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"The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don’t define them, or ever seriously consider them as believable or achievable. Winners can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do along the way, and who will be sharing the adventure with them."
~Denis Watley
Have a vivid imagination is the first step to create the life of your dreams. When you desire to improve your quality of life that an awakening from within expressing to your conscious mind that change needs to take place in your life. 
Setting goals, an action plan and then following through is the pathway to reaching your wildest dreams. Understanding how to shift your mindset to enable you to create and then manifest your dreams is essential. 

Begin by setting goals, write them down and read them often. Goals are a simple yet powerful way to accomplish your dreams. Without goals you will not have a road map to success.  It’s like trying to drive to LA form New York without a map or a GPS system in your car.
Below are tips to achieve your goals & dreams.  If you take these tips to heart you will have the tools necessary to fulfill that which your heart desires. 

·         Write Down Your Goals in Detail

Write down your goals.  Then write a detailed game plan of how you plan to achieve your goals.  Be excited as you write them and believe that you will, in fact, reach your goals in the near future. 

Read your goals daily, morning and again at night with emotion and energy.  See yourself achieving your goals as you read through the details of you action plan. 
Remember, your mind’s eye is a trailer to your life movie in the future, so think on purpose and intentionally.

·         Keep a Gratitude Journal

When you focus on gratitude you will have a sense of contentment and satisfaction.  Keeping a gratitude journal or what I like to refer to as a thankfulness journal will change your life by shifting how you look at the world around you.

Studies have shown that those that keep a thankfulness journal have less depression and are happier.  Each night before you go to sleep write down what you were thankful for day. 

If one of your goals is to lose weight write how thankful you are for your miraculous body.  This will allow your body release fat easier as your mind will be busy at work creating your ideal body which will then help you to want to exercise and eat healthy naturally.

·         Keep a Sleep Journal

Every night before you go to sleep, write a few questions in a sleep journal.  Then fall asleep being with thought of all the goodness and tender mercies you had that day. 

Visualize yourself as if you were already living your dreams.   Research shows that the subconscious mind works best when it is undisturbed with thought.  That’s why when you lie in bed or awake in the morning you often have a solution or an answer to your questions. 

For the mind to work magically it needs to be free of negative self-talk that freedom happens while you sleep.

·         Follow Your Bliss

When you are in a blissful mood you are in energy of creation. You cannot create your dreams no matter how badly you want to if you are in a constant state of self-doubt and despair. 

If you have forgotten what brings you joy reflect back to your childhood.  What did you dream about?  What did you love to do with your friends?  What were you passionate about? 

By reconnecting with your inner-child the youthful girl in you will become a part of you once more.  Each day do something that you love for at least an hour a day. Mark it on your calendar and then follow through with doing what you love.

·         Walk in Faith

Faith always precedes the miracle and faith without works is dead.  When you walk in faith you are in your power. 

Faith is the opposite of fear. You cannot have faith and fear simultaneously.  If you struggle with faith each day wake up with enthusiasm and exclaim out loud as you look up to the heaven and with your arms stretch out wide exclaim, “Today is going to be a miraculous day!

I am eternally thankful for this wonderful day! Thank you!” Then wrap your arms around yourself with arms of love.  This will set the tone energetically for you to have a fabulous day!

·         Keep Your Goals In Mind

Keep your goals in mind throughout the day; the more you think about them the more you will attract what is wanted into your life.  As a reminder carry a photo of your goal in your wallet to remind you each time you open it.

·         Visualize Your Success

See yourself as though you have already achieved your goal.  Believe that all things are possible and they you can and will achieve, in detail, that which is wanted, always giving thanks above for the tender mercies you receive each day.

·         BELIEVE IN YOU

Believe in your innate inner power to create you life on purpose.  Focus on the joy of receiving.  Believe in your gifts and relish in all the wonderful attributes you have. 

Think positively as you go about your day and show and give appreciation for all things. This energetically is a vibration of believe, what you are thankful for will radiate powerfully to bring back to you similar wonderful experience

·         LOVE Your Body

Praise and love your body as though it were a 3rdperson.  Be true to you by respecting you.  If you say you’re going to do something, follow through, and then reward yourself with feelings of accomplishment. 

If you are in a happy state of mind your body will be too, and therefore, will crave healthy foods over toxic junk food.  Your body is always a direct manifestation of what you think about most… What is your body telling you?

·         Have a Giving Heart

Serve others in your community in need with your time, talents or by monetary means.  Do what you can to give of your time, talents or services by helping those in need.  Serving is one of the most powerful gifts you can offer to those you serve but to yourself as well.

By following these simple tips to success you will without a doubt be able to accomplish your goals and dreams. 

Please follow us and feel free to leave a comment or ask a question and I'll gladly assist you in starting off on the right track to achieve success.

Carol Whitaker
Embrace Your Journey to Success
Lifestyle Fitness Coach & Life Success Coach
Author of the forthcoming book
Ridiculously Happy! The Secret to Manifesting
the Life & Body of Your Dreams
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"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it."
- William Arthur Ward

Who doesn’t want to be healthier & happier?  I don’t know a single person who doesn’t want to improve their health, fitness level and have more abundance in all areas of their lives.  Everything we do in life is to make us feel better by having more peace, joy and happiness.  

Each of us desires to be happy and healthy, after all, that is why were created—to have joy! I understand all too well what if feels like to be sick, exhausted, emotionally drained and out of shape.  Over 20 years ago I was one of the millions who desperately wanted to be healthy and fit. 

When I was at the tender age of 13 I had Rheumatic Fever which required me to take penicillin to protect my heart, after six year of antibiotics I had a horrible allergic reaction, my immune system was virtually destroyed. 

I was then diagnosed with Epstein Barr and then Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, each of which is incurable.  I was ill often and struggled with light depression and anxiety most of my teens into my early twenties as a result to the illnesses and low energy level.  It was a difficult time for me as well as for my family. 

I know firsthand how dreadful it feels to be out of control of my life.  I couldn’t stand the way I felt, I was weak, frustrated and exhausted all the time.  I didn’t like to see who I saw looking back at me in the mirror either, that was a very difficult time in my life. 

As I longed to be healthier I would read fitness magazines which inspired me.  I would dream that I was a healthier, happy wife and mother with a physique that was as strong, lean & ripped just like the fitness models I read about.  I was in awe with those who accomplished their fitness goals and dreams.  It wasn’t until I finally became sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time that I decided to take control of my life once and for all!


I prayed for guidance and studied all I could about exercise, diet, and supplementation.  My dear mother helped me immensely as well; she guided me into learning the healing benefits of supplementation.  I read all day long about health and nutrition which motivated me to get moving even though I didn’t have any energy. 

I began exercising lightly and eating healthier by eliminating processed foods, white flour and sugars from my diet, and slowly I began to gain strength and my energy level improved. As I continued studying by reading books, attending seminars, and praying daily I was impressed to learn about the power of the mind and the Law of Attraction. I soon came to realize just how powerful thoughts are and how our thoughts attract like situations into our lives.  It was by controlling my mind by having healthy, happy thoughts which spurred happy feeling that I was be able to create and manifest the life and body of my dreams. 


As I studied how the power of the mind works with the Law of Attraction I began to realize how I was indeed the creator of my life.  I remember how in amazement I felt looking back on my life experiences, each area of my life was brought on by an energy frequency of based on my habitual thoughts. 

As I learned how to master my mind by choosing my thoughts on purpose and allowed myself to let go of limit beliefs I was able to create new beliefs which supported my efforts in achieving my goals and dreams.  I came to realize that I was indeed attracting my own life experiences into my reality. 

I came to know what it really meant to co-create my life with God.  I was so excited to learn that I could literally alter my health, happiness and income by the power of my mind!  How simple yet how complex it was to enrapture.  It was truly the turning point in my life. 

As I marveled at the gifts that I had been given in my learning and growth I slowly began to let go of the negative thoughts about my health that had been playing over and over again. I looked for the good in my various life lessons presented before me. It was difficult at times to feel optimistic and happy, I had my ups and downs just like everyone else. 

But before I came to understand the blessings of learning the life lessons given I didn’t realize how powerful negative thoughts were that I had been playing in my mind for years.  Instead, I began to give thanks for my beautiful body and everything it did for me each day. I realized had I not been through all that I had I would not have been able to become the powerful and enlightened woman I am today.  That was a huge healing step for me emotionally. 

I began to really focus on my thoughts I was able to create new beliefs that validated my desires of I can, be, do and have anything I set my mind to!  I soon began to fully comprehend how to be the master of my mind and to know that my mind is its own entity and that it in fact was not me—it’s only part of my physical body. 


I began to ponder on what I wanted in life and I began to release limiting thoughts and beliefs.  I replaced my sorrows with hope, I let go of fear and embraced faith.  I release doubt and believed. And that is when my world truly began to transform in remarkable ways.
I decided how I wanted my physique to look, I shifted thoughts and energy from “I wish I was....” to “I AM....”  Each day I said my positive affirmations and focused on my goals with love and excitement, soon I began to literally manifest and achieve my goals and dreams easier and with less effort—it was amazing! 

Synchronicity played an intricate role in my life as tender mercies from above showed up in my life daily, it was truly awe inspiring.  As I lived my life in thankfulness to God I began noticing and seeing miracles in life often, I truly had more to be thankful for.


I remember my sweet husband asking what I doing that caused me to change so much; he saw a great improvement in my health, happiness and well being.  When I told him with great enthusiasm of what I had learned along the way he felt peaceful and excited knowing that I was indeed inspired with what I had been drawn to learning along the way. My husband and children also began shifting their thoughts and soon our lives began to improve together as a family in wonderful ways.  My new way of life had rippled down through my family & even my friends, it was amazing to see.

As I came to know and understand how to live through my higher-self and fully embracing my divinity within I began to accomplish my goals and dreams with great focus and precision. My dear friend would say, “Carol I don’t anyone that can manifest their dreams as fast as you! You’re a master Manifestor!”  And she was right, I did! Where there were only walls doors appear wide open, where there were storms the blue skies and sunshine appeared. My life & body transformed in extraordinary ways.  

My beautiful journey of self-discover was truly a gift in my life in every way, I not only transformed my physique into the body of my dreams but I was rejuvenated in mind and spirit as well.  I became whole and complete, even though I still struggled with my health and I always will, I am happy, confident and at peace. I connected my body, mind and spirit which empowered me and still does today.  I learned to love myself unconditionally as I was with all my heart; I became the better part of me. 
By implementing full heartedly that which I had learned I took inspired action to change my life. By releasing limiting thoughts and replacing them with powerful thoughts of creation, believing that my dreams could indeed come true I began to accomplish my goals one by one with ease and less effort. My fitness and life goals soon became my reality; it was an exhilarating and magical journey.  I still live my life this way today.


By incorporating what I had learned into my life which I was divinely guided each new day and was able to create the life & body of my dreams. I still have frustrations arise just like everyone else; however, when I reach a pump in the road I quickly take note that I’m off track from that which I desire, peace, love and happiness. So I learn from it and turn the other direction that leads me to accomplishing my goals and dreams.  

Had I not been sick and struggled with various issues in my life of which I had to learn and grow by I would not have turned to the Lord for help nor would I have learned how to live a fit, lean, healthy, happier, and more abundant way of life. I came to love myself fully despite having chronic fatigue and Epstein barr. 

I accomplished all of my fitness dreams and much, much more.  Each area of my life improved in miraculous ways.  Now I live the life of my dreams every single day! Believe in your ability to create the life & body of your dreams. 

If you follow what I did to accomplish my dreams you will be able to transform your life too. We are all spectacular with infinite wisdom and light within, allow your light within to shine brightly as you embrace your magical journey each step of the way.

Carol Whitaker
Embrace Your Journey to Success
Lifestyle Fitness Coach & Life Transformation Expert
Author of the forthcoming book
Ridculously Happy! The Secret to Manifesting
the Life & Body of Your Dreams
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Men also Can Natural Eating Disorders, This is Why

Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia are problems that often occur in women due to dietary errors. But new research shows that men can also suffer from an eating disorder, but the symptoms are not similar.Women who want the ideal body shape and the men who want a muscular body contains, choose a diet by limiting calorie intake. This can put the risk of eating disorders that adversely impact nourishment.Men need to ask themselves a few questions to find out if she had an eating disorder. This is necessary because most men do not realize a small change in their daily life that leads to health problems.Here are 5 list of questions you need to consider to ensure that you have been eating and exercising in a healthy zone, among others:

1. Do you have a specific physical symptoms? 

If after a workout you feel weak, dizzy, and experiencing other serious signs, or after eating you feel panic, despair, and forcing yourself to vomit the food, it shows that you have an eating disorder. 
2. Did you reduce your calorie intake drastically?
Eating disorders can occur if you are on a diet very low in fat or calories without the supervision of a nutritionist. You need calories to be able to move with energy, if the calories in the food you eat very little, your body and your health affected limp.To get a rough idea of ​​the minimum amount of calories you need each day, multiply 25 calories for every pound you weigh. So, if you weigh 175 pounds, you need 1985 calories per day.

3. Are you too extreme exercise? 

Sports are too hard to limit the calories you need to move. If this is done constantly, you tend to lose power and can not even maintain the immune system due to lack of nutrition.

4. Are you obsessed with thoughts about food or your body?

People who spend a lot of time just to think about food, weight, or muscles, may be one sign of an eating disorder. Men with eating disorders tend to wonder if the food is too many and a major effect on his body.

5. Do you have sex less qualified?

Men with eating disorders, more attention to the result of diet and exercise that have lived on body shape. When the body shape is considered not in accordance with what they want, men tend to be less confident in front of her partner.
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We all want to live longer, healthier more fulfilling lives.  But we can't if we're filling our bodies with processed foods, sugars, high sodium and trans fats all the time. To turn back the hands of time choose wisely what you feed your body.  

Just like a race car, if you put in poor fuel you will have poor results from your car's engine; however, if you fuel your race car with racing fuel your car will utilize it's engine optimally.

Superfoods are no different for us. We are what we eat. Our bodies reflect the love and care we give it on a daily basis. If your skin look dull and your hair is lifeless that's a sure sign of your body telling you that you need to eat healthier, whole foods.

Including superfoods into your diet is highly beneficial for anti-aging and longevity in all stages of life.  If you want to live longer and happier then eat fruits and veggies that are chuck full of the goodness of life. 

Eating healthy whole fresh fruits, nuts, veggies, melons, berries and legumes are natures “fountain of youth”. You can turn back the clock better with a diet filled with super foods than you can with the “latest and greatest” anti-aging lotions and potions.

Mother Nature is constantly providing us with a new bountiful season of fresh producing filled with decadent fruits, vegetables and berries. Fresh produce is delicious and are highly nutritious.

Fresh produce is power packed with antioxidants.  Berries are known to boost immunity which wards off life-threatening diseases such as cancer and heart disease.  Berries are also an amazing anti-aging food and are packed with antioxidants and fiber.

Another superfood that aids in heart disease prevention is avocado.  Avocados can lower your LDL "bad" cholesterol while raising your HDL "good" levels, and they help your body absorb heart-healthy vitamins like beta-carotene and lycopene.


Here is a list of the top 100 superfoods.  Fill your pantry and refrigerator with superfoods to have more energy, endurance, clearer skin, healthier hair and to improve your immune system.  You will soon find that the clock of time will have reversed as well as your skin will look more radiant and youthful.

Enjoy indulging in foods that will indeed make you feel healthier and more energetic to accomplish your weight loss goals and dreams.

Bell peppers
Brussels sprouts
Collard greens
Green beans
Mustard greens
Rainbow chard
Romaine lettuce
Summer squash
Sweet potatoes
Swiss chard
Turnip greens
Winter squash
Black olives
Honeydew melon
Brown rice
Jasmine rice
Whole grain breads, cereal, pasta
Whole wheat breads, cereal, pasta
Wild Rice
Beef, lean
Black beans
Chicken, skinless
Egg whites
Garbanzo beans
Hemp seeds
Kidney beans
Lima beans
Navy beans
Peanut butter, natural Peanuts
Pinto beans
Pork, lean
Pumpkin seeds
Salmon, canned or fresh
Sesame seeds
Sunflower seeds
Tuna, canned or fresh
Turkey, skinless
Veggie burgers
Wild game, skinless

Omega 3, 6, 9 blend
Canola oil
Dark chocolate
Green tea
Extra Virgin olive oil

Enjoy the goodness of life by eating the goodness which was literally created for health and longevity. As I always say, "If God didn't make it don't eat it." 

You can live a happier, healthier life by caring for your body as the precious gift that it is.  Happy eating! 

Carol Whitaker
Lifestyle Fitness Coach 
Life Success Coach

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7 Ways to Avoid Dessert When Dieting

Whether you are undergoing weight-loss diet? Usually those who are dieting often does not resist the temptation to eat sweet foods like dish for dessert or dessert.The temptation to eat this dessert does not just happen when you eat at a restaurant. When at home was the same problem can be felt. Here are some ways you can do to avoid the temptation of eating dessert:

Empty the kitchen cabinets 

The best way to do so that your diet works is by clearing the kitchen of a snack. Do not keep snacks in the kitchen or pantry, because you would be tempted to pick it up. And when you have to go shopping to the supermarket, avoid displaying hallway snacks, such as pastries and sweet breads.

Always finish the main course

Most women who are dieting will always feel guilty after eating desserts (dessert). One of the best ways to keep feeling full without tasting the desserts are to spend your main meal.
Wait 15 minutes

When finished eating, do not immediately take a dessert, wait 15 minutes. Let the food you just ate processed in the body, and you will feel full. Do not get used to eating dessert when finished eating if you want to diet

Watch portion sizes

 Every now and then you can just taste the desserts, but watch portions. The desserts are allowed to eat when dieting is a cake with a very small piece.

Watch your drink

Maybe you've thought to replace the piece of cake with coffee drinking. But, did you know that coffee contains more carbohydrates than dessert? In fact, there is an ingredient similar to cheese burger. Avoid mocha, cream condensed milk (whipped cream), and milk.

Share with friends 

If you have a friend who is also on a diet and want to taste the dessert, you can buy it in small portions and then separate into two parts. That way, you can still enjoy the cake, though limited portion.

Create a schedule

 Life is to be enjoyed, including tasting piece of cake for dessert. Make a schedule of when you should eat dessert, maybe once a week or twice a week. Dieting should not mean eating food you want, but limit and diet properly.
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If weight loss is your main fitness goal, cardiovascular training is essential to accomplish your fitness dreams. Doing cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach will burn your fat stores for energy since your glucose in the blood (blood sugar level) is extremely low from fasting during sleeping hours, so your body will turn to its own stored energy to fuel your muscles during tough workouts.


The best fat burning cardio method is high intensity interval training (HIIT).  A HIIT session is tough, it’s not easy, but the results & benefits are more than worth it. You can literally burn more fat with less time doing HIIT cardio, that means you will have more time to accomplish your "to do list" for the day by incorporation interval training into your fitness program.

There are two methods of HIIT, short intervals lasting from 20 - 30 seconds and long intervals lasting 60 - 90 seconds. Intervals are a high intensity using large muscle groups in the body. Sprints are an excellent way to do interval training to burn fat at optimal levels; you can do HIIT on any cardio machine of choice or incorporate during your outdoors training.


To accomplish your fat loss goals sooner you need to incorporate HIIT into your fitness routine 4 to 5 days a week. What is interval training?  Short energy bursts incorporated throughout a cardio routine, typically done every 4 to 5 minutes with moderate intensity between high intensity durations, which should last for 30 to 60 seconds, followed by a moderate intensity for 3 to 4 minutes, repeating 6 times.

Basically a HIIT workout consists of a few minutes of warm up, followed by 6 to 10 periods of high intensity exercise lasting for 30 to 60 seconds, separated by medium intensity, and ending with a period of a few minutes cool down.

The high intensity spurts should be done at near maximum intensity by giving it your all. The medium exercise should be about 50% intensity. The number of repetitions and length of each high point repetitions depends on you, do what you can, within time your endurance and strength will increase.

The goal is to hit a high intensity level at least 6 times during your workout, and to have the entire HIIT session last at least 20 to 30 minutes followed by a 5 to 10 minute cool down starting with medium intensity ending with light intensity. The entire exercise time period should last about 35 to 45 minutes which includes warm up and cool down. HIIT is an excellent way to maximize your workouts when limited on time. You will see results much sooner by making HIIT a part of your regular workout regimen.


The beautiful thing about doing intervals for 20 to 30 minutes a day is that your metabolism will be in high gear hours after exercise, you’ll have a rush of feel good hormones (serotonin, human growth hormone, endorphins, testosterone, thyroxine [T4], epinephrine,) during and after exercise.


Doing HIIT burns deep brown fat for energy during your hard workouts by using your intramuscular reserves (deep fat stores) which uses the glycogen stores in the muscles and bloodstream for energy.

Within 45 minutes after training have a nutritious protein shake (25 to 30 g of protein) and a carb (fruit is an excellent choice) for optimal recovery directly after your tough workout to replenish much needed energy stores to the muscles.  Drink plenty of water (with Liv Sxinney) before, during and after training.

As always proper nutrition is vital to reach success, eat a small balanced meal 5 to 6 times a day consisting of 3 main meals with snacks in between.

Believe in YOU! Set attainable goals. Stay laser-focus on your dream body until achieved! You can attain your goals by honoring and loving you unconditionally.

Happy Training!
Carol Whitaker
Lifestyle Fitness Coach

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3 Mistake In a Weight Loss Program

When you do a weight loss program, you should know the reasons why the need to struggle very hard to lose weight. sometimes we see someone in doing so easy weight loss program a while for us it is very difficult to achieve the desired ideal weight. weight loss seems to come so easy for some and difficult for others. so what is the diet to be done?

Have you ever wondered why weight loss comes easy for some people and others seem to be so difficult? Why pounds just fell for one another and keep getting a harsh reality check on the scale? What in the world are you supposed to do if you are struggling.

For starters avoid these three mistakes.

Mistake 1 – Making weight loss goals that are not realistic. 

If you have to lose over 100 pounds and want to lose it in 90 days you are shooting yourself in the foot to begin with. You must remember to make realistic goals that can be achieved.

What to do instead: Make achievable realistic goals. Make small goals before you make big ones to help build up your confidence. Try to make a goal to lose a couple pounds a week before making a big goal like losing 100 pounds by (fill in the blank) date.

Mistake 2 – Calling it quits too early.

Different results will show up for different people. If you are having a weight loss competition at work and weight in once a week, the scale is not merciful for everyone. You have to remember that weight fluctuates. Don’t be so hard on yourself if you didn’t lose as much weight as your friends at work this week. Keep up the hard work and your time will come.

What to do instead: Do your best and forget the rest. Some days will be harder than others. Just do your best and the weight loss will take care of itself over time. When a day comes that you struggle just remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. You have a bunch of people love and depend on you. Do it for yourself but do it for them to.

Mistake 3 – Not eating enough calories. 

Not eating enough is not what you would call healthy way to lose weight. Your body requires a certain amount of nutrients. You are not getting enough of the required nutrients when you don’t eat the correct amount of calories.

What to do instead: The answer should be obvious. Eat the correct amount of calories required for your weight, height, and age. When you don’t take in enough calories you make your metabolism to slow down. A slow metabolism does not help you meet your goals. It will actually cause weight gain.

Bottom Line? Working to lose weight can be a challenge for many. Getting to and maintaining a healthy weight is a very realistic and achievable goal. Don’t allow food to be a stumbling block, allow food to help you. 
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