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Some Exercises Tat Can Be Done By People With Cancer

Exercise is a routine activity that must be done to anyone. But for people who have cancer have some type of exercise that can help. Cancer patients are also recommended to exercise, but how may differ depending on the conditions and treatment of diseases that have been done. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments are cumulative, which means more and more treatments available will make a person feel even more tired.

A. aerobics
Aerobic exercise such as walking, cycling and running can keep the heart rate, increase muscle mass, decrease fat and increase metabolism. This is because maintaining a healthy weight can reduce the risk of developing cancer or recurrent. Aerobics also help people feel better during cancer treatment and improve recovery after surgery.
B. strength training
Chemotherapy can cause a woman to lose bone density faster, so strength training can increase muscle and fight the loss of muscle mass. To do strength training that will help a person maintain bone density. But if you want to do weight training, you should consult your physician first.
C. balance exercises
Some drugs used for cancer treatment can disrupt the balance, and for those who do chemotherapy only takes one fall to break a bone. Therefore, balance exercises should be a routine part of sports. Simple exercises like walking in a narrow place, putting one foot in front of others.
D. stretching exercises
Stretching exercises can help strengthen the area so it can regain its mobility. However, patients should consult with your physician before undergoing stretching exercises.
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