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Olive Oil Effectively Barring Obesity

Obesity is now the world's problems, including Indonesia. Along with the increasing obesity rates, the number of people with diseases such as heart disease and diabetes are also higher. One way to prevent this is to good at choosing oil for consumption.

The data showed that the disease is not transmitted into the cause of death in the world. In Indonesia, the percentage of premature deaths due to noncommunicable diseases is higher than the percentage of the world. The first position is occupied by the cancer, then successively followed by diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and heart disease.

One of the main factors for coronary heart disease is obesity. Cholesterol and fat buildup in the walls of the arteries can block blood flow to the heart, so that the heart attack can occur. Not only that, obesity can also lead to the risk of stroke and kidney failure and liver.

The increasing rates of obesity not because our lifestyle has evolved. Computerization makes us not move much because everything is very practical. Similarly, the way we eat. In the past we only eat raw foods, now we eat processed foods and packaging.

Junk food rich in fats are bad but the lack of nutrition has become part of our daily consumption. Newsweek magazine to create a special review of the recent epidemic of obesity as the world. 'We are eating more' junk 'but getting less exercise' as the title of the cover.

Central adiposity is obesity that occurs in the middle of the body, exactly at the waist. Fat that accumulates in the abdomen can cause various diseases, including heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It is widely experienced by women with a body shape like an apple, which is larger at the top than the hips down.

One simple step that can be run is to replace saturated fats with monounsaturated fats, such as from palm oil to olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil can improve risk factors for coronary heart disease. Based on the research, which many of the Mediterranean diet to use olive oil may lower risk of diabetes mellitus and coronary heart disease.

What makes olive oil good for health? Olive oil, especially pure extra virgin olive oil, high in unsaturated fats sole, which is about 73%. In addition, this oil is also rich in antioxidants, particularly phenols that can reduce the inflammatory process.

Tips so that we get the optimal benefits of extra virgin olive oil. Do not heat the olive oil of this type. Store in a cool place and protected from direct sunlight. The bottle was opaque and should not be closed. Because the unsaturated oils have a short shelf life and easy to rancidity due to oxidation. If you have this, so poisonous and olive oil tastes bitter.
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