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Set The Mindset To Get A Slim Body

Discouraged by the effort to lose weight is not too successful? The problem may exist in your mind that one of the food.

Keep in mind, women think about food more than 200 times a day. And mostly, the desire to eat (out of hours should be) triggered an emotional problem.

Usually negative interpersonal communication has been established since childhood and developed and attached to adult. That is why many women often feel dissatisfied with her body shape and dieting is often unsuccessful.

One key to successful dieting is to change the thinking about food through meditation. Puddicombe guarantee with a simple exercise routine, you can get away from the desire to overeat due to emotional factors (eating because of sad, angry, happy or upset). To begin with, must first know what type of food thinker like you? How diet affects the mind and what a way to solve it?

1. The Nibblers
You really like to snack, and it can not stop all day even though the stomach is hungry or not. You refuse to follow a healthy diet because you have to think how to eat well. The Nibblers always thinking, what's next snack to eat? As a result, your body can be problematic because of eating too much and often.

The solution: If the habit of snacking is difficult to avoid, you do not need to eliminate them. Plan your meals a day three times a day, plus two healthy snacks (fruit slices, carrots or wheat crackers). Stay disciplined with the pattern you made and do not rule it out.

2. The Gorger
Although he was desperate to lose weight, you still eat unhealthy ways such as eating a large serving of junk food or fast food. Make your diet never worked or the results are not long. A diet like this, usually triggered by emotional factors. You tend to eat more when lonely, anxious or distracted.

The solution: Be diligent exercise. Physical activity will increase your confidence and train the brain to think of food as sustenance, not a gift.

3. The Diet Junkie
Atkins, occupation, cabbage soup, you always follow the trend type of diet. Regardless of nutritional content, you rely on one or two types of food as the only 'tool' for slimming. The problem, lack of nutrients will make the body is in 'protective mode'; make you always feel unsatisfied and guilty.

The solution: Stop thinking that extreme dieting can make you achieve perfect physical form. Change with a balanced diet and eating less.

4. The Binger
You have a strong desire to discipline a healthy diet and consume 90 percent of healthy foods. But self-control you can suddenly change because of certain situations, and culminate with the consumption of foods high in sugar. You could have a healthy diet in the everyday, but once attended a party, desire to eat unhealthy food so out of control. Afterwards, you will feel guilty and ashamed.

The solution: Do not be too tight with a healthy diet that you do. It's okay to occasionally snack cake, chocolate, potato chips or your other favorite foods. But the limit only once a week, for example at weekends. That way, you can still enjoy favorite foods and do not go crazy when there is abundance of good food at an event.

5. The Zombie
Your eating habits and meals than it should, and not too interested in what goes into the mouth. You eat lots of processed foods that are nutrient poor. Importantly, the desire to eat a full stomach and satisfied.

The solution: Stop eating in front of the TV or desk. Use some time to think about it, what food goes into your mouth. Eat healthy foods and enjoy every suapannya.

6. The Comfort Eater
You eat for emotional reasons, to use food to distract the pain and sadness. Food makes you feel much better - but only for a while. When people eat because of emotional factors, it tends to eat food high in calories because it tastes better. The result, any excess calories and fat to accumulate.

The solution: Before you begin eating, paused for 10 seconds to finalize the mind. This will help you ignore the commands of the brain to eat when you do not really feel hungry.
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