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How to Deal With Autistic Children

Autism or Autistid Spectrum Disosder due to disturbances in brain function. And the causes of autism to date is also uncertain. But clearly a child with autism usually have difficulty in communicating with others or in terms of social relations with the surroundings.

1. Talking to children as often as possible, and when the child begins to turn to when to talk, point their face gently toward you so that they look at your eyes.
2. Use tools such as picture books, a variety of colorful toys, or other props to the atmosphere more pleasant conversation and not make children get bored quickly.
3. Often lure children to speak and communicate to the child by asking questions.
4. Give praise to the children if they are able to answer the question correctly and always show compassion to them.
5. Help the children to make gestures that basis, one way to train and exercise can help move your body, aim to improve motor movement in children.
6. Give nutritious food with proper nutrition. Children with autism often can not accept foods that contain casein (milk protein) and gluten (wheat protein). And give food or supplements containing Omega-3 to help the brain function.
7. Extra love and patience is an approach that is often overlooked in the education of children with autism, because efforts to form positive attitudes towards them tend to unconsciously nuanced violence, the children become traumatized.
8. identify the causes comfort, anger, and fear.
9. Identify and develop potential is already a lot of cases of children with autism are much more intelligent and successful than normal children. Even the enormous development potential is to be dug by the parents because of the tremendous energies can occur and can produce something extraordinary.

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