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How To Cope in Case of Cramps

Cramps are sudden muscle spasms that cause pain. Muscle spasms often occur when we are sleeping, but also because of heavy physical work, such as running. Muscle spasms can also occur due to loss of body salts and liquids because of the sweat that comes out. Cramps can usually be cured by stretching and massaging the affected muscle. 

• Cramps in the legs 
Victim helped to his feet and held his weight to the forelimbs. After the first seizure passed, massage her feet. 
• Cramps in the calves 
Victim straightened knee, the foot is pressed firmly and steadily to the top leads to bone dry. Massage the muscle. 
• Cramps in the thighs 
To spasm in the back of the thighs, knees and legs straightened appointed victim. For seizures in front of the thighs, knees bent. In both thighs, muscle massage vigorously.

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