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Bad Effects of Eating too Many Sleeping Pills

Lack of sleep is a major problem among professionals who work as job stress and unhealthy lifestyle can affect sleep. To get a good sleep, some people take sleeping pills. Frequency unwittingly taking sleeping pills can cause adverse effects on the body. 

1. Dependence 
Once accustomed to taking sleeping pills, a person will rely on sleeping pills are physically and emotionally. In essence, you will not be able to sleep without taking medication at bedtime. 
2. Breath slowly and less in 
Sleeping pills make a person breathe slowly and less deeply. These drugs are not healthy for asthma patients. People with respiratory problems should avoid taking a pill that induces sleep. 
3. Affect appetite 
Taking sleeping pills affect appetite. Disruption of circadian rhythm sleep since taking the drug causes changes in all metabolic functions, especially the appetite. 
4. Parasomnia 
Parasomnia is a common side effect of some strong sleeping pills. For example, you will see the walls shaking and spinning heads. 
5. Weird dream 
During sleep was induced, a person may have an unusual dream like sleep-walking, instability, sex or walking on the ground. 
6. Limp unconscious 
Other side effects of sleeping pills such as fainting, pain in the head, dizziness in the mornings, thirst, fatigue and weakness. 
7. Taking sleeping pills with alcohol can be deadly 
Some people take medication to sleep with juice or alcoholic beverages. One of the side effects of taking sleeping pills with alcohol is dangerous for the body and can cause death. Also avoid mixing sleeping pills with orange juice.

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