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4 Calorie-Burning Foods

In addition to the water body also needs calories to produce energy to perform normal daily activities. Calories also keep the organs functioning properly. But with the benefits that calories can also cause problems if the amount is excessive in the body, one of the problems generated is overweight.

People sometimes do not realize that they have consumed more calories than the normal range (2,000 cal / day), so that there is obesity became a problem in almost every one. One way to burn calories is to exercise, in addition you can also make it more effective combustion process by consuming the kind of food you can consume each day, especially at breakfast and dinner. There are 4 types of food, as quoted from Boldsky.

1. Fruits that contain lots of vitamin c
Fruits rich in vitamin C such as orange, lemon or lime juice has nutrients that can stimulate the amino acid carnitine, amino acids that play an important role in the process of burning calories. Eat oranges, strawberries, guava fruit rich in vitamin C or more 1-2 hours after meals to prevent the buildup of excess calories.

2. Salmon

Fish with savory flavors and 'sweet' is multiply the production of leptin, a hormone that is in charge of controlling the desire to eat and help you lose weight more effectively. Salmon is also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which helps them to control blood sugar levels so that hunger can be controlled as well as caloric intake.

3. Chili
Chili is one of the best foods to burn calories. The content of capsaicin in chili peppers can increase metabolism, which makes the process more effective calorie burning. The combustion process typically lasts 20 minutes after eating chili. But remember, do not eat spicy food too much because it can be harmful to the stomach. When feeding, add a few slices of fresh chili or chili powder to your diet.

4. Honey
A wise choice if you replace sugar with honey as a sweetener in foods or beverages. Honey is an excellent material to increase your metabolism - which in turn stimulate the burning of calories and excess body weight. Add honey to the top of whole wheat bread or mixed with hot tea for breakfast.
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