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The Cause of The Rise of Cholesterol

Food is one of the causes of the increased cholesterol in the blood. Although dietary factors are the most common cause, but there are many other things that cause a rise in cholesterol levels. 
1. Weight: Excess weight not only interfere with performance, but also raises triglycerides and lowers HDL or commonly known as good cholesterol. 
2. Rarely exercise: although it seems trivial, less mobile such as exercise may increase LDL (bad cholesterol) and lowers good cholesterol. 

3. Age above 20 years is an inviting early rise in cholesterol levels if not kept with the pattern of life. In men, cholesterol levels generally continued to increase after age 50 years. In women, cholesterol levels will drop during menopause, after which cholesterol tends to be high as in men. 
4. There are certain diseases such as diabetes or hypothyroidism that causes high cholesterol even though the patient has to maintain your diet. 
5. Family history: High cholesterol is one of the diseases are "inherited" the other family members. If one member has a problem with high levels of cholesterol, so be careful because these risks can threaten other family members. 
6. Smoking: smoking lowers good cholesterol, and ultimately lead to increased cholesterol in the body. 
7. Consumption of foods that one: this is the trigger that is often encountered. Types of foods derived from animal fats such as meat goats, or vegetable fats such as coconut and palm oil also raises cholesterol levels rise.

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