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The Reason Why Snacking When Dieting Taste Better

When on a diet, sometimes you'll want to snack chocolate cake or other high carbohydrate foods. But have you ever noticed if when you eat it, the food is so much more delicious than usual? According to a new study from the U.S., it is for a reason. 
The team of researchers from Northwestern University, Illinois has found that people who "haunted by a sense of guilt 'should feel whatever they eat will taste better.
Is the food really taste better when you're on a diet? 

Is it something that you feel better when you feel guilty when you eat?

The researchers conducted a number of experiments. First, the researchers divided the participants into two groups and asked them to observe six different magazine covers. Half the participants were treated to covers of magazines related to health, but the other half were given the cover of the magazine has nothing to do with health. Then all participants were given chocolate.
Interestingly, participants who had just read an article about healthy food confessed chocolate is better than chocolate is eaten by participants who did not read the article.

In the second experiment,

researchers divided 100 students into three groups and asked them to describe their experiences in a number of three sentences. These three experiences that contains whenever participants feel guilty whenever participants feel disgusted and description of the three different times of the selected participants at random. Then all participants were given chocolate truffles to eat.Apparently participants were asked to narrate the moments of his guilt confessed his chocolate truffles taste better than the other participants.

More surprising, however, a study published in The Journal of Marketing Research also found that the link between guilt and pleasure of eating something that does not apply to food only.

In another trial, women who are made to feel guilty and then shown a handsome man profile on a dating site actually admitted more impressed and more enjoyed when offered a profile of the men than the other participants were not made to feel guilty.
Guilt is something to do with pleasure because often when we feel guilty, at the same time we also had fun. 
Cognitive relations can be established only through what we call the repeated coactivation So when the 'pleasure' is enabled then the guilt also activated. Likewise, in our brains, our brains will eventually be connected.
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