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Behaviors That Can Cause The Flu

The erratic seasonal changes make the immune system weakened, making us susceptible to disease, the most easy to get the flu. Because the flu virus spreads easily even though we have to take reasonable precautions such as washing hands and clothes, but we sometimes do not realize has perform behaviors that can cause the flu.

1. Too much worry
Panic and fear of pain can actually make you sick. Own research has shown that anxiety can manifest itself in various diseases, including acid reflux, insomnia, skin rash and depression.
2. Hugging, kissing and shaking hands
Direct contact with an infected person is one of the easiest ways to get the virus. But that does not mean you have to be antisocial when flu season hits, otherwise you just need to realize the opportunities for transmission that may occur. So as a precautionary measure, avoid any kind of cultural greetings from shaking hands, hugging or kissing the right cheek and left during the flu season.
3. Smoke
Smoking weakens the tiny hairs that protect against disease in the nasal passages and lungs by trapping and throw away the germs that enter. It can make your body more vulnerable to virus attacks.
4. Go to the Gym
Some mild behaviors that can make you healthier it can actually weaken your immune system when it is done in the extreme. For example, excessive physical exercise can make your body struggling to cope with additional physical stress, especially if you do not sleep, do not drink and do not provide adequate lubrication for your body.
5. Drinking alcohol
A study in BMC Immunology found that rats who consumed more alcohol in a short time, weakened immune system so it is difficult not to be infected with a disease. Other side effects of drinking alcohol is too much alcohol can make you dehydrated quickly and easily so that impairs the ability of your nose and throat to trap germs and throw it out in the form of mucus.
6. Only rely on hand sanitizers
The composition of your hand sanitizer should contain 60-95 percent alcohol, ethanol or isopropanol (according to the CDC, if alcohol-based hand sanitizers are not available or not allowed at your workplace, alcohol-free products could also help). Do not ever forget the way that conventional hand washing.
7. One hand washing
Too many people do not wash their hands properly. Though frequent hand washing, especially up to 10 times a day, is one of the most recommended defense against the flu. The correct way is hand washing rub all surfaces of the hands and between your fingers and then dry your hands completely. Turn off the faucet and open the bathroom door with a paper towel to keep your hands stay clean.
8. One holds the face mask
Actually, face masks are not recommended by CDC for use in the home or workplace. But some people still choose to wear it, especially if a higher risk of flu or are interacting directly with the sick. In fact, recent research shows that the mask does seem to help prevent the spread of flu.
9. Eating cold medicine before the time
In the past, before the flu season coming, some patients have rushed to provide antiviral drugs like Tami flu. But people do not actually need these drugs do not even need to eat because it can increase the risk of viral resistance to these drugs.

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