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Some Factors That Cause Pain

Pain is a signal that our body needs attention. Pain may arise due to several factors. Most doctors only prescribe drugs to mask pain. The best solution is actually eradicate the problem. If you experience chronic pain that had lasted about six months or acute pain caused by injury or excessive movement, should avoid the use of continuous pain relief.
The following are some factors that cause pain:

1. The anger
Saving anger could actually lead to feelings of pain in the back. In studies, people who choose to bury his anger had more pressure on the muscles along the spine.
2. The wrong posture
The use of computers for too long without a correct balanced posture can cause pain. Although sitting quietly is not an exertion of physical activity, it was a static stance for a prolonged period would disrupt the flow of blood and lymph nodes so that the muscles become tense and stiff.
4. The use of mobile phones
Prolonged use of mobile phones was also the cause of pain. This is especially if you're used to "hold" by way of pinning the phone between shoulder and ear so that both hands free to perform other work. In the long run, these habits will cause tension in the neck, shoulders and even wrists. Ceramic by using the earphones if you intend to talk in a rather long time.
5. Thinking bad
Catasthorphing, or believe the situation is worse than the reality of stress not only adds flavor but also disrupt a person's ability to cope with everyday life. Various studies have linked catastrophizing with increased perception of pain. Emotion and pain are processed in the same brain area. So if we are stressed or anxious, naturally we will also feel the physical pain.
6. Lack of sleep
Our body produces growth hormone when we're sleeping. This hormone is necessary for tissue repair cells damaged at the same time overcome the pain. Therefore, people who suffer from insomnia triples risk of chronic pain.

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