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Photography by Jess....

Here's are some images Jess sent me - I told you she is one gifted photographer!!! I'm so blessed to have her as my dear friend and neighbor. And best of all we have a lot of fun working together. Check out for more of her amazing work.
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Liv Sxinney & Go Really Work!

I'm passionate about sharing Liv Sxinney with the world - Here's why....

These images were taken today by my hubby. My neighbor, Jess, took the professional images they'll be available next week. She's an incredibly talented photographer. To see more of her work go to
The power of Liv Sxinney and Go together is like nothing I've ever experienced! I used to workout two hours a day and couldn't get my physique cut. Since I've been taking Go twice a day and drinking Liv Sxinney my physique is finally where I want it. And to top it off, I only workout an hour a day! How awesome is that!
If you're serious about wanting to lose weight and get fit then call me and order Liv Sxinney today! Stop putting off your dreams. I've struggled with chronic fatigue for the past 20 years and run three businesses along with raising my family and caring for my horses. There's no excuse - Get up, get moving and LivFit!

And by the way... HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! :)
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NEW MODELING IMAGES (My Sweetheart took these.)

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What a great weekend! I enjoyed time with my family, visited with my parents and went to church yesterday. And I made a delicious turkey dinner, I had to decide which turkey recipe I wanted to use for Thanksgiving. I actually create my own recipes; my rosemary, thyme & maple syrup recipe was delicious! My family was in heaven! I also took dinner to my parents. My sweet mother recently had double knee replacement, she's doing awesome! She's already walking without her walker and it will be 3 weeks tomorrow! I'm very proud of her, she's such a trooper. She's very health conscious. She drinks Liv Sxinney too which has assisted her in her recovery. And our dear friend, Irene, a cranial sacral therapist came for 3 days straight after her surgery to aid her. She worked miracles. She is truly an angel to our family. I am deeply grateful for her.


I'm often asked and approached while out and about on how to get in shape. I always tell everyone about the power of Go. I've mentioned many times how much I love Zxoom's product, Go. I've had phenomenal results from it. In just over a month's time, I've lost 9 lbs and 7% body fat since using it along with drinking Liv Sxinney throughout the day.

Go is a superior l-arginine product. The l-arginine used for Go is of the highest quality. Jeff Tuttle, the CEO & Formulator for Zxoom searched for years in quest of finding the purest l-arginine for his muscle pumping product. I've tried many l-arginine products over the years and have yet to experience anything like Go. Go is a better quality product above other awesome Nitric Oxide supplements. It offers 5 grams of l-arginine! Most N.O. products only offer 3 grams. If you really want to lose fat and begin seeing a sculpted physique, then you really need to add Go to your list of daily supplements.


Go's main ingredient is L-arginine, which is a conditionally-essential amino acid. Go also combines a proprietary blend of other amino acids for optimal delivery. L-arginine the best precursor to Nitric Oxide or commonly known as N.O. N.O. is a cellular gas synthesized within the body from a combination of oxygen and an amino acid arinine by Nitric Oxide Syntheses (NOS) enzyme. N.O. signals the muscles surrounding blood vessels to relax or widen, known as vasodilation. Which aids in increase blood flow to the muscle tissues. As the muscles become filled with blood, oxygen and needed nutrition are delivered while waist is removed.

After a hard weight training workout your muscles are fatigued & ready for optimum nutrition delivery. That's where Go comes in. When the muscles are fatigued nutrition is needed. N.O. increases nutrient delivery and removes metabolic waste which causes fatigue. This is often referred to as "The Pump." N.O. is reactive, so you need to mix the Go and drink it within 10 minutes. It's very transient which diffuses freely across the cells. It has to be in powder form for that reason, it can not be mixed with drinks, put into foods, or made in pill form.


For optimum results Go needs to be taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning before your workout. I also recommend taking it with a 500 to 1000 mg of vitamin C for optimal cellular delivery. If you workout in the afternoon don't eat for two hours and take Go prior to going to the gym. Then wait for one hour after taking Go. Take Go again at night two hours after your last meal. Your body recovers mostly at night between 11:00 pm and 2:00 am. It's important to get to bed before 10:30 pm to give your body the essential time it needs for full recovery.

If you're serious about getting a ripped physique then you absolutely need to incorporate Go into your LivFit Lifestyle. For more information please feel free to contact me. I'll be happy to reply the same day. I'm serious about fitness and don't take the necessary means lightly - So I recommend you get Go, get pumped and get ripped!
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It's hard to believe that the holidays are already here. I love this time of year! I relish the feelings and excitement of the seasons. I embrace the love and warmth of family coming together. I love hearing Christmas music in the stores and seeing all of the festive decorations. I seriously love it all! The energy in the air is of gratitude and of giving more than any other time of the year. Gratitude and love is the most powerful feelings we can have.

But I don't look forward to over eating or do I want the dreaded fat gains that typically come along with this joyful season. As old man winter sneaks up behind us so does all of the delicious temptations to over indulge. But this year can be different. You can keep your lean physique by following my survival guide for the holidays. You don't have to gain the dreaded 10 lbs as the rest of the world, in fact you don't even have to gain a single pound! It's true! You can keep your lean physique and continue to lose weight by following my survival guide for the holidays.

This time of year most people gain anywhere from 5 to 10 lbs of unwanted fat! They become too busy or overwhelmed with the holidays that they don't prioritise time for exercise. Slowly maybe without even realizing it they begin to self sabotage all of their hard work in just a few short weeks. They soon feel low in energy and then find that their jeans are tighter than they use to be. We've all been there and gained the dread extra weight from all the yummy treats our loving relatives & friends so kindly shared.


By planning ahead you won't have to gain any weight at all! In fact you can continue to lose fat and gain muscle by planning a head. By eating clean 90 percent of the time you'll be able to maintain your lean hard body. Be sure to eat your biggest meal of the day the first part of the day and the smallest meal at the end of the day. Here is a great guideline to keep you on a road to success by following a healthy eating plan. Remember if your fail to plan you plan to fail, so be prepared and plan ahead.

LivFit Survivor Diet Plan

Breakfast: Make this the biggest meal of the day consisting of lean protein, complex carb & good fat

Mid-Morning: A whey protein drink mixed with water

Lunch: A large meal of protein, complex carb & veggies

Late Afternoon: A whey protein drink mixed with water

Dinner: A small meal with protein & fibrous veggies.

Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day with Liv Sxinney. If you have cRave I recommend taking it with your snacks to ensure you won't want to eat more than a protein drink. cRave has 5 grams of fiber in each packet along with inulin which is a fat binder - gotta love that!


Lets face it, you will probably eat more calories this time of year than you typically do. So you must counterbalance that with more exercise. Make time to workout during the holiday weeks ahead. Wake up and exercise first thing in the morning after taking Go. If you can workout 5 days a week, great! If you can workout 6 days a week that's fantastic!

You have to make exercise a high priority in your life if you want to make it through the holidays without gaining weight. Do 30 minutes of interval training cardio at least 3 to 4 times a week and weight training at least 3 times a week. Weight training is imperative for sculpting a lean, sexy body that you can be proud of.

This year plan for success, imagine yourself fit and thin and then follow through with a successful diet and exercise plan. Plan your meals in advance. Before any social gathering have some cRave and Liv Sxinney before leaving your home. That way it will be much easier when offered a tantalizing treat to say, "No thank you, I'm not hungry." Say that over and over before leaving your home.

By following these survival guidelines during the holidays you'll be physically and mentally prepared to accomplish your fitness goals throughout this wonderful time of the year!
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What a beautiful day! I woke up to the sun's colorful rays coming up over the mountains, it was gorgeous. This time of year is so peaceful. I took the picture of my barn last year about this time of the season. It really is breath taking each time I see the sky light up with the colors of life. I call it Heaven's gift, it's truly magical to see.

Well, I've been one busy girl lately. As you know I recently joined another phenomenal company called iLearningGlobal. I became a member to increase my skill sets to assist me in growing my Liv Sxinney business. I've already increased my closings and income in just a few weeks! I'm tickled pink!

iLearningGlobal is a global university on the internet that offers world famous specialist and self help teachers from around the world. It has been a huge blessing in my life! It's my goal to improve upon my life each new day by increasing my skill sets & emotional intelligence. I really do dream big dreams. I try to learn as often as I can to be able to accomplish my dreams. I'm fortunate to be gifted with this wonderful opportunity to be able to learn from some of the most humble, kind & gifted masters alive today. Each day I study a new topic on iLearningGlobal. Recently I've been listening and focusing my daily lessons on goal setting and public speaking. I've learned a lot in a very short amount of time. Brian Tracy is my favorite specialist. He teaches from his heart. I most enjoy watching his goal stream line HD videos. It has already impacted my life in such a way that I just had to share what I've learned with you.

You should make goals for each area in your life. Every aspect of your life is an outcome of your thoughts. You can look at a person and know what his/her thoughts have been by the quality of life he/she lives. It's truly remarkable how powerful our thoughts and feelings are in creating the life experiences. Living a life without goals is like treading water in the middle of the ocean or trying to drive to a destination without a map in the fog. To succeed you must write down specific goals. And to accomplish your goals you must focus on them each day as though you have already achieved them. And give thanks each time you think of your goals.

Today, take out a piece of paper and write down 10 goals that you would like to come to fruition within the next twelve months. Write them in the present tense followed by an action verb and then conclude with a date of which you would like to achieve the goal. For example you could say for weight loss, "I weigh ___ by Dec. 15, 2008", "I wear a size ___ now (Dec. 10, 2008) or "I am very fit, thin and strong by Nov. 30, 2008" You can either write the date prefacing it by stating "by" or you can write the date in a parenthesis. By focusing on a completion date and focusing on your goal until you accomplish it, you will be in the top two percent of the world that truly succeed. Be sure you hand write your goals so that the subconscious mind can go right to work. By doing so, you will send out energy frequencies into the universe which will put action into place to fulfill your goals. It works for everyone and it works every time. Put a circle around the most important goal and focus and think about it all day every day until the goal is accomplished. Then refocus your attention on your next couple of goals until they are all accomplished.

When you really focus each day on your goals you will begin to have synchronicity come into place. Be sure to keep your heart and mind open to the promptings and opportunities you will receive in accordance to fulfilling your goals, then act upon them. You were born to have abundance in all areas of your life, including health, wealth and happiness. You are on earth to live an abundant, fulfilling & joyful life! So believe in yourself! Create the body and life you've always dreamed of. Write down your goals and place them in a location where you can read them every day. Visualize and feel yourself as though you have already accomplished each goal. By doing so your subconscious will go to work instantaneously in creating your wishes and dreams. It works! I have had many miracles in my life because of my faith in knowing What the man's mind can conceive the mind can achieve. -Napoleon Hill That's why I teach over and over to believe in your dreams, because dreams really do come true!
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Be True to Yourself!

Today be completely honest with yourself. Honor your word and respect yourself. If you made the choice not to have any sugary snacks or sodas, then don't! By keeping your promise to yourself you'll become more confident and empowered. How can you love and respect others if you do not fully and unconditionally do the same to yourself?

Treat your body with kindness. Speak lovingly to yourself - literally. If you don't feel great about your body weight say out loud throughout the day, "I love my body." "I am at my perfect body weight." "I feel lighter and healthier each new day." Then fuel your body with wholesome clean foods. By balancing the body you will naturally have more willpower and you'll be able to be fully honor yourself. Soon you won't crave the foods that are toxic to your body. And you'll have loads more energy! It's a great feeling!

Liv Sxinney literally balances the body and keeps it in an alkaline balance. If you have some, drink it throughout the day. By following these simple suggestions you will become free of addictions, you'll feel more alive and vibrant too! So drink Liv Sxinney, speak kind words, and love yourself! You'll be glad you did!!!
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The Fountain of Youth Discovered

This morning we woke up to a winter wonderland or should I say a blizzard! It was sooo cold! I was one cold girl when I had to go out to feed the horses. That's typical Utah weather, last week it was in the high 70's and today's high is 36 degrees. Surprisingly, I welcomed it with a warm heart. I made a hot yummy breakfast for my family and turned on Christmas music. I love music and always have soft music playing all day long. It sets a loving, peaceful tone in our home. And Christmas music is by far my favorite! I love this time of year everyone starts to think of others and seems happier. It's truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

I woke up to another pleasant surprise which I was thrilled about. I got on the scale and my body fat was down another 2.5%!!! And I was down 2 lbs! My body fat is the lowest its ever been. Needless to say, I'm very, very pleased! I told my husband that I discovered the Fountain of Youth! I bet you're wondering what it is... It's a combination of drinking Liv Sxinney all day long, taking Go twice a day (morning and night) and doing P90X 5 times a week. That's it! It's incredibly simple and works miracles. I actually feel & look younger too! Of course I should also add that I eat 5 clean, balanced meals as well. The secret to Go is to take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and again at night two hours after your last meal. I typically take it between 8 and 9 pm. I'm seriously so stoked about my newly discovered system! I firmly believe that when you're on the paths of health and nutrition your body will lead you to what it needs and craves. And for me that was Liv Sxinney. I can not say enough good things about it! I love it on so many levels!

I also have another fabulous gift in my life that I was recently introduced to by my best friend, Heidi. I was telling her about how frustrated I was getting about not being able to find an audio book on how to become a motivational speaker at the book stores. She then told me about an incredible newly launch website called iLearningGlobal. It's a website that specializes self improvemet. It offers world famous teachers/specialist that people pay thousands of dollars to attend one of their seminars. I was instantly interested in learning more. As soon as I sat down and watched it I was hooked! I gladly joined for $109 and only pay $79 a month to be able to have some of the most famous specialists in the world teach me in the comforts of my home. I listen to various speakers everyday and have already grown in my skills and confidence by doing so. I have really, really big dreams and I know this is a huge tool in my life to assist me in accomplishing them. If you'd like to learn more check out If you do email me your thoughts, I love to hear what you think.

Also, another gift in my life is I recently joined an online network community called Perfect Networker. If you own your own business or do network marketing and would like to connect with outstanding people I highly recommend you join Perfect Networking at and best of all it's free!

Well, I need to get back to working on my book. Have a great day! :)
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