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Foods That Can Slow The Arrival Of Wrinkles

Food is very influential in the aging process experienced by women. Selectively choose the food needs to be done so that the skin is always glowing and youthful. 

Prevent cell damage in the long run can be resisted by the strength of the cell antioxidant found in blueberries. Antioxidants fight free radicals to protect your skin from the adverse environmental effects.
Milk chocolate
Improve the health of your skin by drinking chocolate milk is rich in flavonoids. One recent study revealed that women who regularly drink beverages high flavanoids chocolate once a day for 12 weeks showed an increase in blood flow to the skin tissue, increases skin hydration and reduce skin dry, rough and crusty.
Kiwi, guava and strawberry
Prevent wrinkles and stimulate collagen by snacking on strawberries, guava and kiwi are rich in vitamin C. In a study published in the 'American Journal of Clinical Nutrition', foods rich in vitamin C to reduce wrinkles and dry skin. Vitamin C also reduces inflammation and helps minimize puffiness under your eyes.
Oysters are rich in zinc or zinc that is useful to improve the skin. Zinc can make collagen that tightens the skin and are antioxidants. Zinc also helps maintain strong nails, create a healthy scalp and hair, and helps protect eyes from vision problems. Oysters are the best sources of zinc.
Tomato paste
Protect your skin from sun damage with the lycopene in tomatoes. Research suggests that eating lycopene per day in the form of tomato paste makes the skin more difficult to burn. Cooked tomatoes actually increases the absorption of lycopene. Other sources of lycopene are sweet potatoes, spinach and fruits such as watermelon, melon and mango. Such as tomatoes, these foods also contain carotenoids which provide protection against the sun.
Omega-3 fatty acids in the flesh of wild salmon keep skin soft and supple. Omega-3 fat substitute in your skin and helps keep the skin moist and flexible. Omega-3 fatty acids also reduce inflammation of skin cells that can cause dry, scaly, redness and acne.

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