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Healthy Habits That Can Prevent Migraines

Migraine is a disease that most often experienced by everyone. Migraine is a health problem faced by more than 10 percent of the world population. In order to avoid migraines, there are some healthy habits you have to do. There are many ways to cure migraine headaches
Based on several studies, a good and healthy diet can cure migraines naturally. However, lifestyle or unhealthy habits can lead to migraine. So, there are a few tips to keep in mind for a healthy life. 

1. Eat on time 
Skip meals because for whatever reason can affect health in many ways. If you suffer from migraines and diet at the same time, do not make the mistake of skipping meals will help you lose extra body fat. This will end up with an increase in blood sugar levels and can eventually lead to migraines. 
2. sport 
A healthy body produces a healthy mind. To stay fit and active, you must exercise regularly. It also helps prevent migraine attacks. 
3. Enough sleep 
Too much sleep or sleep deprivation can affect your body. Sleep enough to prevent migraine headaches. Ideally, adults should sleep for 6-7 hours and not more than 9 hours a day. 
4. quit smoking 
Smoking or drinking alcohol can increase migraine attacks. because smoking can not help with headaches. Nicotine not only cause inflammation in the throat and lungs, but also make you addicted. Alcohol contains tyramine that trigger migraines. When consumed in excess, alcohol can cause headaches and motion sickness.

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  1. I used to have migraines because I watched a lot of TV.