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The Most Deadly Type Of Cancer

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. WHO estimates, 84 million people died from cancer in 2005 and 2015 timeframe. Cancer can be suffered by anyone regardless of age, gender and social status.
Most cases of cancer usually occur because the habits and unhealthy lifestyle. But by modifying your lifestyle, at 30 percent risk of cancer can be prevented. Welcoming the world of cancer, the WHO announced a 5 (five) types of cancer that is ranked top with the highest death toll:

1. Lung cancer (1.4 million deaths)
This is the most deadly type of cancer for both men want any woman. Each year, more people who died of lung cancer than breast cancer, colon, and prostate cancer (even though all three combined). Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer. The more cigarettes you suck every day and the earlier you start smoking, the greater the risk of lung cancer. There is no evidence that smoking low-tar with a reduced risk of lung cancer.
2. Stomach cancer (740 000 deaths)
Some types of cancer known to affect the stomach. Adenocarcinoma is the most common type of cancer to the stomach. Development of cancer is generally found in the lining of the stomach. Over time, the presence of cancer is starting to fade. Experts think this decline may be triggered due to lifestyle changes such as reducing salt intake and smoking.
3. Liver cancer (700,000 deaths)
In most cases, the cause of liver cancer caused by cirrhosis, which is the end result of chronic liver damage caused by chronic liver disease. Alcohol abuse is the most common cause of cirrhosis of the liver.
4. Colorectal cancer (610 000 deaths)
Colorectal cancer can begin to grow from the large intestine (colon) or rectum (end of colon). Initially, nearly all colorectal cancers are benign (polyps), but over time develop into cancer. This cancer is a type of cancer the world's third largest in terms of number of sufferers. Colorectal cancer is also the number two cause of death of two worlds, in which the age factor influences.
5. Breast cancer (460 000 deaths)
Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that grows in the breast tissue. Cancer can begin to grow in the milk glands, milk ducts, fatty tissue and connective tissue in the breast. Currently breast cancer is still the number one killer disease in women.
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