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Causes And How To Treat Headaches

Headaches have a wide range of types and causes, as well as ways of healing. Before discussing the types and healing of headaches , we must never experienced such thing as a headache, sudden headache at times, if you are an active activity you must be very annoying, but the real headache can be treated quickly and easily.

• Stress caused migraines
Anything that increases the stress can lead to tension headaches or migraines. Headache associated with an increased sensitivity of nerve pathways in the brain, which transfers the pain. Migraine causes release of chemicals that dilate blood vessels, and even trigger an inflammatory reaction. This is manifested in the case of migraine.
• Hot weather and headaches
Statistical studies have shown that headache is more common in hot weather. With a five-degree increase in temperature, increased headache risk by 7.5 percent. Low blood pressure caused by the rain also caused tension and headaches.
• Odor and headaches
The aroma is strong-even good-can lead to migraine attacks. Why is this happening, is not clear why. The aroma stimulates the nervous system. Most often is paint, perfume, and some flowers into a dangerous source of flavor.
• Physical activity caused headaches
Intense physical exercise, like aerobics, strength training, even sex can cause headaches. Physical effort to make vessels of head and neck "bloom". This creates additional pressure and headaches.
• Bad habits cause headaches
Strained condition during physical exercise in the gym is not necessary to get a headache. Bent position and the seat is bad, too low, high or custom monitor to hold the phone between ear and shoulder, all of these also contribute to cause headaches.
• Eating cheese make a migraine
Brie, cheddar, feta, parmesan, mozzarella, all types of cheese contain a substance called tyramine that causes headaches, especially migraines. The longer the cheese, then more and contain tyramine, and the higher the risk.
• Red wine headache caused
Tyramine is also found in red wine, and some other alcoholic beverages. In addition, the alcohol makes the blood flow to the head, and can aggravate the pain.
• Eating red meat caused headaches
A delicious piece of red meat also contains tyramine, although in smaller amounts. In addition to tyramine, meat also contains synthetic food additives, nitrates or nitrites for color, and so on-that can cause blood flow to the heads of some people. Pain is usually felt on both sides of the head. Whereas in the case of classical migraine is felt on one side.
• Hunger caused headaches
If you have missed lunch or dinner, excruciating headaches could you even before you feel hungry. However, the risk to get rid of the pain with the help of chocolate or cake, candy will cause a sharp rise in blood sugar, even sharper decline, which is a more acute sense of hunger.
• Smoking and headaches
Smoking is the greatest cause for headaches caused. Headache not only suffered the smoker, but the people around him. Nicotine constricts blood vessels, including the brain, which can also cause pain.
• Too much coffee caused headaches
In moderation, caffeine is useful. It is known that it was part of some medications for headache. But if you drank too much coffee, produce no good effect.
• Too much consumption of painkillers head
One of the things that should not be done is taking too much medication for the headache. But if the pain is still strong, and appears regularly, then you should see a doctor. Any pain is a signal that the need to treat it.
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