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The Reason Why Snacking When Dieting Taste Better

When on a diet, sometimes you'll want to snack chocolate cake or other high carbohydrate foods. But have you ever noticed if when you eat it, the food is so much more delicious than usual? According to a new study from the U.S., it is for a reason. 
The team of researchers from Northwestern University, Illinois has found that people who "haunted by a sense of guilt 'should feel whatever they eat will taste better.
Is the food really taste better when you're on a diet? 

Is it something that you feel better when you feel guilty when you eat?

The researchers conducted a number of experiments. First, the researchers divided the participants into two groups and asked them to observe six different magazine covers. Half the participants were treated to covers of magazines related to health, but the other half were given the cover of the magazine has nothing to do with health. Then all participants were given chocolate.
Interestingly, participants who had just read an article about healthy food confessed chocolate is better than chocolate is eaten by participants who did not read the article.

In the second experiment,

researchers divided 100 students into three groups and asked them to describe their experiences in a number of three sentences. These three experiences that contains whenever participants feel guilty whenever participants feel disgusted and description of the three different times of the selected participants at random. Then all participants were given chocolate truffles to eat.Apparently participants were asked to narrate the moments of his guilt confessed his chocolate truffles taste better than the other participants.

More surprising, however, a study published in The Journal of Marketing Research also found that the link between guilt and pleasure of eating something that does not apply to food only.

In another trial, women who are made to feel guilty and then shown a handsome man profile on a dating site actually admitted more impressed and more enjoyed when offered a profile of the men than the other participants were not made to feel guilty.
Guilt is something to do with pleasure because often when we feel guilty, at the same time we also had fun. 
Cognitive relations can be established only through what we call the repeated coactivation So when the 'pleasure' is enabled then the guilt also activated. Likewise, in our brains, our brains will eventually be connected.
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Christmas time really is the most wonderful time of year! I love everything about Christmas! The love & focus on Christ, the joy of giving and gathering with family & friends.

This time of year can be tricky, however, when it comes to eating healthy & staying on track with a clean eating meal plan. It's crazy how easy it is to forget your healthy diet when comforting foods that tantalize our pallets are placed before us, it's like all will-power went out the window…

I personally embrace the season full-heartily, including indulging in the delicious, high calorie meals & desserts when gathered with my wonderful family at my parents beautiful home Christmas Eve. I relax and let my clean eating guard down as I soak up the joyful time with my family.

Eating freely now and again is good for the body, mind & spirit. Allowing your mind to relax and enjoy your childhood memories during the holidays actually comforts the body and mind which connects with your higher self, spirit, doing so balancing your body, mind & spirit to be in harmony which creates inner-peace, contentment and appreciation. It’s also good for the body to refuel its glycogen stores by doing enjoying a festive meal.

It’s also good to have a high carb snack once a week if you’re on a clean diet; however, do so with caution, if you let your guard down too much you’ll find yourself grazing on sugar more often which just unravels all your hard work and self-discipline. Enjoy the holidays by keeping your fitness and healthy eating goals in check. Follow my diet tips to make it through the holidays without gaining weight. Here are my simple no-fail diet tips to ensure you enjoy the holiday’s guilt free!


1.   Embrace the season with love & gratitude!Being positive by having a heart filled with love and gratitude is the fastest way to improve your clean eating willpower. Love & gratitude are the keys to create a harmonious life of joy and wellness.  Focus on achieving your hopes and dreams with thankfulness to the good Lord above.  Doing so will create your life on purpose and will give you the needed fortitude to overcome obstacles which will empower you!

Keeping a positive mental attitude will literally assist in keeping fat away... When you're stressed the body creates a hormone called Cortisol which increases belly fat & unwanted weight gain. That's another great reason to exercise daily - it will lower your stress level too.

2.   Protein & veggies to the rescue! The following day of eating a high calorie meal with your family and friends eat protein and veggies only as well as clean fats, your body will still have an over abundance of glucose in your system so you won’t need any carbs until you feel like yourself again.

Also have a warm detox drink first thing each morning consisting of 1 T of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar (with mother), 1 tsp raw honey, 1 tsp fresh squeezed lemon juice and a dash of cinnamon in 8 oz of water.  This will jump start your body in removing toxins from the high calorie foods from the night before it will also aid in releasing water retention. I drink this almost daily, I love it and so does my body! 

3.   Exercise each morning for at least 30 to 60 minutes.Make exercise a HIGH PRIORITY! You have to workout to raise your metabolism and to increase lean muscle tissue which also increases your BMI (Body Mass Index) which burns more calories because it takes more energy to fuel muscle mass than it does fat. However, not all exercise produces the same kick-butt results.

To keep your metabolism in over-drive do High Intensity Interval Training for at least 20 minutes post weight lifting, be sure to ALWAYS warm up and stretch before during and after training to train optimally and safely. By exercising regularly you will become happier, healthier, thinner, more care-free, stronger, inner-peace and more confident than ever before! You will also feel better about your body-image & will have more energy to stay more active throughout the day which equates to more calories burned!

Training hard at least 5 days a week will also raise your Basal Metabolic Rate (the calories burned at rest) - so don't forget to exercise even if you're too tired –lock all your no-good excuses out the door of your mind replace them with feelings of. “I GET to exercise!!!” Exercise is a treasured gift that only you can give freely to you!

4.   Portion control is essential to maintain a high BMR.If you struggle with portion control eat on a smaller plate & use a small salad fork. Filling a smaller plate will subconsciously edify the urge for wanting more by visually seeing a full plate filled with delicious foods.  Eating on a smaller plate will also keep extra calories at bay without feeling deprived. And eating with a salad fork will enable you to take smaller bites making your meal last longer. Taking small bites also allows you to relish each morsel and enjoy each bite as well as chew it thoroughly for better digestion.
Fill your plate with lean protein, fresh salads & veggies. And visit with family & friends away from the tempting treats. When going out to eat opt for lean protein, salad & extra steamed veggies instead of rice or a potato. Stay away from the kitchen or meal area when socializing, studies have shown that when we visit around food we eat mindlessly and consume up to hundreds of extra unwanted calories.

5.   Eat protein with every meal - including treats. Protein aids in keeping blood sugar levels balanced, it also is more filling and will sustain your lean muscle tissue by nourishing your muscles with needed amino acids to stay lean & strong. Select treats with the least amount of fats, you can indulge in moderation; don't go hog-wild, if you do your body will quickly remind you why it doesn’t like high-fat, high-calorie foods... You'll soon feel tired and bloated if you're not careful...

6.   Drink 32 oz of purified water before a party or social gathering. Water is my favorite beverage of choice (filled with Liv Sxinney Max). Water not only is highly refreshing but it keeps hunger at bay and it aids in raising the metabolic rate and detoxifies the body which is an awesome bonus! Water will also keep your skin, hair and nails healthier and vibrant. I never leave home without my water bottle & Liv Sxinney, it helps lower my appetite and tastes great, so it’s like having a fancy beverage wherever I go. So remember to drink up throughout the day but especially before going to a festive gathering. (To learn more about Liv Sxinney visit my website,  You can get 20% OFF your entire order by typing in “Liv Promo Code” at checkout.)

7.   Take digestive enzymes before each meal. Taking digestive enzymes is essential for optimal digestion. Much of the foods we eat are depleted of the needed enzymes for proper nutrition and absorption. Taking enzymes will aid your body in breaking down the foods more efficiently which equals better health and less weight gain in addition to added energy to keep you feeling your best.

8.   Eat a small meal every 3 to 4 hours. Eating every few hours will keep your blood sugars levels and hunger pangs away. When you eat often throughout the day you won't have an insulin drop which induces binging. If you go over 4 hours without eating you'll be more likely to come home after a hectic day and eat the entire pantry & then some! You're more likely to eat way more than usual when you ravenous which will ultimately end up as energy stores - a.k.a. unwanted fat & weight gain. So eat a small meal every few hours to stay in control of your eating habits and to keep your blood sugar level, trust me, your body will thank you for it!

9.   Have your last meal of the day by 7 or 8pm. By eating your last meal by 7 or 8 pm your body will have ample time to digest it properly before bedtime which will aid in a better nights rest to boot. When you have your last meal two to three hours before bed you will feel better mentally and physically. Eat protein, salad, veggies & clean fats (such as fish oil or flax seed oil) for your last meal. Eating carbs at night can lead to fat gain while you sleep because you won’t use the fuel for energy.  Eat complex carbs earlier in the day when you're most active to ensure you use the needed energy to fuel your body to get you through your busy day.

10.        Have fun & enjoy the holidays! Have fun this year by enjoying the holiday season by focusing on the true meaning of Christmas  celebrating the birth of our Savior.  Let go of the drama of the holidays and embrace the spirit of Christmas. Give more without expecting to receive and share your love and happiness with others by being the best you can be.

The happier you are the happier your body will be which means you’ll be in control of your thoughts, emotions and feelings which aids in craving healthy, whole foods to keep your body healthy and lean. Being happy is a choice! Decided here and now to enjoy time with your family and friends by creating lifelong memories together, and by relishing in the real meaning of this joyous holiday season, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

By following these highly rewarding tips during the holidays you will sail through the holidays without gaining weight and you will feel great too. Embrace your Christmas gatherings with your loved ones with a smile on your face knowing that you are in control and you will have the willpower to eat clean regardless of all the junk food around you as you continue down your blissful fitness journey to success!

~Carol Whitaker
Lifestyle Fitness Coach & Fitness Expert
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3 Due Diet Too Extreme

If you have determined a diet, you should not be home to live. Due to improper diet method can cause a variety of health problems both physical and mental. Noteworthy is the diet also has ordinances and certain limitations that dieters can both can get the ideal weight in a healthy way.

Extreme dietary intake of less than 1,200 calories per day is not a healthy method to lose weight. There are many negative effects of dieting behavior, including short-term weight loss, dehydration, malnutrition, and long-term health complications. 
Errors in diet can be dangerous because without you knowing it, your body will not only burn excess fat but also supplies of glycogen, a form of carbohydrate. When the body burns glycogen, the body's reserves of water in the well drained so the weight will drop very quickly. In addition, you will feel tired, irritable, lethargic and food cravings.In addition, the wrong diet can slow the metabolic rate of the body and cause other health problems. Extreme nutritional deprivation go hand in hand with dehydration, even though.
 You consume more water during the diet, the body remains difficult to hold the water if you do not eat balanced meals.

Diet really stay away from foods that contain fat also lead to malnutrition because the body requires 30 percent of daily calories come from fat. It also leads to weakening of the immune system, the development of gallstones, hair loss, and related disorders of cholesterol.

Because your metabolism is not working properly, you will be more difficult to lose weight. Even ignoring the strict diet nutrition can cause other problems, as follows: 

1. Mental health disorders
Diet is one cause of depression in most of the perpetrators. This is because of a sense of frustration and despair caused by excessive endeavors that did not produce results. Depression is also accompanied by lethargy, fatigue, mood swings, irritability, lack of concentration and lack of confidence. 
2. Weakened heart
Errors in diet method can disrupt the body's metabolism, increases levels of harmful cholesterol in the blood, and increases the risk of arterial disease and heart problems. This occurs because the immune system is weakened, causing heart palpitations and stress.

3. Eating disorders

Diets that are too tight and a strong desire to get a perfect physical shape can lead to someone having an eating disorder, such as anorexia and bulimia. This can cause a variety of problems such as gastrointestinal bleeding and even death.
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Tips Diets with Milk-Free Diet

In the modern era, many weight loss diet solutions recommended by experts. And one that's recommended diet is a non-dairy diet. What is meant by a non-dairy diet diets that reduce or not eating at all milk and dairy products.
Of course you want to know why the milk diet do and what are the benefits for you. Milk is often not suitable for people who have allergies to milk or other dairy products. This condition is called lactose intolerance. Milk is also often avoided as a staple for food processing or consumed directly to those who are trying to lose weight, because it contains a high fat content. If not constrained consumption, can lead to overweight and obesity.

Not easy to perform a non-dairy diet because many processed food products using dairy ingredients that often we consume every day. For example, butter, cheese, whipped cream, chocolate, bread, biscuits, and so on. If you want to try a dairy-free diet, avoid all foods using milk as ingredients. Instead, you can use substitute foods that are equitable and balanced by the benefits of milk.Here is a dairy-free diet plan for people who have allergies to milk, or for those who avoid dairy consumption for weight loss.

1. Soy Milk for Breakfast

Usually people drink milk as breakfast, good with cereal or drinking it directly. Replace the milk with soy milk, or toast with low-sugar jam. As well choose tofu as a substitute for yogurt served in your dish. But be sure to make use of soy milk and tofu is organic soybeans.

2. Calcium not only of Milk 

Milk and dairy products are rich in calcium. But that does not mean you can not get the benefits of calcium from other foods. When undergoing dairy-free diet, consume vegetables and calcium-rich foods Juha. Such as green vegetables, seafood, almonds, or sesame seeds.

3. Grilling Food Without Butter 

Cakes and baked goods generally use butter in the dairy. Butter generally made from animal fats such as beef. This material has a high fat content and the potential to raise levels of bad cholesterol. But that does not mean you can no longer eat cakes or pastries, and foods processed by roasting. Just make the food you eat to be dairy-free. Use margarine instead of butter. Margarine is made from vegetable fat safer, despite having the same number of calories. Choose low-fat margarine in baking foods, and use low-fat oils and fruit cake on a dietary treatment.

4. Stay away from Food Containing Milk 

Sometimes we do not realize have to eat foods containing dairy. For example, chocolate or coffee creamer on. Replace milk chocolate to dark chocolate that has a high content of protein and nutrients, but low in fat content and milk. Get used to drinking coffee and tea without using dairy creamer.
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 Your Health Journal

By Len Saunders – Health, Fitness, Nutrition, And Wellness

I was honored to be a guest blogger on Your Health Journal you can read my article at the following link below. "10 Tips to Transform Your Physique"
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The Key To A Successful Weight Loss Program

Currently, you may have to undergo a weight loss program or are in the process of selecting a diet program that suits you. And once you decide to follow a diet and stay consistent in living. Because 2 is a very important factor in the success of a diet program. Together with that, you have to start taking the first step of the journey of weight loss you have selected.

Perhaps there are still many questions about the program in your heart that you choose such as where to start? Whether it is better to lose weight fast? Including what the key to the success of weight loss. Such questions are reasonable but there are times when a storm resulting from the answers can feel really incredible.

Diet seems like a good place to start and judging by the scale of the diet industry worldwide, a lot of people clearly agree. According to CNN, in the United States alone the industry was worth almost $60 billion in 2010, while at the end of 2011 the Guardian reported that in the UK the industry was valued at a more modest but still enormous £2 billion. Here in Ireland such figures are harder to come by but going by the vast amount of books, magazines, websites, TV programmes and other media coverage devoted to diet, as a nation we seem have an insatiable appetite for the subject.

It’s a similar story with fitness. From aerobics to all-day exercises while sitting at your computer, the Internet brims with exercise advice. And if you have ever doubted the strength of the association between weight loss and exercise, just visit a gym in early January.

While there can be no doubt that diet and exercise are essential components of a successful weight loss programme, on their own they are not enough. How else to explain numerous studies which estimate that up to 95% of people who lose weight through diet eventually put it back on again?

That’s not a very encouraging statistic but before deciding to give up on your weight loss resolution on the basis that there’s no point, it’s worth considering the reason why so many weight loss diets at best only lead to short-term results.

Diet and exercise are only part of the answer because they merely treat the symptoms of the condition, not the underlying cause. To do that, it’s essential to identify the attitudes and behaviour at the root of your eating habits. The moment you begin to recognise what’s driving your eating habits is the moment you can start to make lasting changes that are so important to achieving permanent weight loss success.

By assessing your relationship with food, adjusting your behaviour, introducing simple but lasting changes to your daily routine and generally re-evaluating your lifestyle, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can deal with the drivers at the root of you eating habits. By doing so you will greatly enhance your chances of shedding those excess pounds and successfully reaching and maintaining your preferred long-term weight.
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Letting go...

Did you know that you are the only one standing in your way of achieving that which you desire? When we have negative, resentful feelings of ourselves or of others it is a power low energy of resistance to that which is wanted. 

If you want more love in your life then you need to let go of the past, and forgive those that hurt you. By playing the negative memories over and over in your mind you become the victim and the perpetrator, you become a prisoner in your own mind. Replaying hurtful movies continually only cements fear beliefs in your subconscious mind which causes you to mentally create bigger and stronger walls around you energetically which only brings about more loneliness, heartache and pain. 

Break free of the horrible "ball & chain of resistance" to become FREE and have inner-peace once again to attract back to you the all the beautiful magic life has to offer. YOU deserve to be happy, YOU deserve to be loved, and YOU deserve to have immense abundance of every kind in your life. Today choose to let go of the past once and for all to embrace a joyful future filled with love, joy, peace, prosperity and happiness. 

~Carol Whitaker
Life Success Coach
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Children with More Fond of Eating Vegetables

Apparently vegetables not only contain vitamins and minerals that are essential for health. The proof is a new study found that vegetables can also increase a person's appetite.

Even just by serving vegetables for dinner makes one think that the people who serve or host is a more thoughtful and attentive.
According to a team of researchers from Cornell University, U.S., put the vegetables in the main menu can also encourage one to believe that his dinner was delicious.
In America, only 23 percent of the people who provide vegetables as the dinner menu. That means we need to find some new motivation to encourage parents to serve vegetables as the main ingredients of the diet at home, who was a professor of marketing and consumer behavior from Cornell University.
To that end, the study published in the journal Public Health Nutrition 500 respondents included mothers who had at least two children younger than 18 years old and live at home.
The child was asked to rate the taste of the four were partially supplemented diet of vegetables and some will not. They were also asked to describe the people who prepare and serve food and to identify their favorite vegetables and serving as what they like to the vegetables.
As a result, of the four food served, the addition of vegetables was indeed able to increase the positive response of the child so that the menu served to look more 'complete', 'fun', 'tasty' and prepared with full consideration.

Research questions about favorite vegetables participants also revealed the diversity of preferences of the child, indicating that nearly all children have at least one type of vegetable they like best.
These findings reinforce the concept that vegetables make a menu of food served to be more attractive. Moreover, if only to say that vegetables are good for health alone may not be enough. Shows that vegetables are an addition to the pleasure of eating dinner can also be an effective strategy. 

Recommended the addition of a variety of vegetables are offered to children and change the menu according to the age of the child.
If parents knew that adding the vegetables on the dinner menu can create menus that look more tempting or attractive and encourage their families to have a better perception of what they consume then maybe they will be more inspired to serve vegetables.
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5 Types of Diet Should be Avoided

For the dieter must know many kinds of diet programs are often offered by various health media. And it turns out there are many types of diets that you can do to help lose weight. But you have to start to learn some of the diet, but you should stay away from, because it has the effect bad for your health. According to experts the problem of weight loss, there are 5 types of diet that should be avoided.

The British Dietetic Association said some type of diet followed by the rich and famous often become more extreme and sometimes require medical intervention.
Experts warn that the diet is really no quick way to get a lean body, but it requires a gradual process, and a long time.
Here are 5 types of diet experts advise not to follow:

1. The ketogenic diet Enteral Nutrition (KEN Diet)

This type of diet is mostly done by top fashion models. People doing this diet do not eat at all, but he was given liquid formula through a tube inserted from the nose.
This diet requires a person to be near or attached to the portable pump and the bag containing the fluid for 10 days, he could only escape from this tube for 60 minutes in 24 hours.
Consultant dietitian, Sian Porter said the procedure is very surprising and usually people who KEN diet has some chronic diseases.

2. Party Girl IV Drip Diet

This type of diet offered by private clinics at a cost of approximately U.S. $ 3,916,887 in a single meeting. This diet involves high doses of a cocktail containing vitamins and nutrients are given through intravenous drip like.

3. Six Weeks To OMG [Oh My God] Diet

In this diet a person is required to exercise in the morning after consuming black coffee, after which he should not eat for 3 hours so the body burns fat accumulates. Followed by a cold shower and avoid fruit and protein diet even if it is in the soft drink.
Dietitian says this diet is unhealthy because it is quite extreme, and everyone still needs a healthy breakfast every morning to start the day.

4. Alcorexia or Drunkorexia Diet

In this type of diet a person is encouraged to avoid calories during the week and allowed alcohol party when the weekend. In this case alcohol party function to store calories in the body in the next week.
Experts explain the alcohol diet have little nutrition and can be at risk of alcohol poisoning or even death. Besides the body also needs other substances in addition to calories, such as vitamins and nutrients.

5. Occupation Diet

This type of diet through four phases, starting with avoiding carbohydrates and protein consumption is only allowed for 10 days. This is to help you lose weight faster.

But eliminating one food group is not recommended and can lead to long term problems such as osteoporosis and kidney disorders. Meanwhile, other problems include lack of energy, constipation and bad breath.
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"Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it."  ~Lou Holtz

If you're like me you most likely woke up to having to deal with post Thanksgiving "damage control"- not fun! Getting back on track with your fitness and weight loss goals after a festive holiday of overeating with family and friends can be overwhelming for some people. If you ate too much yesterday don’t worry you can regroup and get back to exercising daily and eating clean.!

Typically at social gatherings there are plenty of high calorie foods and desserts to tempt and tantalize your taste buds. Often self discipline and control seem to go out the window the moment you step through the door. If you overindulged this past Easter weekend, don’t despair, there is nothing wrong with indulging a bit by eating succulent foods; in fact, it’s good for the body and mind to have a high calorie meal now and again after weeks of eating clean.

Unfortunately, many people have negative self talk in the aftermath of overeating and convince themselves that they already ruined their diet, they may think “Why should I continue try to lose weight or get in shape? I already gained weight back....” then before they know it they begin to mindlessly eat junk food and sweets, and lack the desire to continue to exercise which ultimately causes more weight gain and frustrations.

If you are discouraged here are 5 simple ways to get back on track to assist you in reaching your fitness goals. 
5 Fitness Tips To Get Back on Track! 

1. Get back to the gym! It’s easy to let the day after Thanksgiving be a day of rest after waking up feeling the after effects of have way to many calories. But your body needs you to workout today more than ever to get it back on track and burn off some of the calories from yesterday. Commit to exercising for at least a week to help release the water weight you may have gained, it takes a few days for the body to balance itself again after eating a large high calorie meal and desserts.
2. Drink up! After eating a huge meal filled with carbs, fats sugars and sodium your body will have a lot of toxins to get rid of. Drink a gallon (or more) of purified water to flush out your system. A great detox drink to have first thing in the morning is 8 oz of warm water with 1 tsp of lemon juice, 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar (with Mother). a pinch of cayenne pepper & cinnamon mixed with 1 tsp raw honey. This will aid on detoxing your organs and digestive track.
3. Eat a low-carb diet. When you rat a lot of high carb foods your insulin increases turning your food into glucose in the blood and then storing the energy as fat. It also limits the body's ability to release store energy a.k.a. fat. So to turn your body onto a fat burning machine try to keep your carb intake to 50 grams a day. And stay away from gluten and dairy as well, they cause water weight retention and inflammation which will sabotage your efforts. Have your carbs in the AM and then eat protein and fresh veggies the rest of the day. 
4. Write down your goals with a smile on your face. Write down goals that you will do this next week, be sure to write in the present tense, as though you have already accomplished them, i.e. “I weight ____.” “I love to workout!” “I crave healthy whole foods each day.” Believe in yourself that you can & will reach your goals and then follow through! 

5. V
isualize fitness success.  Each morning and night focus and visualize exactly how you want to be, use all 5 senses. Post a photo for a visual aid of how you desire your physique to be. Have gratitude in your heart and give thanks aloud throughout the day for your miraculous body & for all the blessings in your life.

6. Plan ahead & be prepared! If you fail to plan you're basically planning to fail  Write down your meals & workouts plans for a week, and then follow through! Keep a gratitude, meal & workout journal. Being accountable to you is highly motivating. Keeping a gratitude journal will literally transform your thoughts to create the life & body of your dreams!

If you do the above faithfully you will overcome the dreaded post Thanksgiving "hang-over" and will take care of the "damage" easily. Make exercise a high priority in your life to get your body, mind and spirit back on track.  Believe in all that you are and have fun as you continue to strive to live a healthier & happier way of life.   

Carol Whitaker
Lifestyle Fitness Coach & Life Success Coach

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Protein Diet, Lose Weight Without Starving

Most people think that the weight will go down just like that simply by reducing portions. In fact not that easy, but not as hard as one can imagine. Because when we think only diet to reduce food portions, it is the fact you will suffer hunger. And this is dangerous, rather than being thin, the opposite happened. So that your weight loss program successfully without starving, you can try to do protein diet.
A study at the University of Sydney proved eat foods with high protein content especially effective weight loss in obese women. In just one year, this diet can reduce 10 percent of body weight.

Weight loss is very significant 10 percent in a study about weight. Some women achieve in just 6 months and this is very surprising.

The study involved a number of women who are overweight or overweight, with ages between 18-25 years. Over the past 12 months, the participants were given a diet rich in protein and low in carbohydrates.

High-protein diets that include 3 meals include side dishes such as meat, fish, eggs and tofu as much as 100 grams per serving. Low-fat milk was also given 2 times a day, while carbohydrates are severely restricted in the portion given 4 times daily.

Setting such a diet provides the energy supply by 1460 calories or 6100 kilojoules, the same as the normal daily intake. The difference is that the day-to-day more to come from carbohydrates, the diet more energy than protein.

To maintain nutritional balance, the participants also got the intake of vegetables and fruit. Regular exercise is also still done with the same intensity that made the comparison control group who did not undergo high-protein diet.

The result, as mentioned, the weight of the participants dropped 10 percent at the end of the study. Although only observed in female participants, the benefits of this diet can also be found the men at least to limit the sugar derived from the decomposition of carbohydrates.
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