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Signs Indicate That Your Heart Is Not Healthy

The heart is one vital organ that can affect other body parts. Therefore know that the symptoms could be a sign that the heart is not healthy. Heart together with the arterial function is to provide food to the various organs of the body, when the organ began experiencing the symptoms of the disorder appears to arise in various parts of the body.

1. Neck pain
Patients who have had heart attacks were only aware that he often felt stiff, sore and feel as interested in the neck due to muscle tension. These signs are often overlooked because patients are more focused on the feeling of tightness or pain in the left chest. This condition occurs because the nerves of the heart tissue that transmit pain signals up and down the spinal cord that extends into the neck and shoulders.
2. Sexual harassment
Have difficulty in achieving or maintaining an erection can be one sign of coronary heart disease. Doctors today will perform cardiovascular examination when there is a man who complained of erectile dysfunction. This condition occurs because the arteries around the heart are narrowed or hardened will affect the supply of blood to the penis, so that would make it difficult to achieve or maintain an erection.
3. Often feel dizzy, shortness of breath or fainting
More than 40 percent of women reported experiencing shortness of breath are often the early days before the heart attack. A person may experience can not breathe, dizziness or fainting even in the middle of doing ordinary things like walking or cleaning the house that had not previously been problematic. This condition occurs because blood through the arteries to carry oxygen to the heart is inadequate. Plaques that accumulate will make the heart hard to get enough oxygen, so that sometimes a person feel sick when I had to draw a deep breath. Usually occurs suddenly and disappear at rest.
4. Pain in the jaw and ear
Jaw pain is a symptom of the mysterious because it could be due to several reasons, but sometimes can also be indicative of coronary heart disease and heart attacks. Pain appears to ear along the jaw and hard to find where the pain is coming from. This condition occurs due to damaged heart tissue sends signals to the spinal nerves balakang to influence along the jaw to the ear. Pain appears different from toothache or ear infections that are usually at one point, but is more diffuse and sometimes affecting the shoulders and arms, especially on the left.
5. Indigestion, nausea or pain in the abdomen
Severe attack of indigestion and nausea may be an early sign of heart attack or myocardial infarction, especially in women. In one study of women known to 2 times more likely to experience vomiting, nausea and indigestion for a few months before the heart attack than men. This condition occurs due to blockage of the artery will reduce the fat in the blood supply to the heart that typically occurs in the chest can sometimes arise in the stomach. It depends on which part of the heart is broken, so it sends a pain in the lower body from the chest.
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