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Diet Soda Makes Overeating

Diet soda often be an option for people who are dieting are not willing to leave the soft drinks. This drink is claimed to have low calorie content. However, research shows that the effects of diet soda can actually make obesity.

Researchers from the University of California and San Diego State University in the United States found that diet soda can lead to overeating which can lead to obesity. When saccharin into the bloodstream, chemical reactions occur in the brain that makes it happen.

Prior to the conclusion, the scientists tested 24 healthy young adults. Half of the participants are drinking diet soda, while the other half drank sodas infrequently. They conducted a series of brain tests while given low doses of saccharin and sugar water. The participants were then asked to rate the taste.
When participants are given a drink to swallow, brain scans showed that different parts of the brain light up in between the two groups of volunteers. It appears that when people who are drinking diet soda with artificial sweeteners water consumption, activation of brain areas associated with reduced food motivation.

At a certain level, the brain can sort out the calorie-free sweetener with sugar. However, the brains of people who often drink diet soda, at least once a day, becomes confused and can not distinguish between them. If this happens, your calorie intake and energy consumption can not be calculated. As a result, the person thought to be more to eat.

According to Susan Swithers of Purdue University, United States, the different responses to sweet taste is based on the frequency of drinking diet soda is not much of a concern. "Normally, the brain is used to connect between sweetness and calories they contain to regulate food intake. However, when the bonus calorie sweet foods, the brain becomes not know what to do," she said.

As a result, the body learns to ignore the sweet taste in terms of predicting the energy content in it. This is associated with increased risk of obesity
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