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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! What a fun time of year. My kids are really looking forward to an awesome day. They get to wear their costumes to school. I love to watch the enthusiasm in their eyes and the extra little jump in each step. We carved pumpkins last night, each of them made their own design, they all turned out adorable! We're having really warm weather. For the first time that I can remember we were outside looking at the jack-o-lanterns light up without jackets on. It was wonderful! Too bad it can't last, but at least we've been blessed to have nice weather for this long.

For those of you that love sugar today will be a day of great temptation. But do not fear, you can have a trick or two up your sleeve to ward off those haunting treats. Remember nothing tastes as good as thin feels! Literally! Visualize yourself saying, "No, thank you." When people offer you a sugaring treat you really can say "No, thank you." You won't offend them, they won't care if you eat it or not. But you'll feel proud and more self confident by honoring yourself and your goals.

Be sure to take extra cRave with you today. Have a stash in your car or purse to be well prepared when you go to a social gathering. Just before you leave for a party tonight take some cRave along with a big swig of Liv SXinney water. That will help give you the willpower to say no and to stay focused on your goals. If you really want a treat have a protein bar instead. It will taste like a candy bar but without the fat and empty calories. And if you choose to have some candy have 1 or 2 bite size rather than a bunch throughout the day. Remember if you fall off the wagon and give in to all of the high calorie, high fat goodies today you'll wake up feeling awful both physically and mentally. No one likes to hit the rock bottom lows after indulging in candy. Its just not worth it!

Be true to yourself - especially today! Have a fantastic time enjoying Halloween by staying on your LivFit Lifestyle plan. Trust me, you'll be glad you did!

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If you don't exercise as you should then do your body a favor and feed it the fuel its craving. Which is whole nutritious foods. Eat whole grains, whole wheat pasta, clean protein, lentils, fresh fruits & veggies and drink plenty of filtered water.

Try to eat at at least 3 servings of veggies and fruits a day along with eating clean protein with each meal to build strong muscles and burn fat. And as always drink Liv SXinney all day long. Liv Sxinney will balance the body and keep it in an alkaline ph balance, which will ward off illness, stress and disease.

By feeding the body whole foods it will do wondrous things for you. You'll have more energy, look younger, spend less time in the doctors office, have healthier skin & hair and you'll feel fantastic! So think twice about what you put in your mouth. As I always say if God didn't make it don't eat it! :)
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Wow! It sure has been a busy day. We're finishing up a custom home for my sister right now, it turned out absolutely gorgeous!!! When it's fully completed I'll take pictures and post them on my blog. I'm excited for my sisters family to move in soon. It's such a beautiful home, I'm really happy for her.

I've also been running around doing Liv Sxinney too. I met with an awesome friend named Alisha for lunch today. We had a wonderful time together. It turns out that she has already signed up for Liv Sxinney under my top sponsor. I didn't realize that when we met. I ran into Alisha at the gas station and remembered her from a restaurant I had recently been to. It turns out that we have a lot in common. We're going to start working together now. I love synchronicity! :)

I hear people say all the time that they don't have time for exercise. I can totally understand that, life really can be so busy. So if you're one of those extra busy people here are some ways to incorporate exercise into your every day routine.

1. Park your car far away from the building you're going to. Then walk briskly to your destination to burn a few extra calories along the way.

2. Take the stairs. If you work above the main floor by all means, take the stairs! And when you do (if you have good knees) take two steps at a time as quickly as you can. By doing so you'll feel your glutes, hamstrings, and quads getting tighter and tighter over time.

3. Clean your house! Turn up the tunes and dance to the music while cleaning. Vacuum quickly, mop well, and dust the entire home all on the same day. And of course always take your stairs two steps at a time.

4. Walk to the mail box. How many times do you pick up your mail in your car? Next time take a walk and get some fresh air. You'll feel refreshed and re-energized by doing so.

5. Walk your kids to school. If your children walk to school, put on your gym shoes and walk with them. You'll have one-on-one bonding time and you'll get fit along the way.

6. Do yard work. Mow your own lawn and weed your garden weekly. It's not only incredible exercise but it's highly therapeutic too!

7. Make-up Exercises. When putting on your make-up or blow drying your hair do what I call Make-up exercises. You can do leg curls (to lift your behind), calve raises, side leg raises, squats and lunges (before getting dressed). I do these exercises every morning while getting ready for the day. You can get a good work out without stepping into the gym.

8. Sweep your sidewalks and gutters. Keeping your sidewalks & gutters clear of dirt will not only make it safer for your children while they're at play but will also give your home added curb appeal. Sweeping will strengthen your upper and lower body at the same time. So clean up an burn off the fat!

9. Walk your dog. Your pets need exercise too. Grab your leash and head for some fresh air. You'll not only feel stronger by doing so but you'll also be able to clear your mind as well.

10. Wake up 15 minutes earlier. If you really want to change your physique then you have to prioritise your goals. I suggest waking up 15 minutes earlier each day and exercise. In the beginning it may seem daunting but after awhile you'll see the results of your efforts and will want to increase your time. And then before you know it you'll be getting up 30 minutes earlier and then an hour to insure you get your exercising in for the day.

Make time for exercise each day. Be sure to make it a priority! Use some of these simple ideas to help jump start your LivFit Lifestyle. Be sure to drink Liv SXinney all day long. By incorporating more physical activities & drinking Liv SXinney you'll find that you'll have more energy and you'll begin to shed those unwanted pounds. Living a fit lifestyle is an awesome feeling. So get up, get moving and live life! :)
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Here are the pics from the expo as promised from last weekend. Irene, Paul, Lucy & I had a ball working together. It was seriously so fun to meet the amazing people that were drawn to our Liv Sxinney booth. I've never sold a product before because I haven't believed in one enough to promote it - until Now!

I'm passionate about sharing Liv Sxinney with all I can because of the incredible health benefits. Most people today are in need of weight loss. Taking care of our bodies is rewarding on so many levels. Every single person I know who drinks it daily and actually gives it time to work has had phenomenal results. I cherish the opportunities I have in helping others improve their health, nutrition and fitness. I'm all about teaching people to understand the importance of balancing the mind, body & spirit. And Liv Sxinney is the only weight loss product that balances the body, its amazing! The PH is 8.5 - which is incredible! So promoting Liv Sxinney is very, very easy for me, because I believe in it. I live what I teach and I teach what I live. Check out these great videos from Zxoom &
Liv SXinney rocks! I'm deeply grateful to have it in my life and to have made such incredibly awesome friends along the way. Life really is so good! I'm looking forward to doing another expo very soon! :)
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I'm embarrassed to say but I haven't had a professional family photo taken since my oldest son was a baby, until last week. My amazing neighbor is a phenomenal photographer and she was kind enough to do a trade with us. You can see her work at My husband fixed her computer awhile back and in return she did out photos. I was so pleased with them that I had to share them. We seriously had so much fun! I'm taking my fitness training to the next level, I'm putting together a web site and I've asked Jess to be my photographer for all my pics. I adore her and am so grateful to have her as my dear friend and neighbor.

I did an expo last weekend was very slow due to UEA weekend. Considering we still did well and signed up 2 people to be Liv Sxinney distributor's and got 30 good leads. Irene and I had a ball together. I love her so much! My family stayed the weekend too. They were in heaven swimming and playing with dad while I was working. It was great to have a retreat but it was equally as fun to come home to our animals. We came home a day early because we missed Chance, our dog and of course our horses. They're part of our family too. We love them so much.
While we were on our little get-a-way I decided to enjoy some treats. I basically decided to rewarded myself for accomplishing my fitness goals that I had set. So I did! But in the end I had way too many dark chocolate m&m's (yummy). After a few weeks of eating really clean I gave myself the okay to eat the m&m's I brought for my kids. Unfortunately I ate too many (as it often goes). Regretably I now have to get back on track and repair the damage. It's good to eat a treat now and again both for your body and your mind. It was fun to feel free that way - but I have to say again NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS THIN FEELS! And boy did I remind myself of that this weekend! ;)
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It's such a beautiful day here in Utah. It makes for a happy, cheerful morning. Well, my family is heading up to What A Woman Wants Expo in Park City today. We're running a booth today and tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to sharing the Liv SXinney products with those that attend. I'm doing it with Irene, my dear Sxinney Sister, we're going to have a ball I'm sure. I'll take lots of pictures and I'll post some after the weekend. My kids have school off until next Tuesday for fall break so we're going to make a weekend of it. We're all thrilled to get away and enjoy some R&R (well my family will anyway). I've set my intention on attracting business builders and those who sincerely want to lose weight and improve their health. Liv Sxinney is the most amazing product I've EVER tried - literally! I've study health and nutrition for the past 15 years and I have yet to see a product that not only assists in weight loss in a safe way, but also improve both physical and mental health. I've found a gold mine! I'm incredibly grateful to have Liv Sxinney in my life.

Liv SXinney and Go is the perfect combination for fat loss. Liv SXinney and Go ROCK! This morning I tested my body fat percentage and I'm down 5%!!!!! I'm one happy camper. I haven't felt this lean in a long time. My abs are intense and my obliques are shredded. I'm telling you what if you're serious about improving your physique and want a higher quality of life then you must take Liv SXinney & Go! I love, love, love them! It's amazing how much change I've seen in such a short amount of time!!!! Yea! Gotta love it!

Well, I'm off. I'm looking forward to a very active and playful weekend! :)
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To build lean, sexy muscles you need to focus on each muscle you're working when weight training. If you go to the gym and chit chat with your friends as you lift you will not see results as quickly. On the other hand if you focus on your biceps and engage your mind as you lift and see them as rock solid then your mind will tell your muscles to work harder and recover sooner.

It's scientifically proven that the power of the mind is incredibly powerful. See yourself as you want to be. Speak positively to yourself daily. And really focus on your muscles when you're working out. Feel the burn and watch your body transform before your very eyes. There's nothing more rewarding than experiencing the ultimate benefits of your hard heart pounding workouts! It's exhilarating! So remember to focus, focus, focus! Always engage your mind when lifting weights! It's well worth your time & effort to do it right.
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Begin Your Transformation Today!!!!

It's been a great morning. I woke up feeling happy and well. Last weekend was soooo much fun!!! Matthew and I had such a blast together. We went shopping all day Saturday. We were having such a great time together that we decided to extend our date. We spontaneously booked a hotel and stayed the night in Salt Lake. Our kids were excited for us to get away, they could see how much happy we were. And boy did we have a ball! I'll never forget last weekend that's for sure. I'm grateful I married my best friend. He's such an amazing husband, I love him more than words are able to express.

So the other day my dear, dear friend called and asked for some fitness advice. I was grateful for the opportunity to assist her in achieving her fitness goals. I thought it would be beneficial to share how to begin reaching your body transformation dreams. Who doesn't want a lean, sexy body! After all, we were all meant to have lean healthy bodies, not frumpy, overweight bodies. If you truly love your body as it is right now and speak kindly to yourself your transformation will happen much more quickly and easily.

Here is what I wrote in an email to my friend...

Okay, for your fitness routine here is a rundown of what I want you to do. Keep in mind each time I give you a list of workouts it will be different to achieve maximum results. I’m all about looking fit and sexy. After all, life is meant to be full of abundance in every area of our lives – including our physical body.

First of all I would like you write down 5 positive affirmations & 5 fitness goals focusing on your physique. Write them and see yourself as though you have already accomplished them. Be sure to love and thank you body each day for being the best it can be. Write your goals on paper (do not type them) so that your subconscious can go right to work on accomplishing your goals. It’s awesome how powerful our minds are, we are truly creators, so why not create the body of our dreams!

After you write your goals and affirmations (be sure to read them aloud daily) get the Body for Life book and put a star by the exercises you enjoy doing. Then use the book examples when working out until the exercise forms are memorized. Good form is crucial. Always workout in front of a mirror to insure you are doing the movements correctly. Alternating days as we discussed do upper and lower body weight training 3 times a week. Be sure to weight train prior to cardio to use up your glycogen stores. Then do interval cardio to burn fat. And always take Go just before working out. Remember we want to train smart to achieve a long, lean physique sooner.

After selecting the exercises do 4 sets of 16 reps the first week then do 20 reps the second week, alternating each week. Start out with a 5 to 10 minute warm up. After you’re warmed up stretch the muscles groups to be worked. You can tear your muscles and cause injury if you do not warm up and stretch prior to your workouts. I always start out with lower weights (dumbbells) for the first two sets and heavier for the second two sets. Be sure to do chest, triceps, biceps, & back in order then repeat the same set sequence until you have finished your 4 sets. Go from one exercise to the next with little mini breaks in between if needed. And then finish your workout with stretching again. If you have time or choose to do cardio the same day as weights do so after weight training. Finish with 20 minute interval training following 10 minutes cool down. After strength training/cardio don’t forget to drink a recovery drink directly after your finished. The recovery drink is just as essential as eating clean. If you only do cardio wait 1 hour before drinking a recovery drink. During that hour your body will burn your glycogen stores. And before you know it you’ll begin to see beautiful, lean muscles in the mirror. It’s awesome!

Follow these guidelines and change your exercise routine weekly to shock your muscles. Your body is amazing gift. It has muscle memory, if you do the same exercises day after day your body will not burn fat as quikly and your physique remain the same. So mix it up, exercise daily and believe in your dreams! Dreams really do come true, if you believe!
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Just think of something
that would be "wonderful"
if it were only "possible."
Then set out to make it possible.
A single idea can transform a life,
a business, a nation, a world.
Imagination is the beginning
of creation. You imagine what you desire,
you will what you imagine and at last you
create what you will. (I love this quote!!!)
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Wow! I can't believe its already October! Where has the time gone??? I'm actually looking forward to 2009, this year has been rough with the down slope of the economy. It will be nice to have it behind us once and for all. I'm really looking forward to a highly profitable new year! I'm grateful for all that I have learned this year. Through the difficult times I turned to Heavenly Father for guidance and protection. I'm thankful for the answers to my many heartfelt prayers. As a home builder we were unfortunate and lost a lot of money on our spec home. At the time it was terrifying and caused me to stress and worry. Each day was a different emotional day. At times I was strong and filled with faith, and other I was down and fearful. But in the end as it always does, it all worked out. We learned many valuable lessons, resulting in making me stronger, wiser and more grateful for who I am today. As I said before, I welcome 2009 with enthusiasm for a bright future! Life really is so good!!!
Normally I'm sad when summer comes to an end, but I have to say that we've had the most amazing weather lately. Its been in the high 80's all week! I've been outside soaking up the sunshine as much as possible. Too bad it can't last longer. I look at the beautiful weather as a gift from above. I'm still out riding my horses in short sleeves - I'm loving it! And because the weather is cooling down slowly it enriches the warm feelings of fall. I love the smell of autumn's crisp air. It's fun to bake yummy foods for my children and to spend more time together indoors as a family. My kids love playing together, it warms my heart to hear them laugh and enjoy each other.

Yesterday was loads of fun. I was lucky enough to go horse back riding twice!!! How lucky am I! :) I went with my dear friend Jennifer in the morning. That's her in the picture, that was three years ago. We're definitely kindred spirits. We met while boarding our horses (before I had my barn). We became friends instantly, she's such a light in my life. We have so much fun together. She actually had to sell her horse, Kid, it was sad. But luckily Page adores her. We get together often to ride. She rode Page and I rode Flash yesterday, we were all in heaven together. Then in the evening I rode Page with my "oldest daughter" Lindsey, she rode her horse, Ellie. She's boarding her horse here. Her mom, Angie, is one of my best friends, they're the family that moved into my neighborhood this summer from Chicago. I've loved having them home again. I have to admit I am one blessed girl!
I read an awesome article called 11 Small Tricks for Big Weight Loss. It was great so I had to share it with you. Go to Add some Liv Sxinney, Go, & cRave and you'll have it made! Portion control is the most important aspect of living a longer, healthier life. Most people don't realize how essential it is to eat less. Our bodies don't like a lot of food at once, it can only digest a certain amount of calories at one time. Over eating bogs the body down and makes you feel yucky - so why over eat? Its just not worth it. As I always say, "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!" So eat less, play more, and give love today. Then pay attention to how much more vigor and zest for life you feel. Its simple and highly rewarding.
Well, I'm off to take my kids to school. I'm looking foreword to a very happy, relaxing day!
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