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"The moment of enlightenment is when a person's dreams of possibilities become images of probabilities." - Vic Braden

It’s empowering to know that you can literally alter your life experiences & physique by the power of your mind. By having positive thoughts and feelings your mind will be able to create the world of your dreams.

Your thoughts are like a magnet, a simple thought will have a weak magnetic pull just like a small magnet does. A powerful thought of emotion such as joy or fear will have a much greater magnetic pull, thus it will magnetize much more of what you are thinking & feeling into your life.

Our thoughts are magnetic on every level, that is why “like always attracts like”, it’s a universal law—the Law of Attraction. Being mindful of your thoughts through the power of prayer, visualization, yoga, mediation, goal setting and affirmations you will increase your inner-peace and willpower to stay focused on your goals.


The unvarying image that plays over and over in your mind is like a movie which indicates to your subconscious your deepest desires. Within time the subconscious mind thinks that it is reality, not a daydream, reflecting your inner feelings and emotions. The more intensity of emotion you have in regards to the movie that’s playing over and over in your mind the more power you give it. The particular thought or “movie” is mightily magnetizing that which you are focused on, which will eventually create more of what you are habitually thinking regardless if it is for your highest good or not.

Using visualization daily you can create that which you deeply wish for. Visualization is creating a mental picture of something that you are passionate about, such as having more love, joy, health, prosperity and happiness in your life; all of which can materialize through practicing visualization daily.

Visualization is important because it makes the future become crystal clear in your mind’s eye, which ultimately reprograms your subconscious mind to align universal powers to bring your vision to fruition in one form or another.

Seeing yourself as though you have already achieved your goals in your mind’s eye makes your mind believe that it is real; therefore, the subconscious mind will radiate signals of energy that are needed to manifest your visions.


Focusing consistently on your goals, concentrating on one at a time, you will accomplish them far sooner than if you didn't focus on them at all.  Being focused on your goals & affirmations throughout the day will literally bring your goals to you in a shorter amount of time and with less effort.

If you find visualizing or concentrating difficult, do this exercise daily

• Look at a photo or an object and study it closely. Then close your eyes and visualize it in complete detail. If you see the picture clearly, you are visualizing! If this doesn't work or if you want to improve your visualization skills on a deeper level, then take the same picture or object and while looking at it close your eyes and open your eyes several times for a few minutes. You will be able to see the picture more clearly in your mind each time you close your eyes.

• Then close your eyes and imagine it again, concentrate on the image in your mind for several minute, try to visualize it longer each day with your eyes closed without interruption from drifting thoughts.

• Practice this technique daily for 10 minutes each day for a week, then try to do it for 15 minutes then increase it to 20 minutes the following weeks. You can focus on anything, whatever brings you joy & happiness. Get creative and embrace the experience!


• Find a quiet space in your home or office where you will be undisturbed. Sit up straight, legs folded and hands stretched out and relaxed on each leg. Then take a few deep cleansing breaths and release the worries of the day. Focus on your body; release any tension in each muscle group. Once you have completed this you are prepared to practice the Art of Visualization.

• To fully maximize the Art of Visualization you must be in a high energy vibration. To do this recall a time that you were thrilled beyond expression, remember every moment of that experience and really relish the feelings of the excitement within. Now replace the memory with your goals & dreams while keeping the enthusiasm and zest in your heart. This is the energy you will need to fully create your heart’s desire.

• When visualizing, see yourself as though you have already achieved your goals. Use all five senses, feel them with intention, joy and belief that you are worthy to attain all that your heart desires. This method is very powerful because this is the way you already see and experience everything you have created in your life.

• Make visualization enjoyable! Use your imagination as a child does. Think as a child's imagination--without limitations. Using your imagination will allow your subconscious mind to open and receive more clearly thus it will begin to create that which you long for.

• The more real your images are in your mind the better visualization works. Bring the images alive! Make the image not just a still picture, but a full-length movie starring you as the main character! Replay your movie over and over, seeing yourself as a great hero achieving great success of every kind. Create a beautiful background, play music, smell the aroma in the air, feel the warmth of the sun if outside, make it feel as real as possible. Have a ball creating your dream world! This is how you want to see your visions--with vibrant color, smells, sounds, feelings and flavors.

• When you close your eyes and visualize your dreams, feel the joy and excitement you will have one you attain your goals. Then give thanks to God for assisting you in creating your dreams. With constant practice soon your daily visualizations will become your reality.

It’s not enough to just visualize, you must take the needed actions that are placed before you to manifest your wishes. Almost immediately you will begin to experience synchronicity, things will just fall in place, it will be magical!

As you concentrate on your goals and visualize that which you deeply desire have an attitude of gratitude & love in your heart. Write in a gratitude journal daily. Having thankfulness for all things will increase your energy frequency which will always attract more good things, people, circumstances and events into your life, which will ultimately bring your desires to fruition.

The art of visualizing is a magnificent tool of creation, which is truly a gift from above.  Have fun creating your visions!  Then celebrate when you are indeed living that which you have longed for.  It is a beautiful journey to embrace each step of the way...

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The Blissful Journey of Spirit


You are the most important person on earth!

Embrace all that YOU are right NOW!

You are a magnificent spirit of love & light.

Allow your true essence to radiated brightly.

You are filled with great beauty.

Choose to live in an attitude of gratitude, forgiveness & love.

You deserve all the goodness in life, it is your birthright!

Believe in how wonderful you are!

You are amazing in every way!

You truly do shine like the stars... xo
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Dreams Really Do Come True!

I recently received an endearing letter from one of my former fitness client's that I had the privilege to coach over a year ago.  Her powerful LivFit testimonial of her weight loss success touched my heart deeply. My client achieved her fitness goals and dreams by wholeheartedly implementing my LivFit Lifestyle Program. 
To begin a transformation journey it begins from within... By connecting & balancing your body, mind & spirit your body will begin to desire exercise and will crave healthier foods, as a result you will reach your goals much sooner.  By living my LivFit Lifestyle you too can achieve your fitness goals & dreams.   

 I hope her story will ignite a fire within you to take control of your health and wellness today! 

Dream Big! Dreams Really Do Come True!

A.C.'s LivFit Incredible Weight LossTestimonial

Good morning! I don't know if you even remember me... but I came to see you one day to get some advice on healthy living and help to lose weight....You set me up with some guidelines and a notebook to write in everyday... You are an amazing person and such an example to those around.... I have been doing great with the eating and actually have lost 94 pounds!!! since I saw you and know we took some pictures of me before... anyway... I cried and cried after I saw them when you forwarded them to me and now I am a completely different person... I am 7 sizes smaller...  Hope all is well... have been following your blog. I really appreciate you and the person you are. I will never forget all you taught me in that short time we visited... I still work on my gratitude journal and am actually helping other people lose weight too... I think of your positive attitude often and about talking up my husband and children! THANKS AGAIN! I so appreciate and love you! Hope you have a great 2011... I know this will be the first year that I don't have weight loss as my new years resolution... thanks to you! I will work on getting my house orderly and becoming a better, more patient mother to my four little ones... :) God Bless you! And thanks so much! I am greatful to have found you! THANKS AGAIN CAROL! You are truly god sent! Thanks- A. C.
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Is Emotional Hunger Making You Fat?

Are You Really Hungry?

It’s that time of year again to try to lose the unwanted fat gained over the holidays. Millions of people have scribbled down their New Year’s Resolutions, most of which have “weight loss” as one of the top three goals.

Millions of people wake up extra early to exercise, they sweat & grown as they push their body’s limits in the gym,  they workout hard day after day yet within a few short weeks they become discouraged because they’re not seeing the results they were hoping for and quit within a month.

The desire to be keep ones New Year's Resolutions lasts on average for two to four weeks at most, many of us find ourselves lacking the inter-strength  to have the motivation and willpower needed to continue to accomplish our goals & dreams.

Have you ever wondered why this happens year after year? You may be in this same boat, or perhaps you do stick with your resolutions and achieve your goals only to gain back all the weight back within time.

Emotional Hunger

We’ve all heard about emotional eating, when we’re stressed, board, lonely or in pain we tend to reach for “comfort foods” which aren’t in truth comforting at all.  This is emotional hunger.  Ultimately after ingesting sweets we become frustrated from lack of willpower and have low energy. So why do we workout so hard in only to go home and sabotage all the hard work?

It’s because most people don’t understand the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger. Emotions are very powerful; everything you do throughout the day is based on your emotional state of mind. When you’re feeling down it’s natural to reach for something sweet. When you eat sugary foods your brain releases serotonin which makes you feel better, but that lasts for only a few minutes and then you come crashing down, hard! Our brain’s so called reward is from the releasing of serotonin & beta-endorphins when we eat sugary foods or other refined carbohydrates that instantly converted to glucose, the simplest form of sugar; which is not what your body wanted at all, your emotions did.

Sugar is Toxic

Refined sugar is very toxic to the body because takes a huge amount of chemicals to refine it down and it has empty calories. Because there isn’t any nutritional value in sugar the body continues crave what it needs, vitamins and minerals, so it desires more food even after you eat a high calorie dessert.

In addition sugar suppresses the immune system, spikes insulin and drains the body of valuable minerals and vitamins that are needed for proper digestion. Ultimately eating too much sugar over the years may cause illness, fatigue and depression.

Take Control of Your Emotions

By releasing emotional issues that are causing feelings of fear, stress and anxiety, you will have more willpower, inner-peace and self confidence which will have a profound effect in the brain. You will naturally begin to crave healthier foods and the desire to exercise more. Your body is very smart, when it becomes balanced spiritually, physically & mentally it will function optimally.

You can take control of your emotional hunger by taking control of your emotions. You have the power within. A few methods to release negative feelings are by praying, meditating, saying affirmations, doing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and visualization along with having forgiveness and positive thoughts about you.

Next time you find yourself wandering mindlessly into your pantry, take a moment and ask yourself, “Am I really hungry or am I feeling emotional hungry?”

Taking responsibility of your emotions will improve your life a countless ways. Make 2011 your greatest & happiest year ever!

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Your habitual thoughts of the past have created your current reality.

Our minds are extremely powerful! Our thoughts literally create the world around us. 


All thoughts, good or bad, have an energy frequency. The energy frequency flows vastly from each of us and reaches those people, circumstances and events that are needed to manifest your thoughts into your reality. You literally attract everything into your life by your dominant thoughts and emotions.

Choosing on a conscious level to choose your thoughts wisely is one of the most powerful lessons to learn while on this earth. Your thoughts literally create your life experiences. Your consistent thoughts create intense emotions & feelings which ultimately creates your life experiences.


Your past thoughts created your body & life as it today. How do you feel about your life experiences so far? How do you feel about your body? Are you happy with what you see in the mirror? Do you think kind, loving thoughts about you? Do you see yourself as perfection in its truest form? Are you happy with the results you have manifested into your life? If you answered with a negative emotion to any of the above questions then now is the time to take control of your life through the power of your thoughts!

If you have any negative thoughts & emotions about your body then it will not be able to function at its optimal level of health and wellness. As a result by having incisive negative, fearful thoughts it will lower your energy fields, of which those unwanted thoughts and emotions will be evident in your body. You may be too tired to exercise, you may crave sugar or salty foods, your motivation to get up and get moving may have diminished or you may struggle with depression or anxiety; all of which is not a fun way to live.


You can take control of your life now! You can change your body & energy level! You can experience true joy & happiness today! You can also transform your physique easier than you may think possible. All you have to do is take charge of your mind & emotions by only allowing powerful, creative, loving thoughts to enter your mind. You are the master of your mind. Your mind is not the master of you.

You are not the finite body that needs to eat, exercise and sleep daily; you are the spirit, your true essence that resides within. Your body is a gift from God. You are infinite energy of perfection! Unfortunately through our life experiences we allow the negative energies of the world disturb and interrupt our peace of mind; but you can change that. You can regain control of your life by being the boss of your mind and controlling your every thought. It takes time and practice to accomplish, but if you focus every day on your thoughts you will soon find that optimistic, loving thoughts will become your predominate way of being.


We were put on earth to have love, joy, happiness, prosperity and great abundance of every kind. We were not created to suffer with intense depression, fears and sadness on a daily basis – that is not the will of our divine creator. Each experience either perceived as good or bad is to help mold us to become the greatness which we are meant to be. Once the life lesson is learned we will not have to endure it once again. By having an attitude of gratitude your life will improve in miraculous ways.

By having commanding, inspired thoughts of love, joy, forgiveness and gratitude for your body as well as for your life experiences you will be able to transform everything about you with less effort than you would otherwise.

When you have habitual negative self-dialog, you will have frustrating, painful emotions and experiences. The persistent negativity will begin to deteriorate your body at a much faster rate. Illness will set in and the light that once shined brightly from within will become dim and you will feel lethargic and sad.

On the contrary, if you have demanding thoughts of unconditional love and gratitude for your body the energy frequency within your cells will be magnified and recharged with the energy of spirit’s pure love & light. That will instantly shift your energy frequency from low to high which will allow your body to be healthier and full-of-life. You will be empowered!


Choose your thoughts wisely. When negative thoughts or images come into your mind release them without judgment then replace them with creative thoughts that bring you joy and happiness. Before you realize it you will find that you will crave healthier foods, you’ll have the more energy and a desire to exercise. You will also be more optimistic and pleasant to be around. You’ll find that the world is on your side and life is easier than it was before. You will attract more abundance in all areas of your life, with even more than enough to share. It is a truly beautiful way to live!

Decide today to take control of your life & body by taking control of your mind. Ultimately you are the creator of your world.  Believe that you are deserve of every good thing life has to offer.  Embrace all that you are.  By having a positive, powerful mindset you will create the life of your dreams!
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