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Consumption Of Coffee To Lose Weight

Coffee drinking is fun for the love. The coffee is known to have benefits turned out to have a new benefit. A new finding reveals the benefits of green or raw coffee beans are now gaining in popularity.

Studies conducted by the research team included a group of people with overweight or obese. They were instructed to eat green beans or roasted coffee beans that have not been in the form of powder every day. The result, to investigate their weight by 10 percent.

"Based on our results, some green coffee bean extract capsules given to respondents each day. They were also asked to run a low-fat diet and exercising regularly. A safe and easy way is quite effective for weight loss," said Joe Vinton, one of a team of researchers from the University of Scranton.

A total of 16 respondents aged 22-26 years has always given a low dose and high dose for 22 weeks. The lowest dose of 700 mg of coffee extract and the highest dose of approximately 1,050 mg. Rigorous checking process carried out to obtain accurate results.

Besides all of the respondents were also monitored his diet ranging from counting the number of calories, food and many types of food eaten. Not only calories, carbs, fats and proteins on the respondents also monitored.

Average weight of respondents shrunk to 7 kg for 22 weeks. Total body fat lost around 16 percent. Researchers also noted that weight loss is significantly faster due to the dose administration.
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