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Some Of The Triggers Of Cancer Which Is Still Controversial

Cancer is abnormal cell growth that often leads to death. Many products and chemicals that are suspected as a trigger, but not everything can be proven. Modern lifestyle increasingly closer to human cancer. Proving important to avoid excessive fear of technology and the advancement of science. However the other side of moderisasi been easier and improve the quality of human life.

1. Artificial Sweeteners
Tests in mice prove the artificial sweetener cyclamate trigger bladder cancer, so its use in soft drinks banned by the FDA. Substitute the saccharin cyclamate also caused tumors in mice but did not banned its use.
2. Mouthwash
Alleged mouthwash containing ethanol can lead to oral cancer. Antibacterial ingredients are considered as dangerous as carcinogenic or cancer-causing toxins in cigarettes. Since there is no sufficient evidence, the American Dental Association declared safe to use alcohol in mouthwash is not swallowed origin and used as recommended. If you have a family history of cancer of the mouth, or smoking, is currently widely available alcohol-free mouthwash.
3. Anti-cholesterol statin drugs
Alleged trigger cancer in the study appeared in 2007. The use of lovastatin, simvastatin, pravastatin, fluvastatin, and atorvastatin in high doses tend to increase the risk of breast cancer, colon and prostate. A review of 15 clinical trials in 2008 confirmed that the increased cancer risk in statin users. But according to the study, cancer was more related to cholesterol itself and not with the use of statin drugs.
4. Phone Cell
Excited phone cell radiation, which is thought to trigger cancer, started in 1993 when a man sued the phone company had suffered brain cancer. Since then, millions of dollars have been spent to investigate the truth of the claim. Largest study of cell phone radiation by WHO in the last 10 years, involving 13 000 adults. The result, the use of mobile phones increases the risk only slightly on the type of glioma brain cancer and not other types of brain cancer.
5. Bra
Toxic chemicals contained in the bra thought to increase breast cancer risk if used too often. Although the claim was never scientifically proven, some experts from the American Cancer Society says use of the bra is made more dense breast tissue. Recently revealed, the density of breast tissue associated with increased risk of cancer recurrence.
6. Perfumes, deodorants and instant noodles
There are similarities in the three products that use the same paraben although in different functions. If ingested or inhaled, paraben will act like the hormone estrogen in the human body thus increasing the risk of breast cancer. 2002 study shows, there was no evidence of increased cancer risk in users of perfumes and deodorants.
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