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Honey and its benefits for diabetes

Honey as a drink which is very beneficial for health in recent years has mushroomed in the community. As part of Healthy house, drinks are promoted by Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam is truly magical and nutritious treat various diseases. But there are few obstacles, whether honey is safe for consumption by people with the disease diabetes (Diabetes)? Is not honey that tastes "sweet" is precisely to improve blood sugar levels? This article hopefully will help you ..

In The Journal of Medical Food in 2004, Waili NS reported research on the effects of honey on plasma glucose, C-reactive protein (CRP), and blood lipids in healthy individuals, patients with diabetes, and the excess lipid.

Diabetes Mellitus (DM) or diabetes occurs due to a disturbance in the pancreas that produce insulin. Though insulin is needed to enter the blood glucose into cells. With this state of the blood glucose levels in people with diabetes is very high.

Research by Waili and his friends showed some results. First, in healthy people, it turns ordinary sugar (dekstose) increased plasma glucose levels 52% in the first hour and 3% in two hours, while the original honey increases plasma glucose levels of 14% in the first hour and 10% in two hours. It can be concluded that honey is only slightly improving blood sugar levels compared to other sugars. Second, ordinary sugar and artificial honey also increase triglyceride levels, whereas the original honey lowers triglycerides and increase levels of good cholesterol (HDL). Third, the honey is consumed during the 25 days it lowers total cholesterol and bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL).

In diabetic patients, honey can lower total cholesterol, LDL and CRP. Honey can be used as an alternative sweetener because in addition to a better metabolism, may also increase levels of insulin than sucrose.

From these studies, it appears that honey can reduce blood glucose levels and reduce the risk of heart disease in diabetic patients thereby replacing sweetened with raw honey (raw honey) provides many advantages.

In China, has marketed a product combination of pollen and propolis Fengzhen claimed its researchers can control blood sugar and fat. In addition, these drugs can be said also relaxes blood vessels, improving circulation to prevent complications of diabetes. The same researchers also succeeded in proving the effects of propolis in treating diabetes mellitus as well as other traditional therapies, but more rapidly in lowering blood sugar levels. Also propolis member good effect in diabetic patients with disorders of gingivitis and fungi in the mouth.

Honey is rich in complex carbohydrates and peptides that require enzymatic process that can be burned as energy. This makes honey a type of sugar "slow burn" or have a low glycemic index is not burdensome to insulin. However, some honey has a glycemic index is sufficiently large so consider what type of honey is most suitable for diabetes and cholesterol disorders.
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If in the definition of herbal medicine is explained a lot about the kinds of herbs, then the next we will discuss herbs for health because it is based on expert research on many diseases that can cure with herbs without using chemicals
And this time the discussion was "saffron transform and brain health"
and explanation as follows:...

Turmeric not only flavor the dish and bring the aroma of savory and seductive colors. A new finding reveals the benefits of turmeric for the brain.

Turmeric not only adds flavor to foods, but also beneficial to brain health. The researchers found that the spices are commonly used as spices may contain compounds that may help prevent nerve disease.

Lots of drugs derived from nature. Such as aspirin and quinine, both derived from the bark of trees, while digitalis, cardiovascular medicine, derived from the flowers. Researcher Dave Schubert of the Salk Institute in San Diego examined the turmeric, a spice commonly used, especially in South Asia and Southeast Asia, including Indonesia.

\ "If you look at the epidemiology of Alzheimer's in India, and compared with other countries, India has a rate of Alzheimer's are much lower compared to other countries, \" said Schubert.

Curcumin is believed to give protection to the brain. Curcumin is believed to give protection to the brain.

He and other researchers believe one reason is to consume turmeric may have a protective effect on the brain and nervous system. This allegation is not easy to prove, but Schubert began by examining some of the compounds of spices. He found that at least one compound, curcumin, has the effect protect the brain cells of laboratory animals with neurological injury.

Curcumin did not directly work on the brain, but rather to protect some parts of the body, how typical of medicines derived from nature.

\ "Turmeric is an antioxidant, prevents inflammation, \" said Schubert. \ "So, maybe turmeric does not necessarily indicate the effect, but rather are additive or indirect impact. \"

Schubert believes may curcumin from turmeric and other compounds can be used to actually protect the brain from traumatic brain injury, stroke or even Alzheimer's.

\ "The idea is to give drugs such as curcumin or the other before the people affected by concussion and other injuries, and drugs that might prevent or reduce the effects of those cuts, \" said Schubert. \ "So prevention is certainly a major aspect. \"

Schubert has been working with a number of scientists in several laboratories, and they have several research papers that have been published. He tried to interest the pharmaceutical industry and the military to be invited to cooperate in creating drugs from turmeric. Meanwhile, he said, certainly does not hurt to keep adding saffron in your cooking.
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Olive oil herb that many benefits for health

After a vacuum for some time, this time the author will continue the discussion on herbal remedies and on this occasion will be discussed regarding the "usefulness of olive oil for health"
one herb that is known is olive oil based on research by experts, concluded that Olive oil has many properties that prevent stroke and describes their Elderly people who consume olive oil have a lower risk of stroke than those who do not consume it, say some researchers, in a study released on Wednesday (15 / 6) in the United States.

Some of the scientists at the National Institute of Health and Medical Research in Bordeaux, France, followed a 7625 French people aged 65 years and over, from three major cities - Bordeaux, Dijon and Montpellier - for 5 years.

During the study, there were 148 people who had a stroke. The object of research was divided into several groups according to their actions using olive oil, ranging from people who do not use it at all until they are used in serving food, cooking and making bread.

When the researchers adjusted for various factors such as body weight, physical activity and diet as a whole, they found their so-called olive oil users "intensive" has a 41 percent lower risk of stroke compared with those who never consume olive oil.

"Our research shows a new series of food advice should be issued to prevent strokes in people aged 65 years and over," said study author, Cecilia Samieri, as reported by AFP.

Meanwhile Dr. Nikolaos Scarmeas, a neurologist at Columbia University Medical Center in New York who wrote an editorial published with the study, said "We need to remember this is an observational study."

The study found an association between the use of olive oil by humans and stroke risk they face, said Scarmeas told Reuters Health, which monitored ANTARA here on Thursday. But, he said, it does not necessarily translate into causality.

"People who consume olive oil may be very different from people who do not use it," said Scarmeas. Users olive oil, for example, may have a higher income, better overall eating or exercising more frequently than those who never consume olive oil.

Researchers in the new study, led by Cecilia Samieri, trying to account for those differences. And once they do,olive oil still shown to have ties to a lower risk of stroke.

But Scarmeas said that was unlikely to fully account for all the variables. What is needed, he says, is a clinical trial, the subjects were randomly assigned to use olive oil or not, and then followed its development from time to time to see who had a stroke.

Such a clinical trial is seen as the "gold standard" of medical evidence.

"Stroke is common among the elderly, and olive oil would be an easy and inexpensive way to help prevent it," said Cecilia Samieri.

The findings are published in the media journal of the American Academy of Neurology, "Neurology".

As is known, olive oil is one of the alternative drugs recommended in Islam.
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Keeping a fitness log of your success is highly motivating.  Keeping a special fitness journal is a fantastic tool to aid you in reaching your goals.  Keep a log of your workout routines and meals daily.

 You wouldn't try to drive to California from New York without a map, setting and planning your fitness goals is a road map to achieving great success.  When logging your meals write down your emotions you felt that day.  Pay attention to when you have cravings; was it when you were stressed or tired? Keeping track of your emotions will help you pinpoint what triggers cravings and knowing is half the battle.  When you know what causes you to want to overeat you can create a solution to resolve the emotional issue before it happens again.

Also write positive affirmations about how amazing you are at the top of each page. Writing positive affirmations will shift your subconscious mind to believing that what you write is real now, it will literally shift your way of thinking to do what is needed to accomplish that which you see and believe to be true. You'll soon find that you'll begin to crave healthier foods rather than junk food.

Your body is very smart and gives you exactly what you think and feel about most.  So have positive loving feelings to create the life of your dreams.

Post photos of your "thin" self or someone that inspires you.  Look at the photos everyday and visualize it as though the physique is yours now.  Then take photos of yourself each week and post them in your workout log so that you can see your progress along the way.  Photos speak much louder than words. 

I took the photos above yesterday, it's highly rewarding to see the results of my hard work and dedication to living a my LivFit Lifestyle.  We see ourselves differently in photos than we do when we look in the mirror. By keeping a log of your photos it will help keep you on track with your fitness goals.

Believe in your success!  YOU can achieve that which your heart desire taking one step at a time.  Do not overwhelm yourself with lofty goals that seem truly achievable before you even get started, by doing so you will only set yourself up for failure.  Set short term goals that you know you can keep and achieve. Then set a game plan to achieve your long term goals and follow through.

Logging your way to success is a sure fire way to accomplish your goals, and it is a great way to keep track of what did and did not work for you.  After a few months of keeping a log you will soon find that living a fit lifestyle will becomes easier and easier... it will indeed be a way of life!

Have fun training and enjoy the journey along the way.... remember, you can do it!!!
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This time there is a type of herb that is very good for digestion and stomach, because already in the know that the source of all disease comes from the stomach therefore we must always maintain the good health of our stomach ang food unhealthy lifestyle or a bad thing, but there is an herb that can be recommended to maintain the health of our stomach that is PELAWAS
Intestine is the main organ in determining a healt persons. High-fiber foods may reduce the risk of chronic disease and high cholesterol levels. This product is an herb that has a high fiber content and very good to those who face problems in the intestinal portion. Pelawas can reduce the risk of disease by reducing the transit time of food in the gastrointestinal gastrousus and help reduce LDL cholesterol levels and helps stabilize blood sugar content.

Accordingly, Pelawas act binds fats and bile ASID incurred as a waste material that will find pengamal LDL cholesterol levels will decrease after a few weeks of practice Pelawas. This product acts as a soluble fiber and Pelawas kerana it can control blood sugar levels.

Pelawas can also absorb high water content and this will facilitate the process of defecation. Pelawas can mengubati problems in the colon such as diverticulitis and irritable bowel syndrome (unclean clogged and bonded in the colon wall).

Pelawas very good for those who want to escort the excess weight levels.

This product is not suitable practiced by pregnant women.

Ingredients Ingredients: Ipmea reptans
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Again we meet in the advanced explanation of the types of herbs and this time we will explain one of the herbal drink that can be shaped in daily consumption of RADIX COFFEE
Herbal This one is kind of herbs for prevention and health maintenance and can be consumed at any time.

Savor Coffee Radix:

Eliminate Joint Pain and Back Pain
Rheumatism, arthritis and inflammation occurs which results than berpunca of temperature imbalance. Impression realize excess uric ASID ASID as a cause of gout. Radix coffee will act as a diuretic (urine multiply) by offsetting the temperature and ASID. There are many testimonials that tell the excess use of Radix can eliminate back pain and knee.

Fever Heat
Coffee Drinks Radix will want to relieve fever if taken at the initial ranking kerana material contained in Radix will increase imuniti system to kill the germs that invade the body. Action bioflavonoids will increase the longer aktiviti imuniti cells with the movement to speed up the attack. Radix coffee drinks will cause one's urine with a lot, sweating and feel thirst. The impression it made one's thirst pesakit that drinking lots of water in which the body temperature will re-stabilized.

Radix For Women
Radix has antioxidant ingredients that may memerangkapkan free radicals that cause various diseases. For women who face the problem of whiteness, melt cecair can be eliminated by just drinking coffee Radix, as well as senggugut. Radix coffee has the impression that may be issued poisoning detoxification in the liver and blood travel fix. For women the menopause, they need pytoestrogen and calcium for bones and this may be found in the Coffee Radix.

Kopi Radix To High Sugar Levels Associated Disease in Blood & Blood Pressure Not Normal
Radix also contain adequate betasitosterol and stigmasterol which acts as a hypoglycemic (lowering paras glukos). Diuretics make double strength coffee Radix also be used to treat abnormal blood pressure.

Kopi Radix herb contain adequate seven options:
1. Tongkat Ali (Aphrodisiac / antioxidant).
2. Principal Eyes coney (diuretic).
3. Principal Teja Lawang (carminative).
4. Principal Sugarcane Elephant (antidotes).
5. Principal Forest Noni (LAXATIF).
6. Halban (IMUNITI).
7. Larak Forest (cardiotonic).
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The discussion continues and is still on the types of herbs and this time we will describe one of the herbs that the earth peg(PASAK BUMI)
Herbal this one is a kind of herb that is in the interest because in addition to efficacious for health is also believed to raise the vitality of men
and for more details then refer to our explanation bellow:
Pegs of the earth or tongkat ali (scientific name: Eurycoma longifolia) is a type of tree found in the forests of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Pegs of the earth is a kind of plant which is said to have materials to help those facing the problem of lust.

Pegs so that the earth can reach a height of 10 meters in the low land forest hedge. Typically, lush leaves at the end of the rod. Most of these trees are not branched, if the branching is too little of one or two branches only. The flowers are arranged densely on branched stems, which came out from the base of the leaf.
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Continue discussion of the types of herbs before, so this time we try to decipher kakan one type of herb that is Centella asiatica

Understanding of Centella asiatica

Centella asiatica is a lot of wild plants grow in plantations, fields, road edges, and the rice field. These plants come from tropical Asian region, spread across Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, India, People's Republic of China, Japan and Australia and then spread to various other countries. Commonly known name for this plant Centella asiatica is a leaf other than the horse's legs and antanan.

Since time immemorial, gotu kola has been used for medicinal skin, nervous disorders and improve blood circulation. West Java community recognize this plant as one of the plant for vegetables.

Pegaga (Aceh), leaves hooves (Malay), ampagaga (hobo), antanan (Sunda), Gagan, Gagan, Rendeng (Java), taidah (Bali) sandanan (Irian) broken copper coin, buabok (UK), paardevoet ( Netherlands), gotu kola (India), ji xue cao (Simplified)

As for types of Centella asiatica is:

Centella asiatica is an annual herb that grows plants and flowers spread throughout the year. Plants will flourish if the land and the environment is suitable to be used as pennutup soil. Type of Centella asiatica Centella asiatica is often found is the red and green Indian pennywort. Centella asiatica, also known as red antanan antanan rock garden or as many found in the rocks, dry and open. Centella asiatica growing vine with red stolon (geragih) and has no stem, but have rhizoma (rhizome short). While green gotu kola is often found in many areas paddies and grass on the sidelines. Place a green that is preferred by kola rather damp places and open or slightly shaded. In addition, plants like Centella asiatica or antanan there are four kinds of flowers antanan, antanan beurit, antanan antanan mountains and water.


Centella asiatica is simplisianya known as Centella Herba contains asiaticoside, thankuniside, isothankuniside, madecassoside, brahmoside, brahmic acid, brahminoside, madasiatic acid, meso-inositol, centelloside, carotenoids, hydrocotylin, vellarine, tannins and mineral salts such as potassium, sodium, magnesium , calcium and iron. Allegedly triterpenoida glycoside called asiaticoside is antilepra and wound healing is remarkable. Substance vellarine is giving a bitter taste.


Centella asiatica taste sweet, be cool, has the function of cleaning the blood, blood circulation, peluruh urine (diuretic), fever (antipiretika), stop the bleeding (haemostatika), increased neural memory, anti-bacterial, tonic, antispasma, antiinflammatory, hypotensive, insecticide , allergy and stimulants. Saponin which is inhibiting the production of excessive scar tissue (inhibit the occurrence of keloids).

Other gotu kola benefits of improving blood circulation to the arms and legs; prevent varicose veins and wrong; improve memory, mental and stamina, and decreased symptoms of stress and depression. Centella asiatica on research in public hospitals surabaya dr.soetomo can be used to lower blood pressure, not decrease drastically, so suitable for elderly patients.
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The next discussion still on the types of herbs, namely Spirulina
Understanding of spirulina
Spirulina is a plant (green algae), the oldest existing on the earth 350 million years ago and is a food that contains the most complete nutrition.
So with these nutritional spirulina is one type of herb that is very popular today and many are recommended to cure various diseases or to maintain the immune system
The usefulness of spirulina is:
a.prevent cancer cell growth
b.heart disease drug
c.AIDS drug
d.increase endurance
e.lowering cholesterol
f.lowering high blood pressure,

The content in spirulina are:

>Betacarotene 25 times richer, and content contained in carrots, (Beta-carotene is natural antioxidants that are useful to combat cancer, heart disease, AIDS, virus, bacteria, and enhance the body's defense was even able to help victims of nuclear radiation
>Vitamin B12 spirulina is 25 times of that found in beef liver. B12 is important to increase energy, growth, nerve function, and internal cleansing
>The content of vitamin E-rich spirulina is 3 times more than wheat
>Spirulina is the only plant that contains (Gamma Liilonenic Acid) GLA which can help lower cholesterol and high blood pressure desease , and various other diseases. GLA, in mother's milk helps the baby's health.
>Spirulina Iron; 58 richer than spinach, and easily absorbed
>Protein Spirulina, doubled and soybean, and 3 times more than beef, fish or eggs.
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Discussion continues about the types of herbs, and this time we try to parse one type of herb called PROPOLIS

Definition of propolis

Propolis, or bee glue is a substance produced by honey bees. Collected by bees from the tip of young leaves and then mixed with saliva, are used for patching and sterilize the hive. Propolis is a disinfectant (anti bacterial) that kills all the germs that enter the hive. covering the nest with bee propolis to protect all who are in the nest is from the invasion of germs, viruses, or bacteria, for example: queen bees, eggs, baby bees and honey. Natural disinfectant properties contained in propolis are powerful in killing bacteria, as evidenced by the finding of a rat in a nest of bees that had been dead for about 5 years in a state of decay.

Propolis usefulness for humans is:
>Supplementation; contain substances that are needed to build immunity and
activate the thymus gland.
-All vitamins except vitamin K
-All of the minerals needed by the body unless sulfur
-16 Essential Amino Acid chain required for cell regeneration.
-Bioflavonoids, which is an anti-oxidant as a supplement to the cell.
-According to research, the content of Bioflavonoids on a drop of propolis
produced the equivalent of bioflavonoids from citrus fruit 500.
>Natural medicine; contain active substances that function as drugs for various
diseases. The function of treatment include the following:
-As an antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal as well as naturally without
side effects.
-Diseases associated with bacteria, such as: typhoid, diarrhea / vomiting
and so forth. Can also to smell armpits are very disturbing, because in
the armpit crease contained bacteria or fungi that cause odor.
-Diseases associated with viruses, such as: dengue fever, flu, tuberculosis
and so on.
-Diseases associated with fungi, for example: eczema, skin fungus, vaginal
discharge, dandruff, and so forth.
-Anti-inflammatory (infection and injury), such as: ulcers, wounds, sore
throat, toothache, inflammation of the kidneys, bruises, burn and so forth.
-As an anti-cancer and mutagenesis of cells, for example: cancer, tumors,
prime, cysts, and so forth.
-Serves to cleanse and detoxify the blood vessels or the disposal of toxins,
such as uric acid, cholesterol, trigliserin, high blood pressure, heart
disease, stroke, diabetes mellitus and so forth.

Many experts think about propolis and uses, including:
#John Diamond MD, propolis is able to activate the thymus gland that functions
as a system of body immunity.
#Ray Kupinsel; propolis as a natural anti-biotic is able to fight many diseases
without side effects
#Professor Arnold Becket, propolis is able to cure many diseases caused by
viruses, bacteria and fungi.
#Russia Research Team (Russia Research Team); in propolis is a natural anti
biotic and anti-viral, vitamins, amino acids, minerals that are highly
effective for diseases of the mouth, throat.
#Dr. Chu Fang (doctors in China Hospital Lien Yu Kang), propolis is useful for
diseases of high fat content in the blood and heart disease.
#Columbia Cancer Research Institute, 1991; in propolis are substances that
function CAPE deadly cancer cells. With regular use of substances CAPE for 6
months to reduce cancer by 50%.
#Magazine Kivalkina anti biotic VP, propolis is effective to the infection
without limit expires.
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Weight loss is an attainable goal for anyone who has the desire to improve their quality of life.  You can have a slim physique regardless of age, gender or size.  If you're tired of be overweight and exhausted all the time then now is the time to take your health & happiness into your own hands.

It all begins with the desire for change.  To take the first step on your weight loss journey you must dig deep and answer the question "Why?" 

 Why do you want to live a healthier life?  Do you want to lose weight for you or is someone else pushing you to lose a few pounds?  If you're trying to lose weight because someone is pressuring you to, it will be next to impossible.  You may lose weight, but you will most likely gain it all back plus a few more pounds once the pressure to lose weight is eased.  You have to do it for You! 


The first step to successful weight loss is to truly believe that you are well deserving to have a healthy strong body.  You must acknowledge this and realize that you are incredible just as you are now. You have to believe in you to attain your goals with less effort, and that you are praisworthy of achieving great success. 

You need to set goals that reflect your own personal desires ~ not your parent's, spouse or friend's. You need to discover your own truth and beauty that you were born with.  Change comes from within.  By having loving thoughts of yourself, rather than negative, you will begin to reclaim your power and you will find your innerstrength to have the willpower to create the body of your dreams.

We all have our ups and downs, I do too.  When I'm really fatigued I can easily fall into a self pity party mentality and can mindlessly let my "eating clean" guard down.  It's not a fun road to be on that's for sure, but when I do get off track and fall off the wagon I realize it, then regroup my thoughts and emotions, and get right back on track that will enable me to accomplish my fitness goals and dreams.


Emotions are very powerful in many ways.  You can either make or break your fitness diet plan with just your emotions and attitude alone.  It's important not to brush your feelings under the rug, take note of how you feel and deal with them. 

If you have jealousy, resentment, anger, fear or frustrations towards yourself or anyone else, these emotions will block your energy fields which will make you feel tired, stressed and depressed.  Let those feelings go!  Having negative feelings only harms You, not the person you are mad at.  

Instead of having yucky feelings all the time for something that happened in the past, see those whom you perceived to have hurt you in one way or another as a gift in your life to teach you what you don't want. 

See the good in them, then forgive & forget. Choose to allow the memories that upset you to subside.  As you practice this daily you will find that your spirit will be lifted, you'll have tons more energy and you will be friendlier to those you come in contact with.  Your energies will shift from a low, negative frequency to a high, vibrant full of life frequency, which creates feelings of love, joy & gratitude.

YOU need to consciously choose to be happy and to have thoughts of creation and gratitude for your body as it is now.  By being thankful and positive about yourself you will have a firm foundation to reach your goals.  It truly all begins from within. 


I have a dear friend who recently contacted me explaining that she and her sweet husband took my LivFit Lifestyle to heart and decided to eat healthier foods and to exercise daily.  They improved their lives in remarkable ways.  Their decision to lose weight and eat healthy foods has improved their health and personal happiness immensely.  Here is what she had to say...

Hey cutie, I had to tell you that Rick has now lost a total of 60 pounds!!! I have lost 30, and now exercise every day. I do weights and cardio. I am following your eating plan, and working to overcome my food addiction :) Whenever I feel a little discouraged, I look at your picture, say a prayer, and trust that I too can improve my quality of life. I thank God that he allowed our paths to cross! As we both know, the greatest teacher is example. That is what Christ did while here on the earth. He lived his beliefs, and here we are today, following his example. One day this summer I will bring Shakiya out to visit you and Xander :) Love ~ Shane.. 6/5/11

I'm so proud of Shane & Rick!  They are on a golden path of longevity and happiness that they can embrace throughout their life. They're not living on a diet, they're living my LivFit Lifestyle! 

It's an awesome feeling to set fitness and weight loss goals and then achieve them slowly, one by one.  Always remember it's not about the destination but the journey and the beautiful life lessons learned along the way.  It's truly the most amazing gift that only you can give yourself.


If losing weight seems too overwhelming then begin with baby steps.  You don't have to jump in with both feet, just take one step at a time. 

Start with your food choices and portion size.  Eat frequently, aim for 5 to 6 small meals a day.  Eat every 3 hours to jump-start and keep your metabolism burning optimally. 

A portion size for protein & complex carbs (not simple carbs) is about the size of the palm of your hand.  Try to have lean protein such as whey protein powder, chicken, tuna, fish, lean red meats or egg (whites) with each meal.

Stay away from sugars, sodium and processed foods.  Read the labels, many foods have hidden sugars and sodium, always, always make it a habbit to read nutritional labels.  By eliminating these foods alone you'll lose weight quickly, even without exercise.

Sugar will not only spikes your insulin level but it can damage your heart and creates belly fat as well.  It also causes your body to crash soon after leaving you feeling tired and lethargic, which ultimately will cause a viscous cycle of wanting more sugar for energy.

 Watch for hidden sugars in fruit juices, sauces, condiments, soups and in cereals to name a few.  Always read nutritional labels, if it has more than 5 grams of sugar per serving, don't eat it!

Be more active and try to move more.  You don't have to do cardio and lift weights right off the bat,  you can move more in your everyday life.  Park farther away from your destination and take the stairs when you can.  Moving more will increase your metabolism and you'll feel better too.


Begin today to believe in you!  Believe that you are deserving to attain your goals. Believe that you can do it!  Then set 3 small short-term goals each week, make a game plan and follow through. 

If you fall off the "healthy eating" wagon, that's okay, just brush yourself off and reassure yourself that you ate poorly for just ONE meal! Don't give up, just regroup and move forward keeping your mind laser focused on your goals. Before you know it you will be much closer to reaching your weight loss & fitness goals, then at last you will be victorious!

Embrace Your Journey to Success!  
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See you again with us to try to explain about the types of herbs and their benefits, if yesterday had been peeled definition of herbal medicine and a little known type of herb, so this time we will continue these discussions, just type next herb is:
Tea parasite
According to the language of Loranthus tea is tea that is derived from the leaves of mistletoe or parasite.this plants is often called a branch or twig growing on plants that are bully plants .But who knows if it turns out these nuisance plants have good content and benefit to human health in particular.
The drug content contained in this tea parasite is:
Contain flavonoid compounds useful as drugs
developing anti-cancer inhibitor of cancer cells

This content is needed by our bodies to avoid the development of cancer cells, because as we know the food we eat every day are not 100% good for our bodies, sometimes the food we eat the less healthy it can lead to cancer, the herbs of this type can in consumption in order to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.
>Inhibiting cancer cell
>Shed urine
>Enlarging the heart arteries
>Preventing osteoporosis
>As an anti-inflammatory

This our explanation of this one type of herb, may be useful and i hope we are always in a healthy state.
And the wait is always explanation us about the types of herbal
thank you
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After the initial posting we tried to analyze what is the definition of herbal madicine, then on a post this time we will try to explore different types of herbs that are widespread in society, we have immediate start:
Habbatusauda in the sense of language in different countries are as follows:
Arabic -> Habbatus Sauda ', Habbatul Baraka, Kamun Aswad
Armenia -> Shoushma
Estonia -> Mustkoomen
India -> Kalounji
English -> Nigella, Love in a mist. Fennel Flower, Onion Seed.
Italy -> Nigella
Germany -> Zwibelsame, Schwarzkummel
Canada -> Korijigi
Norway -> Svartkave
France -> cheveux de Venus, Aligelle
Russia -> Chamustika
Spain -> Niguilla, Pasionara
Tamil -> Karun Jiragam
Turkey -> Corekotu Siyah
Indonesia -> Black Cumin
In a general sense is a grain in the trust had centuries to cure various diseases both mild to severe and chronic illnesses ......
The efficacy of habbatusauda among others:
a.Preventing the increase in blood sugar and blood clotting
b.Reducing the amount of cholesterol and fatty acids
c.Circulation of blood and urinary organs
d.Contains anti-bacterial, omega 3,6,9 and as anti-oxidants
e.Improve the function of the digestive system organs
f.Accelerating recovery after bruise
g.Cleans toxins from the body and protect normal cells from virus destroyer
h.Destroy tumor cells and stabilize cell membranes
i.Helps reduce allergy and facilitate breastfeeding
j.Improve memory (strengthen brain cells)
k.Relief of pain at the time of menstruation (coming months)
l.Helping launch the respiratory tract, etc
Maybe so we're trying to explain about the types of herbs for the moment, for other types of herbs will be peeled in next posting. I hope to bring benefits
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