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7 Diet Rules Can Be Ignored

Some of you may already be too saturated to dieting due to hit the target, it takes a long time and there are a million rules must be obeyed. Do not despair, there are seven rules that you can break the diet, but still keeps the body slim and healthy.

1. Forbidden to eat snacks

According to experts, as quoted from All Women Stalk, eating five small meals are better than eating three big meals. This can help increase metabolism and prevent you from excessive hunger. Choose healthy snacks such as fresh fruits and green vegetables. Feel free to 'snack'!

2. Forget the Chocolate Cake

After days living with strict dietary rules, there is no harm in occasionally indulge yourself. Many myths are growing, when in the middle of your diet to eat a piece of strawberry cheesecake will damage the overall diet. But in fact the assumption was wrong. Occasionally eat favorite foods will help you from feeling depressed diet. Choose a day to please yourself, for example at the weekend on Saturday or Sunday.

3. Avoid Eating Carbs

Dietary rules that forbid you to eat carbohydrates, such as the Atkins diet should be questioned again. Because your body needs carbohydrates rather than just protein. Carbohydrates to produce glucose (for energy), starch (for food storage) and ketin (for builders). Be smart in choosing carbohydrate foods are complex and always eating. For example brown rice, whole wheat bread, green vegetables, nuts and seeds.

4. Diet=Weight Must Go Down

People who are dieting and exercising at the same time will not experience drastic weight loss. This is due to fat in your body turn into muscle, and muscle volume is heavier than fat volume. Did not find your old clothes are too small they can be reused more interesting than just a reduced body weight?

5. To have to exercise to the Body Slim Gym

Sports are usually recommended is an effective exercise to burn fat, such as aerobics, or spinning kicboxing. But what if you do not like the sport? You can do any sport you like. Swimming or dancing for 30 minutes can help you burn fat, do not always exercise at the gym.

6. Select a Model For Motivation

Standards you have is usually caused by someone else. Looking at the model with a slim body, will make you want to immediately set the standard and comply with those standards with strict diet and vigorous exercise. It will only get you stuck in a yo-yo dieting. Do it because you want a healthy diet and appreciate your own body shape. When you feel comfortable with the size of the body now, you do not have hunger or fatigue due to excessive exercise.

7. No Need to Show off Successful Diet

When the diet successfully reached the target you set, it would not hurt if a bit of bragging about it. Many acquaintances that you know shame when success does diet known to others, you should not be ashamed of it. You deserve praise for their hard work over the years.
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