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Symptoms or Causes of Insomnia

Insomnia is a sleep disorder experienced by patients. Symptoms of insomnia always tired and exhausted all day and constantly (more than ten days) have difficulty falling asleep or always awake in the middle of the night, and can not go back to sleep. Quite a few people who have one of these three types of sleep disorders. In a study reported that, about 15 percent of the total population experiencing serious insomnia problems.
There are 3 types of insomnia:
1. Type of transient (fleeting). This type of insomnia a few nights only. 
2. Type of short-term. Types can lasts up to several weeks and will usually return to normal.
3. Type of chronic (severe). Sleep disorders can not last more than 3 weeks. 

1. Psychological factors
Prolonged stress is most often the different causes of chronic insomnia type, while the bad news may be the cause of failed plans insonia transient. 
2. Psychiatric problem 
Depression is most often found. Wake you up earlier than usual that you do not want, is the most common symptoms of early depression, Anxiety, Neorosa, and other psychological disorders are often the cause of sleep disorders. 
3. Physical pain 
Shortness of breath in people who have asthma, sinus, flu so that the blocked nose can be a cause of sleep disorders. During a physical cause or physical pain that can not tackle well, sleep disorders or sleeplessness may occur will be fixed. 
4. Environmental Factors 
Noisy environments such as jet trajectory environment, railway tracks, factories or even a neighbor's TV can be a factor causing sleeplessness. 
5. lifestyle 
Alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, weight loss medication, irregular working hours, can also be a factor causing sleeplessness.

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