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Some Exercises That Can Nourish The Eye

Eye exercises can help strengthen your eyes, to avoid the use of visual aids alias glasses. Eye exercises are needed to avoid the use of glasses. In fact, people with cylindrical eye, convergence insufficiency and weak eye muscles can feel the great benefits of eye exercises. Doing eye exercises not only improve vision, but also can reduce problems caused by eye strain, such as headaches. eye exercises do not require a long time and can be done almost anywhere.

1. Focus and Relax for 20 minutes
This exercise can help the eye to focus and relax when you're feeling tense. To perform this exercise, you simply set the time to do certain things within 20 minutes, for example, to see certain objects for 20 minutes. For every 20 minutes to do tasks that are uniform, then take 20 seconds to concentrate on other objects within at least 20 feet (6 meters) from you.
2. Rotate the eye
Similarly, the stretching of the shoulder or leg, rotating the eyeball can make your eyes relax again. This exercise can also improve circulation, which also allows increased amounts of nutrients and oxygen flow to the eye area. Rotate the eye exercises can be done sitting or lying position. Open your eyes and turn it clockwise at least 20 times. Blinking a few times and then repeat by turning the eyes in the opposite direction.
3. Focusing distance
Exercises focus on the distance to repair and rebuild your vision. After all this time the eyes focus on objects at close range, such as viewing a computer, television, documents or other objects, take a few minutes every day for the room which allows your eyes to see with a focus on distant objects. This exercise can keep your eyes become disabled or wearing sunglasses.
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