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Easy Way To Be Free Of Cancer

All people including you can avoid cancer, only if a healthy lifestyle. The most basic you need to master three things: diet, exercise and avoiding smoking. 70 percent of the causes of cancer can be avoided as it relates to lifestyle. Many small yet surprising things you can do to prevent cancer invades your body.

1. Drinking coffee every day
People who drink caffeinated coffee 5 cups or more a day had a reduced risk of brain cancer by 40 percent as quoted from a study in the UK in 2010. Drinking coffee 5 cups per day reduced the risk of cancer of the throat and mouth. Coffee gives stronger protection against cancer than tea, the researchers said the UK also offers protection against brain cancer.
2. Drink plenty of water
Drink plenty of water and other liquids may reduce the risk of bladder cancer by diluting the concentration of cancer-causing agents in the urine and help him out more quickly. According to the American Cancer Society, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.
3. Many vegetable consumption
If you want to make a salad, choose materials that most dark green color. Chlorophyll gives green vegetables that are loaded with magnesium. According to some studies, the compound may reduce the risk of colon cancer in women.
4. Brazil nuts
 Brazil nuts are one source of selenium, an antioxidant that reduces the risk of bladder cancer in women according to a study from Dartmouth Medical School.
5. Exercise
Moderate exercise such as brisk walking 2 hours a week can cut your risk of breast cancer by 18 percent. Regular exercise can lower your risk by helping you burn fat produces estrogen and contribute to cancer.
6. Ask your doctor your breast problem
Women who have had a mammogram at risk of esophageal cancer 4-5 times higher than women with low density score. One theory is that breast density resulting from high levels of estrogen, so its important for women with high breast density to do physical exercises regularly.
7. Do not use the laundry dryer
A solvent known as perc (short for perchlorethylene) is used in traditional dryers can cause liver and kidney cancer and leukemia. The main danger could occur in the laundry workers who handle chemicals or clothing, although experts have concluded that consumers are also at risk of developing cancer.
8. Reduce the use of mobile phones
Use your phone only for short calls or SMS, it could also use hands-free devices that reduce the emission of radio frequency of your head.
9. Block the sunlight with colorful clothes
Choose certain clothes when you leave the house wisely can help protect you from skin cancer, according to Spanish scientists. In his research, a blue shirt and red offer better protection against UV rays than white and yellow shirt.
10. Eat foods that are clean
President's Cancer Panel recommends to buy meat free of antibiotics and growth hormones are thought to cause endocrine problems, including cancer.

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