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Natural Ways To Relieve Menstrual Pain

Typically, women will have a guest once a month called menstruation. Not infrequently, menstruation is often accompanied by excruciating pain and very annoying. Most women ease the pain by taking drugs or herbs. Do not worry, there are natural ways to relieve menstrual pain.
• Complex Carbohydrates
Before and during menstruation, appear overwhelming desire to consume sugars and simple carbohydrates. you must be careful with the type of carbohydrates consumed. It is best to eat complex carbohydrates to maintain energy in order to remain stable. There are some foods that can be selected, such as oatmeal, sweet potatoes or wheat pasta and brown rice can be relied upon. These foods not only contain fiber, but also a source of magnesium needed by the body as the menstrual cycle.
• Nuts and Seeds 

Choose nuts as a snack at the time of menstruation. These foods contain vitamin B6 is beneficial for reducing symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Nuts are not only good for the digestive system but also help stabilize the emotions, because the grains are rich in complex carbohydrates that increase serotonin, a chemical that causes pleasure and relaxation.
• Milk and Yogurt
Both are sources of calcium. Research has shown that women who consume 1,200 mg of calcium per day can reduce menstrual pain by 30 percent. If there is one nutrient that women need to beat menstrual pain is calcium.
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