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How to Reduce the Impact of Computer Vision Syndrome

Working long sitting at the computer can cause many negative impacts on health. Ray radiation from the monitor can cause eye fatigue quickly. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as Computer Vision Syndrome is not just a cause blurred vision, but also headaches. 

1. Change the position of the monitor level with your eyes. This measure also applies to prevent pain in the back.
2. Reduce the screen contrast can also be an alternative. This wise move to reduce eye fatigue caused by excessive radiation exposure.
3. Regulate the use of computer time, the prudent thing. American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends a 15-minute break for every two hours of computer use.
4. During a break, do a little stretching to avoid pain in the back.
5. Looking at a computer screen continuously can cause the eyes to dry quickly due to the reduced intensity of tears. For one thing, the use of eye drops can also help. Use eye drops that have been recommended by a physician.
6. Do not forget to water and adequate intake of vitamins, especially vitamin A for eye health from the consumption of vegetables and fruits.

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