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Unhealthy Activity That Causes Young People To Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis usually affects the elderly. However, osteoporosis can also attack the young. Young children also can get osteoporosis because of lifestyle factors. Unhealthy lifestyles that increase the risk of osteoporosis are smoking, alcohol and lack of exercise. The nicotine content in cigarettes will absorb the body's calcium reserves. Smoking also inhibits the activity of the formation of new cells from the bone.
• Drinking alcohol and smoking
Alcohol can reduce the absorption of calcium due to interference with the small intestine. And usually the people who smoke and drink alcohol often forget to eat because the full effect of alcohol.

• Taking medications containing corticosteroids
Factors other than smoking and alcohol, consumption of medicines that contain corticosteroids for a long time can also lead to osteoporosis young age. Mengadung corticosteroid drug is a drug for example asthma, lupus, allergies, hives and others.
• No exercise
Young generation of unhealthy lifestyle. Usually do not like to exercise, they tend to be lazy, but each of the sports are very good to help the bones to avoid osteoporosis. In addition to exercise, sunlight is also very good for bone density. With the merger between exercise and exposure to sunlight it will form a strong, healthy bones.
• Not eating healthy foods and calcium
Food is an important factor in the formation of healthy bones, imagine if you never pay attention to what foods you eat. It is certain that your bones will not be healthy and strong. Eating foods containing calcium are very useful in making your bones healthy and strong.
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