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Food Should be Avoided by People With Asthma

Before discussing about some food should be avoided by people with asthma, we must know one drug that is closely related to an asthma attack is sulfite. Sensitivity to sulfites is generally limited to patients with asthma are dependent on steroid medication. Sulfite-containing foods can trigger asthma attacks in 20 percent of people with asthma. Sulfite present in food as a result of fermentation and is found in processed foods. 

• Lemon juice 
Drinking lemon or lime juice is much more real good. Although a bit inconvenient, but it feels more fresh and asthma sufferers can breathe more easily. 
• Beer, Wine, and Other Fermented Beverages 
Such beverages will cause breathing difficulties in asthmatics after consumption. Sulfite content that caused it.
• Dried Fruit or Vegetable 
In addition to dried fruits like raisins, pineapple, apricots and cranberries, other foods to be avoided are the maraschino cherries and guacamole, traditional Mexican food made from basic ingredients of avocado, plus lemon and salt. 
• Pickles 
Pickles and peppers should be avoided if you are sensitive to sulfites. 
• Potato packaging 
Foods such as french fries and dehydrated potatoes also contain sulfites, so be careful. Menu potatoes can be replaced with a healthier menu with baked sweet potato or baked potato with olive oil added. 
• Shrimp 
Frozen shrimp also contain sulfite. Sulfites are used as additives to prevent the appearance of black spots on shrimp. It would be better if eating fresh shrimp. Although it may be more expensive, but it will make people with asthma feel better in the long run.

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