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Getting Back on Track!

"Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it."  ~Lou Holtz


Getting back on track with your fitness and weight loss goals after a festive holiday of overeating with family and friends can be overwhelming for some people. If you ate too much yesterday don’t worry you can regroup and attain your goals!

Typically at social gatherings there is plenty of high calorie foods and desserts to tempt and tantalize your taste buds. Often self discipline and control seem to go out the window the moment you step through the door. If you overindulged this past Easter weekend, don’t despair, there is nothing wrong with indulging a bit by eating succulent foods; in fact, it’s good for the body and mind to have a high calorie meal now and again after weeks of eating clean.

Unfortunately, many people have negative self talk in the aftermath of overeating and convince themselves that they already ruined their diet, they may think “Why should I continue try to lose weight or get in shape? I already gained weight back....” then before they know it they begin to mindlessly eat junk food and sweets, and lack the desire to continue to exercise which ultimately causes more weight gain and frustrations.

If you are discouraged here are 5 simple ways to get back on track to assist you in reaching your fitness goals.

5 Fitness Motivational Tips

1. Love yourself unconditionally. Think & speak positively to yourself. Visualize how you wish to be, and then believe that you are deserving to accomplish your dreams.

2. Write down your goals. Write them in the present tense, as though you have already accomplished them, i.e. “I have lost 10 pounds.” “I wake up each morning and exercise 6 days a week.” “I crave healthy whole foods each day.”

3. Visualize your success. Each morning and night focus and visualize exactly how you want to be, use all 5 senses. Post a photo for a visual aid of how you desire your physique to be. Have gratitude in your heart and give thanks aloud throughout the day for your miraculous body & for all the blessings in your life.

4. Be prepared! Write down your meals & workouts plans for a week, and then follow through!

5. Keep a gratitude, meal & workout journal. Being accountable to you is highly motivating. Keeping a gratitude journal will literally transform your thoughts to create the life & body of your dreams!

If you do the above faithfully you will achieve your fitness dreams easier! Believe in all that you are and have fun as you continue to strive to live a healthier & happier way of life.   
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Happy Easter with Love

May the Love of Christ fill your heart & home with love, joy & peace knowing that He Lives!
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He Lives: Testimonies of Jesus Christ

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The True Meaning of Easter - The Atonement of Jesus Christ

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MOTIVATION! The Power of Progress Photos

Are you finding it difficult to stay on track with your fitness goals?  Staying motivated is essential to achieve any fitness or weight loss goal.  A great way to stay focused is to take weekly progress photos of yourself.  It's highly rewarding to see the results of your dedication to living a fit lifestyle.  We look at ourselves differently in photos than we do when we look in the mirror.  It's an awesome feeling to see your progress and to keep you laser focused on your goals.

Keeping a diet and workout journal is also highly motivating, you can print and paste your progress photos in your journals to keep a better record of your accomplishments.  You will be amazed at how your physique transforms as you keep track of your progress photos.  It's also fun to look back and see just how far you've come in a relatively short amount of time (if you workout regularly).  You may also find that living a fit lifestyle is a lot of fun and you may become as passionate about it as I am!

You can take progress photos with your cell phone, that's what I do each week, the photos of me above were taken a few days ago.  By taking your own photos you won't be embarrassed about someone else taking your picture or you can have a family member take photos of you with a digital camera. 

Having progress photos is another great way to log your fitness progress.  You can upload your photos on many diet and weight loss sites online as well.  How you keep track is up to you, there is no right or wrong way to do it.

So make it a point to take a progress photo of yourself at least once every week or two.  When you reach your short term goals reward yourself, you can buy a new pair of jeans or get a massage, you can do anything that makes you happy. 

As always, think & speak kindly of yourself and always believe in you!  Dreams really do come true!

Embrace Your Journey to Success

Carol Whitaker
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Recently I posted an article on Facebook titled Lose 10 to 15 lbs in 30 days! I received several emails asking for samples of my LivFit meal plans of what to eat throughout the day to lose fat, maintain muscle mass and create a anabolic (muscle building) environment in the body, which raises the metabolism and burns fat faster. For those of you that missed my weight loss article, here it is…

Lose 10 to 15 lbs in 30 days!

Do you want to lose 10 to 15 lbs in less than 30 days? If so then live my LivFit Lifestyle and you will achieve your fitness goals. A proper diet is essential for weight loss success. Our bodies weren’t designed to eat processed foods of any kind. Our ancestors ate foods that came from the earth, they didn’t struggle with obesity or the diseases many people do today, because they ate whole foods.

Basic rules of what you should NEVER eat. If it’s white, don’t eat it. If it comes in a box, bag or a can, don’t eat it. If it has more than 5 ingredients, don’t eat it (other than protein powders and preworkout drinks). Limit soy, grains, starchy carbs ~ have before 2 pm… Basically if God didn’t make it, don’t eat it!

DO eat plenty of salad, leafy greens & fresh veggies. Eat almonds, walnuts & ground flaxseeds, they have good fats. Eat lean protein with each meal & snack. Eat low GI fruits such as apples, berries or pears in the AM. Log your clean diet and exercise routines. Do cardio and weight lifting (alternating days) at least 45 minutes 4 to 6 days a week. Drink plenty of purified water, if you drink Green 2o or Liv Sxinney aim for drinking 3 oz a day.

If you follow these simple LivFit guidelines you WILL lose weight and be energized & empowered! If you have questions email me, I’ll be happy to assist you. Until next time… Liv Fit! Train Hard! Liv Happy!


Are you putting YOU first in your life??? Let’s face it life is busy for all of us. Many people use lack of time and energy for their main excuses for why they don’t make their health and wellness a top priority in their life. I totally understand and have empathy for you, truly I do, but not to the point of excusing you from eating fast foods and junk foods when on the run.

I personally have been in most people’s shoes in one way or another. I’ve struggled with illness most my life, at the age of 13 I had Rheumatic Fever which affected my heart (I have 2 heart murmurs), at 19 I was diagnosed with Chronic Epstein Barr, at 22 I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, both of which is incurable and have since had to deal with it throughout my life.

I’m a wife to my best friend and mother of 3 beautiful children, a housekeeper, I owned and operated a successful custom home construction company before the economy tanked, I workout 6 days a week, I have been a fitness modeling for 15 years, I have been a Lifestyle Fitness Consultant & Coach for over 10 years, I am an equestrian, I train my horses, manage my barn and I teach horseback riding lessons.

Needless to say, I understand when people give me their long list of excuses of why they are not living a healthy way of life, but guess what? It’s all a “So What!” Who doesn’t have a busy life? Who doesn’t feel ill now and again? Who isn’t multitasking most of the day? We are all in the same boat; it’s just a matter of loving and caring about YOU enough to take charge of your life and live my LivFit Lifestyle. Unless you’re critically ill, there is NO excuse for not making you first on your list!

That’s where time management and prioritizing your life comes into play. You MUST put YOU FIRST ~ Always! You must learn to love you unconditionally. Understand, accept and allow that YOU are worth it!

Think about it, if you’re too tired to exercise and eat right you will most likely reach for highly processed foods to fill your physical and emotional hungers which ends in weight gain, feeling lethargic and often depression. Your body literally was not designed to eat preservatives; it does not know what to do with the endless chemicals to preserve foods, so it ends up being stored as fat which damages cells and is stored toxins in your body 24/7! Who wants that? You’ll not only feel sluggish but your love life and self esteem may suffer drastically as well. 

By living this way are you the best spouse, parent or friend you can be?  No... Don't you want to improve your life and live life to the fullest?  If so then you have to live a healthy way of life to fully live your highest potential.


Eating whole foods truly is life changing. You’ll look years younger, you’ll feel younger, your love life will increase, your self esteem will improve and you’ll be much happier and feel better about life in all areas of your life! It’s a totally win-win way of living!

Here’s a daily menu of how to eat healthy whole foods. You can mix and match proteins, complex carbs and veggies with each meal and snack. Aim for eating 5 to 6 small meals a day (every 3 hours) to keep your blood sugar and insulin levels balanced. Be sure to drink plenty of purified water too. Studies have shown drinking a lot of purified water raises the metabolism as well as it will detox the body and will increase energy. (If you use the Liv products, drink 2 to 3 oz of Green 2o in water throughout the day & take GO before bed for optimal results.)

MEAL 1 ~ BREAKFAST: Oatmeal cooked in light almond milk and water, mix in 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder, dash of nutmeg & cinnamon, or have 1 egg, 4 egg whites scrambled for protein.

MEAL 2 ~ SNACK: Protein shake, 1 small apple

MEAL 3 ~ LUNCH: Grilled chicken salad with lots of fresh veggies and 1 T omega oil & balsamic vinegar for dressing

MEAL 4 ~ SNACK: ½ cup mixed berries, handful of raw almonds (about 10)

MEAL 5 ~ DINNER: Grilled fish, spinach salad with candied walnuts or pecans (roast with Truvia & pure vanilla), feta cheese, grated carrots & purple cabbage with 1 tsp EVOO & balsamic vinegar for dressing, green beans with roasted slivered almonds

MEAL 6 ~ SNACK: Casein protein shake mixed with water & light almond milk,  or 1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese and small container of low fat yogurt

Have fun with your foods and be creative! You can make any recipe healthy but cutting fat, salt & sugar. Be true to you!  Commit to exercising  4 to 5 days a week, eat healthy and have an attitude of gratitude throughout the day to transform your life & physique in remarkable ways!

~Carol Whitaker
Lifestyle Fitness Consultant & Coach
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