accumulate again.
HCG injections also produce a variety of side effects including headache, fatigue, depression, increased levels of irritation, blood clots, breast enlargement in males, and ovarian hyper stimulation in women

5.Consuming apple cider vinegar
Now there is another trend by consuming apple cider vinegar diet. They believe if they eat this apple vinegar, he said could reduce appetite. How to consume is with drank three teaspoons of apple vinegar drink before eating, but I also do not know more about this trend. What I know from the book Diet Trend Biology is such a risky, because it is acidic apple cider vinegar is very high, so it can make us sick digestive tract, especially stomach ulcers. It is more risky to health and an error in the present Diet Trend.
Above are three examples of a variety of Diet Trend today that may pose a risk to the health of our bodies. So if you want a healthy diet, you can try to eat
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3 Diets are Dangerous

Diet is a choice made by some people to get the body Lansing and look sexy, especially for a woman. And indeed there are many methods of diet on health and decided to by some nutritionists to be a reference for a woman to go on a diet. And there are many celebrities that refers to a program in which he decided to by experts. Many women who succeed on the diet so as to programs that reduce weight by several kilograms. But too many are failing and even suffer side effects from diet programs they run. And it turns out there are many nutritional diet program that decides to take the lead on extreme diets, promising significant weight loss in some time. But have adverse effects for the body and can even be life threatening for those who do the program. Here are some diets are dangerous and bad for health
1.Diet dunkan
This diet has become a trend among celebrities for the jinefer lopes, Giselle Bundchen, and others because it promises a decrease to 6 pounds in a month. But in the midst of its popularity, some experts from the UK to give a statement saying that this diet is a diet that is effective and without scientific basis. Diet was introduced by nutrition experts from France is indeed promising significant weight loss without reducing appetite, as long as it is in the form of the protein. The concept of occupation is diet, eating foods high in protein, low in calories, and reduce appetite. The body's absorption of the protein will lead to burning calories, and allow weight loss without losing muscle strength.
But apparently according to experts from the British diet is causing side effects that are not good for health such as infertility, breathing stops during sleep, high blood pressure, type two diabetes, liver or cardiovascular illness
2.Diet extreme downsizing of the stomach
This diet was made by a woman who comes from the English, because it has taken various diet programs and it does not produce the desired results then this woman decided to eat less by way of reduction surgery with surgery of the abdominal cavity. But this decision was disastrous for him because after some time had passed this woman suddenly lost my appetite even every food you eat is always vomited again. He started a lot to lose weight even limp did not have the energy because there is no intake of food into his body. At its peak this woman became very thin and weak with no energy.
3. Diet following the Paleolithic era
As the name implies, this diet trend to follow the way of human eating aka Paleolithic time era antiquity. At that time, early humans eat food they could find, like the flesh of their prey, plants, fruits and vegetables. So now Trend Diets that follow a pattern like this much we find around us. People on the eating of meat, vegetables and fruits, without eating rice or the like, because they can make the body fat.
Though this would pose a risk to our health, diet trends such as this actually makes the body become less healthy because of the lack of carbohydrates and other nutrients needed by our body.
That's some poor diet and even harmful to our bodies. Perhaps the body is slim and healthy is everyone's dream, especially women, but of course with a good diet and consistent will get good results. Do not let us follow and even dangerous diet that promises amazing results.
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Fun with Green Tea Diet

Green tea is one herb that has many health benefits and one that is recommended for weight loss diet program.If in the previous discussion on 7 ways to describe an effective weight loss so this time will be discussed is pleasant herbal diet with green tea Amid a wide selection of dietary programs that are suggested by nutritionists and diet green tea is one solution is safe and without risk in your weight loss program.
It is a proven fact that green tea for weight loss is one of the most safe and natural method to shed off extra fat from the body. Green tea is proven to increase metabolism and accelerate fat burning process. Your natural curiosity increased when you find a woman in leather jeans that seem to fit to eat without getting a pound. The secret behind a perfect figure they are the consumption of green tea to lose weight.
The content contained on the green is very good and help you even in a state of sleep the work effectively. Even when you do the crazy diet with the consumption of junk food and others. The content is there role in the green in question is commonly called polyphenols or catechins.

Green tea for weight loss contain polyphenols, which are also known as catechins. This is very effective in burning calories and reducing fat accumulates in the body. This article discusses how green tea helps you lose weight to stay healthy.

Catechins contained in green tea to lose weight naturally block the movement of glucose or sugar in fat cells and works in collaboration with other compounds that are useful to intensify the process of oxidation. Chinese green tea leaves contain catechins.

There are four varieties of total catechins contained in green tea leaves. Epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG is one of the most common variety of catechins. According to tests conducted by experts, EGCG can alter levels of appetite regulating hormones in the human body. Therefore, to put it in simple words, with the consumption of green tea you start eating less. Levels of noradrenaline in the human body increased with green tea to lose weight simultaneously. Chemical neurotransmitter noradrenaline in the nervous system activates brown fat tissue, which is an active fat is found in the human body. The burning of this particular kind of fat is essential for effective weight loss.

Green tea to lose weight increase catechin to offer you the energy to do regular exercise and burn calories twice as much. The release of carbohydrates will slow down, which in turn makes checking blood insulin levels as well.

Green tea for weight loss contain an abundance of fat melting catechins. Statistical report claims that about 30% of green tea rich in catechins. Green tea is not only effective for weight loss, but loaded with antioxidants that slow the aging process. Moreover, it also contains anti-cancer compounds, anti-viral compound to ensure a strong immune.

You live consultation with your physician and director of nutrition your diet to get the correct dosage for you to carry your weight loss program. Due to the dose right then your weight loss program will run effectively.
In the end good luck and hopefully your program running smoothly and get the results you desire for this.
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Weight Loss in 7 Easy Steps

Still about weight loss because weight problems is still a serious problem, especially for women. Because in addition to affecting the appearance of a weight problem is the cause of self-distrust of women. On this occasion this time we will try to share some tips to lose weight. Hopefully the following tips useful for readers.

Here are so many weight loss plans and strategies in the present day. Some are effective while others lapsed. According to experts, weight loss and weight loss management really depends on the person and the person's spirit to be able to predict the success or failure of the program. Losing weight and being able to maintain an ideal body proportion is a real attempt for a lot of people. It is inevitable that many people would gain back the weight they lost because of many different reasons. According to expert reviews, in order to determine if a weight loss management is successful or not, the person performing the program needs to lose weight, maintain it for more than a year and be healthy and fit because (or to a certain extent) of the weight loss management program.

Let us discuss some of the most excellent weight loss management programs today. These are really common programs which became successful according to people who have tried them.

1.Slim Fast
This program fits those who wouldn't want to worry about counting calories on food. Slim fast promotes a very suitable and practical weight loss management program good for those who are always active and on the go. Of course included in the weight loss management course are two energy bars or two shakes per day.

This program is approved by 15000 doctors. The slogan of this wonderful diet plan is Goodbye to calorie counting and food cravings. You only need to spend $9/day, one meal consisting of lean meat and a meal of green veggies a day to make this weight loss program work.

3.The Best Life Diet
Unhealthy habits are the main culprit of the increasing rate of obesity in the country. This is the main focus of The Best Life Diet: to change your lifestyle for a healthier you. It also promotes a sound and practical diet which everyone can easily follow.

This is another popular weight loss management program that people find interestingly doable and cheap. It promises a loss of 2lbs per week without counting calories.

5.Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle
This weight loss management course is very common with men because it tones the muscles while getting rid of the unwanted fats. This is also popular with women who are also into body building and who wish to become slimmer and leaner. Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle focuses on the three important principles of weight loss management which are nutrition, cardio health and weight maintenance.

6.The New Sonoma Diet
There are already various Mediterranean diet programs out there but the New Sonoma Diet proved to be the most liked among those who are into Mediterranean dieters. This is very ideal for people who do not like too many restrictions yet offers a balanced diet.

7.Weight Watchers
Weight watchers have changed so many lives. They started even before people are really aware of the importance of maintaining weight proportional to a person's height. They promote logical diet coupled with proper exercise and positive attitude to be able to achieve the goal. Weight Watchers also have this unique Point plus system which focuses on whole foods and fiber-rich fruits and vegetables.

The success of a diet plan that really depends on one's desire to lose weight. Another factor is that you must also choose a program that fits your lifestyle, body type and more. Consult a nutritionist and ask what a particular program is right for you.
Good luck with your success is something for our happiness.
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* Paula Fellingham Interview with Carol Whitaker *


I am honored to be a Show Host for the The Women's Information Network.  Below is a link to an interview I did for The WIN's launch in Nov 2010.

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You were created on purpose.  You can fulfill your destiny.  You are magnificent! 

By having an awareness of being happy and joyful you'll soon discover that you are blessed with tender mercies from above each new day.  Soon you will live your life in an attitude of love, joy and happiness as you move along your beautiful path being filled with hope, faith and belief that all things are possible.  Synchronicity will begin to unfold miraculously each new day. 
Please feel free to email me at for more information or to order a LivFit Coaching Package today. Thank you!

Carol Whitaker

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Obesity and healthy diet tips

Obesity is the most frightening and most avoided by humans, especially for a woman. because obesity is one of the factors that cause various diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and so on. And for a woman is overweight is a frightening specter because in addition to affecting the appearance also raises a lot of thought as clothes do not fit, others fear being ridiculed, fear not sell (no men who would girlfriend) until the fear of their partner cheating .. because of It performed a variety of ways to keep the weight of a reasonable start up at the extreme there is even a motivation that say "lose weight or be cut into pieces his body" to motivate yourself in a program to lose weight ..
There are some myths or issues that can cause obesity, among others:
1. Stress
a person under stress will tend to apply the pattern of unhealthy living one of which is uncontrolled diet and the result is obesity
2. Diet is one
When people exercise diet programs sometimes do their own without following the guidelines and advice from health experts, so the diet is made it triggers obesity .... oh my god ..
3. Mealtimes are a mess
Often times most of us do not pay attention to this because of busyness or other reasons, our eating becomes uncontrolled lunch hour sometimes a 13 but sometimes 15 hours
4. Breakfast and dinner
many of which assumes that the breakfast and dinner is the cause of obesity and ultimately you avoid to not have breakfast or dinner, but the opposite is true, because it really is the breakfast is needed to control your appetite during the day.
5. Fat and plenty of water on the body,
with the number of fat on the body clear the causes of obesity, but many who do not know how to get rid of fat from the body.
6. Poor body metabolism
metabolism and low or bad but that enter the body's calorie intake is very high .... oh my god ..
Some of the above factors are the cause of obesity in most of us and probably many more causes of obesity that has not been pointed out
However there are several factors to program or diet to lose weight include:

a. 600 calories can easily fit into the stomach by eating pastries and snacks. Try to limit eating snacks and pastries.
b. Instead of eating her cream soup, choose broth soup with no cream. Cream will add calories to your meal.
c. Instead you buy a meal out, would be better if you bring food from home. Bringing food from home will indirectly help limit your lunch. You often hungry stomach to see the food delicacies displayed in outcomes is not it? :)
d. When eating try to eat low-calorie foods first and later to a more calorie foods. FIRST vegetable / fruit first and then his rice and side dishes.
e. Use a smaller plate than usual. Smaller plates will indirectly of petrified you put less calories into your body because it was as though you have eaten a plate full of dishes when you are actually small.
f. Chew your food slowly. This step is effective enough to make you full faster so that it can be said this move effectively as a means of quick and healthy diet.
g. Reduce use of salt
h. Drink 8 glasses of water per day. This is the minimum amount.
i. Avoid fast food.
j. Diet is the best exercise for aerobic exercise.
k. Do not miss the main meal. eat 3x a day, not less. 2 x daily eating a healthy diet is not the correct way

Good ways / tips on a healthy diet and fast is beneficial to you.
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