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Symptoms of Cancer Stage 2

Depending on the type and the body are attacked, the symptoms of two very different stages of cancer
However, the general symptoms of cancer stage 2 include:
- Wounds that do not heal
- Skin changes are striking
- Changes in bowel habits
- Losing weight quickly due to lack of fat and protein (kaheksia)

- Lump in breast
- Digestive disorders such as persistent difficulty swallowing.
- Deaf, or the presence of noises in the ear that persisted.
- Pain
This can occur due to extensive tumor pressing surrounding nerves and blood vessels as well as immune and inflammatory reactions against growing cancers. Pain is also caused by fear or anxiety.
- Bleeding or unusual discharge
For example, saliva, coughing or vomiting blood, nosebleeds are continuous, the nipple fluid that contains blood, bloody fluid hole intercourse (between menstrual / menopause) blood in the stool, and blood in the urine.
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