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How To Choose Foods To Avoid Fungal Infection Of The Vagina

Vaginal yeast infections are a common cause of discomfort in women. Food you eat affects the growth of vaginal bacteria, so you need to increase and decrease the consumption of certain foods to prevent yeast infections. Fungal infections in the vagina caused by excessive production of bacteria in the vagina.

1. Avoid or limit the amount of consumption of foods that include mushrooms, dried fruits and vinegar.
2. Avoid the use of hydrogenated oils for cooking purposes. The oils can increase the overgrowth of certain bacterial species. In contrast, the safe use of cooking oil is olive oil and flaxseed oil, all of which are natural variants that do not have the refining process and is known to be useful in combating fungal infections.
3. Limit consumption of excess sugar, sugary foods and drinks also increase the production of yeast. Similarly, with simple carbohydrates such as honey, canned juices, and pastries.
4. Avoid drinking alcohol because it can also increase the population of bacteria that cause fungal infections.
5. Choose dairy products derived from goat's or sheep's milk instead of cow's milk. Cow's milk products can slow the body's digestive processes that generate the growth of fungi in the vagina.
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