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Lose Weight By Eating Raisins

Dried fruit of this one is very healthy. It is sweet, crisp and slightly chewy texture. This food comes from fresh grapes in the dry and can be eaten directly. Eat raisins can cause stomach appears quickly satiated.

Raisins are dried grapes, can be eaten directly or mixed in pastry and cuisine. Fruit is often used fresh green grapes or red. In the 11th century BC raisins introduced in Europe by the Mediterranean race.

The sweet taste of sugar because it contains high enough. If stored longer sugar in raisins will form crystals. This process causes the rough texture of raisins and a bit chewy.

A study conducted by the California Raisin Marketing Board, a link between weight gain by eating raisins. There are 26 respondents, male and female normal weight. Their average age of 8-11 years.

Research done for three months. Children randomly assigned to eat a few raisins and some children are asked to eat other snacks, like potato chips, chocolate and fruit cakes. Each child was given the same breakfast menu. Appetite subjectively measured respondents, 15 minutes before and after enjoying a snack.

The results showed that, after ingestion of food intake is lower raisins. They also feel bored when told to eat. Compared with respondents who eat snacks in addition to the raisins actually bigger appetite.

Raisins provide fewer calories than other foods. In addition to the raisins also make you feel full longer, so that respondents are given a snack of raisins still find time to enjoy the full dining menu.

Potato chips and chocolate cake, calories as much as 70-108 percent higher than the raisins. If raisins as a snack, each day the number of calories the body can be cut off by around 10-19 percent.

Simply eating raisins, weight loss can be decreased rapidly. No more need to do a strict diet as a natural way the body is able to form the desired ideal. New research has also been announced as Canadian Nutrition Society meeting in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
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